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1966 Jaguar Mk2

Guide Price: £23,000 - £28,000


﹒Upgraded to 3.8 litre capacity
﹒420 front beam/brakes/power steering
﹒Comprehensive history file

The Background

Grace, space and pace. The Mk2 Jaguar had it all. We could try and grab the attention of your bidding finger with tales of speed, of the Mk2 being the getaway car of choice for ‘60s crims and of it being a motoring icon, but we don’t need to. You know that. You know how special, and how important the Mk2 Jaguar is to the motoring world because there isn’t an instance where this car’s reputation doesn’t precede it. It’s a motoring legend. 

This example, which is just a bid away from being yours, is a wonderful old thing. It’s been tweaked, it’s been upgraded and it has been made even better as a result. This is a Mk2 Jaguar for the driver. It’s a car that commands you use it, which is no issue, because driving it is addictive.

DSC01928.jpg 834.02 KB

The History 

The current owner has had the car since around 2008, and has left the big old Jag wanting for nothing. Built to be a classic that’s driven, a lot of the work carried out has been to improve the power, the ride and the handling. Looking through the paperwork, we can see that when the current owner first took the car on, it was subjected to significant works. Full mechanical overhaul, brakes, suspension, tyres, the list goes on. The engine was bored out to 3.8 litres, a stainless steel exhaust system has been fitted, while the front end is now home to a 420 beam, four-pot brakes and 420 power steering. 

The car has been restored, make no mistake. But it’s been done to an incredibly impressive standard. The paint is excellent across the car, as is the glass, the chrome and everything else. Inside, the wood is all in good order, the red leather is excellent and the front seats have been upgraded to XJ40 items (trimmed to match) so they hold in place with a bit more purpose. 

The current owner has been utterly fanatical about this car’s upkeep and it shows. Kept garaged, and with every invoice on file to back up its history, it’s an exceptional find. But more than that, it’s a bit more raw and a bit more powerful than stock, and as such, it’s a glorious thing to drive. Whoever gets this car will be very, very happy indeed. 

The Paperwork

As we touched on above, there are swathes of paperwork to go with this car. There is an MOT in place until November of this year, the logbook is present, and then there is a file bulging with past MOTs and invoices for every bit of work. And these aren’t invoices that state a job and a price. Oh no, there is a full breakdown for every element of the works carried out. 

From looking at these, we can see that the engine has been stripped, it’s been re-bored as mentioned, it’s had a complete machining session and overhault, a new cooling system, new ignition system, new ancillaries, new seals, gaskets, nut, bolts… the list goes on. Just have a look for yourself. 

Further regular paperwork from Tamar Valley Motoring Centre shows that the classic Jag has been regularly serviced, and also maintained, with invoices covering occasional repair and housekeeping works. The level of detail and care evidenced by these invoices goes to show that no job has been missed, nor any issue ignored. It’s led a very, very happy life.

DSC01916.jpg 461.43 KB

The Interior

Here’s your space. A gentleman’s club on wheels, to borrow the parlance of motoring outlets of old. Rich red leather swathes the front and rear seats, and is free from any significant wear or imperfections. There is a small mark in the upright of the rear bench, but nothing to be too concerned about. The front seats, as we touched on earlier, are from a later XJ40. But have of course been trimmed to match. They offer much more support and comfort than the factory seats, while still managing to look at home thanks to being from the same family. 

The dash is clear, bright and everything seems to function as it should. There is a hint of age to dash as one would expect, but not to the point where anything is damaged or battered. The wood is all in good condition, as can be seen in the photographs, though there is some cracking and some flaking on the extreme ends of both sides. It’s nicely broken in, that would be the most accurate way to describe it. 

Down below, the carpets are all in good order, as are the kick plates and sills. Looking into the door pillars, the hinges all wear clean paint and there is no sign of damage or poor past repair. The strikers on the doors are good, as are the catches. The door and window seals are in good condition too, and all the door furniture is good and functions as it should. 

