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1966 Ford Anglia 1200 Super

Guide Price: £7,000 - £10,000 


∙ Only 4 owners since new
∙ RHD South African built model
∙ Consistently maintained throughout its life
∙ Evidence of a professional restoration in the past

The Background

If you placed yourself at the 1959 Earls Court Motor show, among the glittering new cars, you may have noticed two significant releases that year for the small car buyer. Over at the BMC stand, you could marvel at the FWD transverse layout of the Mini. It was considered a packaging marvel but it was also an untried concept and a potential risk for the more conservative buyer. Ford on the other hand elected to use a more traditional proven drive train layout for their Anglia. Enamoured with glamorous pseudo-American styling with decadent chrome detailing and a distinctive rear screen design, there was no denying its visual appeal. Of course, being a Ford, there was more substance to just its frilly frock. The new engines and gearbox along with the spacious interior created a big car feel, which meant that the public flocked to the Ford showrooms. It soon became a favourite on the race tracks too, acting as an effective promotional tool for Ford. With the company’s global connections, Ford soon used their Commonwealth reach to get the car in production for local markets which also included Australia and South Africa. 

When this Anglia 1200 Super left the Port Elizabeth plant in South Africa factory in November 1966, the factory was assembling a global mix of Ford products. The Anglia had long been established as an entry-level model for Ford thanks to its compact dimensions, contemporary styling and competent specifications, making it perfect for local consumption. However, sales in South Africa didn’t really take off until the introduction of the Super in 1966, partly due to its livelier visual embellishments and extra equipment. It oozed showroom appeal, with rear opening windows, padded door armrests, a lockable glovebox, courtesy light, passenger sun visor and temperature gauge and soon found itself in the top 10 best selling cars in the country. Outwardly similar to the Dagenham versions, some cars were offered with some unique options such as a rear Venetian blind and leather seats.

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The History

The seller's wife bought the car off its second owner in 2010, who had owned the car for 10 years prior to that. He was said to be fastidious in his care of the Anglia, and created a ‘monthly to do’ list and insisted that the car had been warmed up prior to driving it!  During that time the car had also received a further respray in the same hue. It was then bought back and sold again in 2017 by the seller's wife, still in South Africa, where it was then subject to a full brake reconditioning as well as a service. All tallied up means that the car has seen just 4 owners over its 55-year old life. More recently it has passed a roadworthy inspection and has only been driven less than 500 miles since. There is also evidence that the car has been garaged for much of its life. It’s now being placed back for sale in the UK due to storage issues and change of circumstances.

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The Paperwork

There isn’t any service history but it has a fuel notepad completed by the last 3 owners indicating the mileage is correct. It also comes with its original handbook and its South African registration certificate, which documents the car's authenticity. The Anglia has been cleared via the UK car customs procedure and the V5 will be applied for in the buyer's name making them the first UK owner.

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The Interior

The black vinyl seats have been subject to reupholstering and reconditioned very recently and therefore in excellent condition with no signs of wear or rips. The carpet is also in excellent condition, with the door cards showing limited signs of wear and tear. The padding on top of the facia is in good condition with no signs of sun-damage or rips. The beautifully appealing dashboard is nicely presented with very little evidence of damage. The steering wheel is in good condition, and is the only item that shows wear and tear. The seller tell us the steering wheel is showing 2 cracks, which were not there when the vehicle was imported. Their best guess is that the recent cold weather has caused this. Otherwise, the steering wheel is an honest reflection of the age of the car - this is actually a really nice touch to convey the authenticity of the car. The controls, switches and dials are all said to work, with the exception of the fuel gauge, which the owner has told us could be a stuck fuel float due to the fuel being drained by the shipping company after the arrival of the car in the UK. Also as a minor point, the speed display reads in kilometres but the mileage is still in miles. A mph display glass is in the glove compartment. The headlining is rip free and in good condition. Overall a very nice place to be.

