RESERVE REMOVED - 1961 Morris Mini Moke Replica


• Replica using the Morris Mini Minor saloon Mk1
• Great condition
• Unique interior trim
• Historic vehicle – Tax and MOT exempt


During the late 50s, with the Mini already a huge success, BMC decided to create a utilitarian variant to seek to the military. Thus the Moke was born, simple, light, nippy and based on Mini running gear, so cheap to produce. Unfortunately, the military never really took to the Moke, seeing it as underpowered and impractical due to lower ground clearance than their usual utility vehicles.

Never ones to miss an opportunity, BMC did a 180º and marketed the Moke as a lifestyle / recreational vehicle. And it was a real success. 10,000s were sold worldwide, and it was frequently seen carrying the star of the time. Perhaps most famously, Brigitte Bardot could often be found zipping about the south of France in her Moke, back seat full of dogs. It’s a legendary vehicle, one heavy with the cool vibe of the swinging 60s.

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This particular model is a replica of a Moke using the platform of a Morris Mini Minor saloon Mk1 – first being registered in Anglesey on 14th March 1961. The current keeper admits that not much is known of the vehicle’s history after this point. 

It has only had 3 owners, and the current keeper acquired it from Mansfield this year, so it has certainly been cared for by its owners for relatively long periods of time. Indications suggest that this Moke was subject to a restoration in the late naughties but this can not be confirmed.


Obviously, the vehicle comes with a current V5. It also has a number of previous MOT certificates, from 2014-2018. Due to the Morris Mini’s age, it is registered as a historic vehicle, which means it is road` tax exempt and doesn’t require an MOT. However, the keeper has said that, should the buyer require it, they are happy to provide an MOT with the car.

Unusually, the original, handwritten log book comes with the vehicle and is in excellent condition – a wonderful piece of history that provides real provenance for the car.

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One of the joys of the Morris Mini "Moke" is the sense of fun the vehicle engenders, which is well reflected in the interior trim. The scarlet and off-white leather trim, scarlet carpets, pool ball style gear knob and generous 3 spoke steering wheel offer a real sense of occasion and a true seaside feel. It’s difficult not to smile when you see it, even more so when you sit in it.

There’s not much in the way of luxuries, it is a Morris Mini after all, but what there is works well and is in very good condition for a car of this age. The keeper doesn’t know when the retrieving was carried out, but from the good condition it is in, we would estimate it was completed in the last few years.

LOKKdmZ3TWEmGSJKVMGM3JrzppifT9WlJOJcvd7I.jpeg 412.25 KB


The previous owner has clearly spent a considerable sum of money keeping the car in good condition and ensuring the exterior has the same sense of fun as the interior. The canvas roof is in excellent condition, featuring the same scarlet and white stripe design as the seats – it’s quickly and easily removed and gives the car a bit of shade for those really sunny days that we’re getting more and more now in Britain. Please note, the roof does not feature side curtains.

Minilite wheels grace each corner and look superb in graphite grey with polished rims and traditional Cooper centre-caps. As is to be expected with a 60 year old car, there are minor signs of wear and tear to the bodywork and trim, but nothing we could see that would be a cause for concern – overall the car is in excellent condition.


Morris’ A+ Series engine is a classic unit that has powered a plethora of vehicles over the years. Here, it fires up well and sounds great, smooth yet deep and burbly (thanks to the Cherry Bomb exhaust).

The suspension and brakes are all in good order, and the seller assures us the vehicle drives very well. The engine bay and underside of the car look solid, clean and in good order.

While there is no service history with the car, it certainly looks as if it has been well-maintained by enthusiast owners over the years.

WHdVQMWM1m8KZ2MifMd1XG5H38NdPvWMqjhYsbm7.jpeg 305.5 KB


There are few cars that bring a grin to the face in the way something like a Mini Moke does. Even just seeing one is enough to make us smile. They’re joyous, slightly silly machines. Fun and diverting in a way very few cars have been in recent decades. 

This replica isn’t daily transport (unless you’re particularly fond of the elements, but what it is is tremendously life-affirming. Zooming about the country lanes, coastal roads and little villages of Britain, roof-off, rorty little engine providing the soundtrack to a sunny day, is about as good as it gets.

This is also becoming an increasingly rare car - especially one as early and original as this, it must be one of the earliest Mokes stilling the road. You’re certainly not going to see many coming the other way. This particular model has been made a much more liveable proposition too – the previous owner having retrieved the interior and fitted a new canvas roof. Improvements that make this "Moke" a lovely place to be.

The Morris Mini was renowned for its incredible handling and feel, and the platform used to make this "Moke" is no different. A wonderful machine to drive, it’s raw, unrefined, and all the better for it. If you want something a bit different for the weekends or to show at events, something a bit rare, something dedicated to nothing but having the finest damn time you can, then this is the car for you.

California had the beach buggy this is Britain’s answer – a car that basically serves no purpose other than making life better and having an absolute hoot with your family and friends. Buy it, love it, share it with others, wear a smile for the rest of your days.

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1961
  • Make Morris
  • Model Mini Moke
  • Colour Blue, White and Red
  • Odometer 11,824 Miles
  • Engine size 1098
  • Location Leicestershire
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
21 bids
  • n.•••• £9,800 27/07/21
  • cl•••• £9,700 27/07/21
  • Tr•••• £9,600 24/07/21
  • ni•••• £9,500 23/07/21
  • cl•••• £9,250 23/07/21
  • Ed•••• £9,000 22/07/21
  • Bi•••• £8,800 22/07/21
  • ni•••• £8,700 22/07/21
  • cl•••• £8,500 22/07/21
  • Tr•••• £8,100 22/07/21

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