1963 Lancia Flaminia GTL 2.8 3C


  • One of just 300 built in 2.8 3C spec
  • All complete, with all of the proper trim and spec
  • Smooth runner, lovely to drive
  • Genuine head-turner!

The Background

The Flaminia represents a fascinating chapter in Lancia’s history. The flagship model to replace the ground-breaking Aurelia, the Flaminia was actually a large family of disparate cars – and the most intriguing part of it all is that the coachbuilt coupe variants sold in markedly larger numbers than the mainstream factory-built saloons, despite the huge price differences.

The core offering was the Flaminia Berlina, a four-door saloon, which was swift and sure-footed thanks to its double-wishbone front suspension and De Dion rear, optional disc brakes, supremely sweet V6 engine, and cunning transaxle layout. A two-door coupe version was designed and built by Pininfarina, offering a 2+2 configuration in a more rakish profile, but perhaps the most desirable of the bunch was the entirely different two-door coupe that was crafted by Carrozzeria Touring.

That’s the model you see here; following Touring’s fabled Superleggera ethos, it’s a pretty and sylph-like form with the power to back up the swagger. The Flaminia GT was initially offered in single-carburettor form, but from 1961 this was upgraded as an option to so-called ‘3C’ spec, the all-alloy 2.8-litre V6 adorned with triple Weber carburettors. With over 150bhp on offer, the lightweight coupe offered vivid performance, and those gorgeous looks wrap it all up in impeccable style.

DSC_1787.JPG 3.72 MB

The History

Just 300 Flaminia GTLs were built in 2.8 3C spec, so this is a very rare car indeed. It’s a 1963 model, and we know that it was first registered in the UK in September 2001.

It’s been with its current owner since September 2013, and is now offered to market as a complete and eminently usable example of an obscure and desirable classic that perhaps just needs a little love to get it tip-top.

The body wears a few aesthetic blemishes from the passage of time, but the crucial thing is that it all appears complete – all of the correct trim and model-specific parts are here, and it runs and drives very well. The perfect opportunity for a Lancia fan or collector to augment their collection with something hugely sought-after and aspirational.

DSC_1448.JPG 1.89 MB

The Paperwork

The Lancia comes with a sheaf of receipts and invoices from the current owner’s tenure, with documentation for assorted trim pieces, the steering wheel, window seals and weatherstrips, and the parts for a brake rebuild. 

There’s also a handy guidebook that details the history and specs of the various Flaminia models, as well as a sheaf of old MOTs. Naturally the car is now MOT-exempt, and we can see that it was last tested in 2017.

The Interior

The Touring GTL’s cabin is a sumptuous and luxurious place to be, and it’s weathered the decades remarkably well. The beautifully trimmed seats are deeply stuffed and still offer superlative comfort, with the fronts correctly tilting forward to allow access to the rear bench. The seats all wear a lovely patina and, aside from a very small separation on a seam on the driver’s seat, they appear free from damage, marks or undue wear. The carpets are in good order, with the usual minor wear on the side of the transmission tunnel (which is merely a symptom of where the gearstick is and the position of reverse gear). The headlining is complete – it has a little mildew, but should be easy enough to clean up.

The layout of the interior is characteristically Italian, and takes a little getting used to – for instance, the car is started by turning the key and then pushing it in (as the ignition barrel doubles as a starter button); the handbrake is a hidden lever under the dash, and there are further hidden controls for the heaters on either side. It’s all just character, and doesn’t take long to learn. What’s most important is that, as far as we can glean from our inspection and test drive, everything appears to be working as it should. The dash is in good condition with no cracks in the dash-top, the steering wheel has been replaced with a tasteful and period-correct item, the original Autovox push-button radio is in place, and the correct Carrozzeria Touring branded floor mats are present.

Inside the boot it all appears dry and solid; again, the correct Carrozzeria Touring branded mat is here, along with the spare wheel, jack, and tool roll.

DSC_1758.JPG 3.63 MB

The Exterior

It’s a beautiful design, inarguably one of Touring’s finest, and it’s no exaggeration to say that every single onlooker’s head was turning as we drove through South London.

It’s true that the bodywork will require a little specialist care if one were to restore the coachwork to its former glory: there’s a scrape on the driver’s side front wing which has created a little dent, and there are one or two chips as well – most notably by the passenger-side rear arch and at the leading edge of the bonnet. For the most part, however, the body appears solid and essentially as it should be, with the main issue really being the paint: there are patches of blistering across the car, particularly along the rear quarters. There also two areas in which the paint is significantly cracked and crazed, across the top of the bootlid and on the driver’s side front wing above the indicator.

It’s largely good news, however, as all the correct parts appear to be here, which is highly reassuring when you’re looking at such a rare car. The light lenses and window glass are all good, the original-spec bumpers and side trims are fitted, the wheels have the correct hubcaps, and all the proper badges are here. So this isn’t going to turn into a project involving a protracted worldwide hunt for obscure parts – it’s all been retained on this superbly original example.

DSC_1752.JPG 3.26 MB

The Mechanicals

The most important element of this car is that it’s a 3C. While all Flaminia GTs are special, this rare and more powerful model is a little more special than most, as the venerable all-alloy 2.8-litre V6 is running a trio of Weber carburettors.

The car runs and drives very well, with the engine firing easily and idling smoothly; it pulls keenly through the revs, and the gearbox shifts cleanly. There are no troubling knocks or rattles, or any evident leaks. The brakes are effective, the steering is as precise as you’d expect of a 1960s grand tourer, and it rides well on its suspension. A pleasant and usable example that all appears to be functioning as it should. 

DSC_1529.JPG 3.18 MB

The Appeal

There aren’t many cars that evoke la dolce vita with quite the flair and panache of a 1960s Lancia. And the most evocative of the bunch is surely the 3C iteration of the Flaminia GTL by Carrozzeria Touring – its fabulous lines, its sumptuous luxury, its intelligent engineering… this model truly is the connoisseur’s choice.

And there’s a strong argument for buying a car precisely like this one: a complete, running-and-driving example that just needs a little love. After all, the two ends of the spectrum don’t hold the same appeal – on the one hand, you don’t want to buy a pristine concours example as it’d cost top-dollar and you’d be afraid to use it; on the other, you don’t want a basket-case project as it could rapidly escalate into a big-money project. 

No, this car is the sweet spot: a 2.8 3C that you can drive and enjoy right now, and when the fancy comes you could restore the bodywork to your own standards. It’s a desirable classic that gives you options. And with only 300 of these cars built, it’s not as if you’re going to pull up alongside another one at the traffic lights… 

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1963
  • Make Lancia
  • Model Flaminia GT 2.8 3C
  • Colour Silver
  • Odometer 86,598 Kilometers
  • Engine size 2775
  • Location London
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
23 bids
  • accusam•••• £47,750 02/11/21
  • Finbox2•••• £47,500 02/11/21
  • accusam•••• £47,250 02/11/21
  • Finbox2•••• £46,750 02/11/21
  • accusam•••• £46,500 02/11/21
  • Finbox2•••• £45,800 02/11/21
  • accusam•••• £44,500 02/11/21
  • Finbox2•••• £44,250 02/11/21
  • firebir•••• £44,000 02/11/21
  • Finbox2•••• £42,500 02/11/21

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