Looking up, the Jag has been fitted with a Webasto sunroof. This offers a staggering amount of light and air into the cabin, and transforms the atmosphere when sat inside. The roof itself is recent, and is coloured to match the dark red of the car. It operates manually without issue, and seals as tight as a drum.

DSC02003.jpg 1.01 MB

The Exterior

Here then, is the grace. As the pictures go to show, this Jaguar presents exceptionally well. There is some patina at play, but only the most charming of senses. There is nothing to suggest neglect or damage. Instead, it presents well, but while also managing to look like a car that has been, and will continue to be enjoyed. This car is, let us not forget, one that has been built, restored and maintained with regular use at the forefront of the owner’s motivation. 

Happily though, while it is a machine for the driver, it’s also one that still turns heads with ease. The rich, deep paint is in excellent order over the car. There are some odd imperfections such stone chips, and one sliver of missing (but touched in) paint on the passenger side rear door frame, but that’s about it. It polished up to a high shine and looks glorious as a result. All no doubt helped by the fact that the car has been kept in dehumidified garage, the seller advises.

The wire wheels present well, the tyres are healthy, and all the chrome is good order. There is some pitting here and there, but nothing of any significance. And there is certainly no rust to be seen. The panels all line up well, all the doors open and close as they should, there is no sign of any accident damage and as such, it looks excellent. The lights and glass are all in good order, too. 

It’s the sort of car you could happily spend hours gazing at, with those all too enigmatic flowing lines and beautiful details like the wire wheels and that distinctive face. Certainly, this car is just as handsome now as it was when it rolled off the assembly line in ‘64. Perhaps even more so in a sea modern, grey ubiquity.

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The Mechanics

And now for the pace. Having been so extensively maintained in the past, the now 3.8 litre engine (on 2, 2" SU carburetors) is in rude health. It fires up first turn of the key and it sounds incredibly strong. There are no untoward noises, no questionable hot odours nor any signs of leaks. It’s a strong, strong unit. And one that is more than capable of shunting the big Jag along at a more than modern pace. Power on tap, this is a serious performer. When it is in motion, the sound of the stainless steel exhaust system is enough to make sure you never touch the period radio. This car, rest assured, sounds utterly glorious. 

It stops on a penny, too, thanks to healthy brake consumables and those 420 four-pot front callipers. The suspension has been refreshed in the past, and as such keeps the car under control. There is no excessive roll, nor any unwanted drama. The car handles exceptionally well indeed, and still feels tight. The addition of the power steering makes it that bit more manageable at low speeds, while not getting in the way of feel when pressing on. 

It is quite simply in excellent health and as a result, is a joy to drive. The manual ‘box is crisp and sharp, the steering full of feedback and the power and noise are both wonderfully addictive. This car is not a car, it’s an event on wheels. A celebration of just how much fun an old Jaguar can be.   

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The Appeal 

Handsome, a riot to drive and in fantastic condition, this Mk2 Jaguar has achieved the ultimate classic car trifecta. It’s all things to all enthusiasts. You can take it to the shops, or to a show. You can press on or cruise. You can simply stare at it. And throughout, it will never let you down. This is a brilliant example of a car with an always passionate following. One that has been built and maintained in such a way that it has many, many years ahead of it. The only question is, will those years be with you? You’ll have to bid. 

Notice to bidders

Although every care is taken to ensure this listing is as factual and transparent as possible, all details within the listing are subject to the information provided to us by the seller. Car & Classic does not take responsibility for any information missing from the listing. Please ensure you are satisfied with the vehicle description and all information provided before placing a bid.

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1966
  • Make Jaguar
  • Model Mk2
  • Colour Red
  • Odometer 15,132 Miles
  • Engine size 3442
  • Location Devon
Bidding history
47 bids
  • Ia•••• £28,500 09/04/21
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  • Ia•••• £27,500 09/04/21
  • pa•••• £27,250 09/04/21
  • Ia•••• £27,000 09/04/21
  • Ia•••• £26,750 09/04/21
  • pa•••• £26,500 09/04/21
  • Ia•••• £26,250 09/04/21

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