P1020571.JPG 6.26 MB

The Exterior 

As a South African import, it has the obvious benefits of living in a damp-free climate and as a result, may have been spared excessive rust although they are not completely immune to tin-rot. Luckily this car has been subject to restoration at some point and appears to be in a very solid state. The panel gaps are as good as you can expect for a car of this age, with no ripples and misaligned panels of note. Starting with the underside, the cross members and floor plan are straight and clean. The car has not needed aftermarket waxoyl treatment, which allows us to investigate the quality of the components, which by definition of the photos, are positive. The body is in very good condition, with areas like the sills, areas around the rear lights, arches, valances and front wings looking solid without visual evidence of corrosion. The engine bay, inner wings and boot section look solid too. There are a small number of minor marks on the body, with the odd treatable blemish evident, such as on the near-side door but overall in the panel work is in a decent condition. 

The chassis plate suggests that this car left the factory finished with a Smoke Grey colour and therefore indicates that it has been repainted red at some point. The paint lustre is good, with a deep shine and no fade, cracking or overspray evident. There are a handful of age-related chips on some of the panel edges, but nothing that has started to rust yet - it might be prudent for the new owner to treat these over a weekend before the good old fashion British climate gets to work on it. The roof and side sections have been detailed with black paint, both sections are good with no significant blemishes.

The chrome trim and body detailing are also in good condition, items such as the bright metal windscreen wipers and tail-light surrounds are correct for the 1200 Super. The glass is free from significant damage, chips or scratches, along with the glass rubbers which are in very good condition with no suggestions of water ingress. Engineered and manufactured by Bridgestone, the Dayton tyres are above the legal thread limits but do show some signs of age. The steel wheels are good with some signs of age evident, and just for good measure, it comes with its original 1966 spare wheel. Three of the chrome trims and hubs are in good condition, with one that would require replacement to match the others.

image00007.jpeg 4.11 MB

The Mechanics 

The Super used the 1198cc engine from the Cortina and in very good external condition, suggesting a good level of care and maintenance. This is confirmed by the documentation of regular oil changes, which is important for cars running in hotter countries. The engine is said to start and run well with no issues, no rumbling or oil-burning smoke. There is a slight oil leak coming from the engine. The radiator, hoses and other ancillaries are in good condition, with service items seemingly well attended to. The all-synchromesh four-speed Cortina gearbox is said to perform without issues too. The exhaust is a more recent aftermarket stainless steel item, which is said to produce a more purposeful tone. The brakes and suspension front struts have been subject to renewal in recent years and are in full working order. The owner has mentioned that there was a slight knock coming from the front off-side strut and suspects that it has become threaded and will need tightening.

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The Appeal

There is no doubting the benefits of an RHD car that has seen five decades of maintenance and attention, but also one that has managed to retain its core originality. Obviously, the Anglia's more recent fame has made it instantly recognisable, but it's far more significant than an appearance in a kids fantasy magic story. The Anglia also has a connection with club motorsports, and the versatility of its durable components means that there are endless possibilities for these cars. However, this nicely preserved example with some fascinating provenance means that the next owner would simply need to maintain, rather than rebuild. A loyal network of Anglia owners will ensure that if you do need bits, then it will be a straightforward process. As a summer run-about waiting for its next adventure, you can’t really go wrong but just don’t expect it to fly!

Please note: Photos provided by seller

Although every care is taken to ensure this listing is as factual and transparent as possible, all details within the listing are subject to the information provided to us by the seller. Car & Classic does not take responsibility for any information missing from the listing. Please ensure you are satisfied with the vehicle description and all information provided before placing a bid.

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1966
  • Make Ford
  • Model Anglia
  • Colour Red
  • Odometer 86,695 Miles
  • Engine size 1198
  • Location Northamptonshire
Bidding history
22 bids
  • Johnivo•••• £6,900 24/02/21
  • alan-ll•••• £6,800 24/02/21
  • Johnivo•••• £6,700 24/02/21
  • carter2•••• £6,600 24/02/21
  • alan-ll•••• £6,500 24/02/21
  • carter2•••• £6,400 24/02/21
  • 80lover•••• £6,200 24/02/21
  • carter2•••• £6,000 23/02/21
  • Johnivo•••• £5,500 23/02/21
  • carter2•••• £5,100 23/02/21

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