1958 Ford Prefect


• Incredibly low mileage
• Very desirable registration number - Valued at over £10,000
• Unmolested example

The Background

 1953 saw the much required redesign of the previously manufactured Prefects, replacing the old separate chassis style with an integral construction design, creating many advantages over the older models including independent coil front suspension. 

A new 1172cc sidevalve engine accompanied the chassis powering it through a 3-speed manual transmission. The sidevalve engine was the same bore and stroke as the older one used in previous models, however was different in almost every other aspect to produce a 20% power increase resulting in 36bhp.

The History

Originally owned by an elderly lady and only used to pop to the shops and back home again, it’s easy to see why the mileage is so low. Unfortunately the elderly owner passed away some time ago and the Prefect was left to her family, who left it lying dormant for a large number of years. 

The car was then sold on, and the current owner appreciates the car so much that it has been decided that the preservation of the originality is paramount. No restoration, no replacement parts, just some TLC where required.

You  may have also noticed the short number plate assigned to the vehicle - this is the original number that the vehicle was registered with back in 1958 when it was purchased. 

A surprise that the car was never stolen simply for the value of the license plate, as that was a very common occurrence with desirable number plates. This little Prefect has survived through the last 56 years in the condition it is in today, and what a charming little car it is!

This Prefect also made a small appearance in the recently released Bollywood Blockbuster movie called “Bell bottom”, where the car wore a fake registration plate in the scenes it was used “DIA 1978”.

The Paperwork

Paperwork for the Prefect is quite thin on the ground. Due to the previous family owning the car for so many years and laying untouched, and due to the low mileage of the car, it has never needed excessive attention in terms of maintenance or repairs.

The V5C is present in the current owners name and ready to be transferred.

The Interior

Much like the exterior of this car, the interior does show the age of the car well. Although scarcely used, being sat out unused for so many years has taken its toll on the little Prefect - however we do believe that this simply adds to the patina and the character of this original vehicle. The painted white dashboard has some small signs of surface rust appearing as to be expected, and the chrome portion of the dash is in surprisingly good condition. 

The printed letters on the control dials are still easily visible, and the dashboard clocks are still in great shape showcasing that low mileage of 6,181 miles from new. Yep, you read that right! The steering wheel does introduce some signs of age with missing paint on some portions of its outer diameter, however the central Prefect badge is still present and bright.

The original seats still reside in the vehicle - although appearing well worn as to be expected of leather upholstery of this age. The black leather and white piping seats appear to have no damage outside of the usual creasing, the stitching is still in great shape and there seems to be no splits or tears throughout the material. The very same can be said for the rear bench, which is still in remarkable shape!

The original headliner is still present although somewhat stained from the years that have passed, however there appears to be no sagging across the entire headliner and the stitching lines remain unscathed. The sun visors are much the same, slightly discoloured from age however still in great shape. The door cards are all still present with handles and window rollers still functional!

The Exterior

As can be told from the photographs, this little Prefect is in need of some TLC throughout the body. A lot can be said about the car's patina - something which is very often misunderstood for just the rustic look - patina is everything. Anything from dents, to rust, to scratches, any imperfections achieved through age that gives a story to tell. Originality speaks volumes, and this car is loud.

Starting with the wheels, they are showing some signs or surface rust through the paint on all 4 corners, it’s quite easy to tell this car has been left sitting for some amount of time. The wheels however are still original and are the ones the Prefect left the factory with, untouched. 

The rear boot rack is present (as well as an additional one located inside the boot itself with wooden slats), the one fitted does appear to be missing a rubber mounting point and have quite a lot of surface rust throughout the chrome piece and attachments. Upon opening the boot lid it can be noticed that the rubber seals are worse for wear - something that unfortunately is unavoidable when a car is left for such a long time. The same can be seen with the door seals and also the window seals. 

The front and rear bumper bars are in presentable condition, the chrome still glistening in the sun and the same can be said for the front grill which still sports the original AA badge which was installed to the car way back in the 70’s.

The rear doors are rusted through on the lower portions, and probably the worst areas of the vehicle's shell. The sills also will need some attention due to rust and corrosion as to be expected from the car being left for so long. 

The Mechanics

This little Prefect still starts up and runs just fine, with the addition of a new battery thanks to the current owner. Small areas have been given attention such as the requirement of new brake lines and also the installation of a new exhaust to keep the car to a roadworthy condition and a safe standard.

Powered by the revised 1172cc side-valve engine from Ford which produced 36bhp and transmitted the power through a 3-speed manual transmission, the car is still rather happy driving along the road. Claimed to have a top speed of around 71mph and capable of sprinting from 0-60mph in 32 seconds, for its era it was a fantastic little family car to have. 

The engine is still responsive, as is the gearbox and the brakes. This handsome little car is ready for recomissioning after a long time off the road!

 The Appeal

Original cars are becoming more and more scarce - even more so when you take into consideration the mileage this Prefect has as well as the addition of such a valuable and desirable registration plate.

The preservation of originality is becoming more and more important, these cars are pieces of history which have survived by chance with a story to tell and character to flaunt.

Notice to bidders

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1958
  • Make Ford
  • Model Prefect
  • Colour White
  • Odometer 6,181 Miles
  • Engine size 1172
  • Town Glasgow
  • Location Scotland
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
36 bids
  • chapman•••• £10,350 05/10/21
  • Harry95 £10,100 05/10/21
  • georgia•••• £9,900 05/10/21
  • Harry95 £9,700 05/10/21
  • chapman•••• £9,600 05/10/21
  • Harry95 £9,300 05/10/21
  • chapman•••• £9,200 05/10/21
  • Harry95 £9,000 05/10/21
  • chapman•••• £8,900 05/10/21
  • Harry95 £8,700 05/10/21

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