1964 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 FHC


• Originally supplied to Jaguar USA
• Returned to the UK in 1991 and renovated
• Fitted with later 4.2 engine and new rear axle
• Restored again in 2015
• Kept at and maintained by classic specialist in the north-east
• Electric Fan and new thermostatic controller
• Brakes upgraded
• Dynamo replaced with Dynator
• Aldon Electronic Ignition 

The Background

Often cited as one of the most beautiful cars ever made – including by Enzo Ferrari – the Jaguar E-Type is nothing short of a global motoring icon. 

The svelte coupe was designed to replace the XK150, in the ethos of the highly successful D-Type race car, and its 150mph top speed made it one of the fastest cars in the world at the time.

The History

Though the E-Type is a legend of the British motor industry, this model – a late S1 3.8 FHC – was actually first supplied to Jaguar Cars of New York, as a left-hand drive car, in 1964. It spent almost 30 years in the USA before it “returned” to the UK in 1991.

As it came over to our shores, the car was converted to its current right-hand drive, along with some other mechanical upgrades. That included the larger 4.2 engine, along with the change from the US-market rear-axle ratio to a more UK-appropriate item.

It was restored for a second time over a two-year period from 2015-2017, which included being stripped back to bare metal and repainted in the original Opalescent Golden Sand paint, before being sold at auction to its current owner – a classic car enthusiast who'd always wanted an E-Type in late 2017.

More than just a pretty thing to look at though. E-types are complicated machines and the current owner has made sure this one drives and functions just as good as it looks. You know from the moment it starts that this is a good one. An instant bark from the engine and smooth idle is just the introduction to an excellent driving experience. 

The Paperwork

The bulk of the paperwork with the car covers its life with its current owner. There's bills and invoices well into four figures, with minor work and a few more in-depth items to keep it in top condition, all kept in a dedicated folder. The car is MOT exempt, but nonetheless has a current MOT.

Along with these there's a data sheet from the auction at which the current owner bought the car, and an official letter from the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust documenting the car's identity.

You'll also find an original service manual folder and service handbook with the car, and both are in excellent condition.

The Interior

The cabin is in generally excellent condition, with the seats and carpets finished in black and a beige headliner. There's very little by way of wear anywhere on the two front seats, nor on the leather lining the cabin, sills and door cards.

That covers the rest of the cabin too. All of the dials and switches are in great condition, set into a newer aluminium centre console and dash panel. That's set off by the large, wood-rimmed steering wheel with the E-Type logo on the boss.

The rear luggage area is in immaculate condition, even down to the highly polished boot stay. In fact all of the cabin chrome is polished to an impressive shine – almost too nice to touch in case you leave fingerprints.

Everything works as it ought, though the current owner notes that the radio – an original item – only works intermittently, which seems to be an internal issue rather than with any ancillary wiring.

The Exterior

On the outside, the Jaguar is in excellent condition, as you'd expect from two thorough restorations over the past 55 years. It's in its original Opalescent Golden Sand paint, and it's close to flawless throughout – including underneath – bar a small patch on the driver's side rear wheel arch, and a mark ahead of the passenger door.

Each of the four wheels, in the classic wire design, is in excellent condition, including the turbine centre caps. That goes for all of the chrome brightwork around the car too, from the front and rear bumpers to the window and light surrounds.

Underneath the car is no less clean than on top. It has only covered around 2,000 miles since its most recent restoration, and while some of the mechanical parts are wearing a little more mileage, the structure and vital components are in great condition.

The Mechanics

The E-Type benefits from a number of upgrades and modernisation features from its original specification. First supplied as a 3.8-litre car, the larger 4.2-litre engine was fitted when it came back to the UK. The US rear axle was also replaced, along with upgrades to the braking system – all common modifications to make the E-Type a little more liveable on today's roads.

They're successful too; the Jaguar drives in about a modern fashion as you could expect, while retaining the E-Type charm. There's no complaints over any aspect of the mechanicals, from the four-speed gearbox to the brakes and suspension.

The fully rebuilt engine is like a musical instrument and has let's say 'very adequate' performance - you don't need any more. Gearbox is the later 4 synchro unit which changes quickly and quietly and the rear axle is upgraded to 3. 07:1 ratio giving much improved cruising speed. On the road she handles very well with no noise and no fuss - helped no doubt by new wheels, the correct Michelin tyres and Koni dampers. 

Brakes too are excellent after the original bellows system was correctly overhauled and set up. Electronic ignition, upgraded electric fan and controller, high torque starter motor and a Dynator alternator are all sensible modern upgrades which can barely be seen but improve reliability.

Everything works just-so, including the straight six which fires up without any hesitation – and makes all the right noises and none of the wrong ones. The car is currently kept at, and maintained by, a classic car specialist, and all the mechanical components present in excellent condition.

The Appeal

There's nothing in the world quite like an E-Type Jaguar. It's one of the most highly desired classic cars in the world and for good reason – it has everything in one package. With an example in as good condition as this one, it's ready for a new owner to drive to classic car events for some time to come.

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1964
  • Make Jaguar
  • Model E-Type FHC
  • Colour Opalescent Golden Sand
  • Odometer 111,000 Miles
  • Engine size 4200
  • Location Durham
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
31 bids
  • Fo•••• £63,000 23/09/21
  • st•••• £60,000 20/09/21
  • pi•••• £59,000 20/09/21
  • st•••• £57,500 20/09/21
  • fa•••• £56,500 20/09/21
  • st•••• £56,000 20/09/21
  • pi•••• £55,000 20/09/21
  • fa•••• £52,500 20/09/21
  • st•••• £52,000 20/09/21
  • pi•••• £50,000 20/09/21

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