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1967 Jaguar 340

Guide Price: £19,000 - £24,000


﹒Outstanding condition throughout 
﹒Detailed history file
﹒Recent, high quality respray 
﹒Low mileage and original mechanicals 

The Background

The Mk2 Jaguar is one of those classic cars that is instantly recognisable. You don’t even need to be passionate about classic cars. It doesn’t matter. Even if you don’t know your Fords from your Ferraris, you’ll still know what a Mk2 Jaguar looks like. It is a car that has permeated the fabric of popular culture, it’s a ‘go to’ car when the term ‘classic’ is mentioned. And because of that, it is just as popular now as it was back when it was new. It’s the kind of car that can be appreciated, of course, for its, urm, car-ness. But it is also an example of great design. It’s an example of what true luxury should be. It has appeal far greater, and far more universal than a lot of other classic cars. That’s a powerful thing, and it’s why this car - an exceptionally rare 340 model - is one you shouldn’t miss out on.

DSC02418.JPG 6.41 MB

The History

As well we know, the Mk2 Jaguar, the embodiment of ‘grace, space and pace’, was a huge hit for Jaguar. However, despite being a massive success, there was no way for it to escape time. Eventually, it was going to have to be replaced. That replacement came in 1968 in the form of the XJ6. But a new car didn’t mean the Mk2 had to vanish into the shadows. Instead, Jaguar gave it a last hurrah with the 240 and this, the 340. They came with a little less kit, but they were still exquisite.

Of the two, the 340 was of course the one to have. Fitted with the 3.4 straight-six engine, it was the more powerful of the two. It was a refined, smooth, comfortable way in which to travel, and being a ‘run out’ model designed in essence to help Jaguar make use of all the parts it had, it was priced keenly. In fact, Jaguar pitted it against the likes of the Rover P6 in terms of value. A clever move. 

In total, a mere 2,788 340 models were built before the parts ran out. As such, it stands today as an exceptionally rare machine. This car was with its first owner all the way until 2003, when it was sold to another enthusiast who once again opted to pass it on in 2017. The third and current owner hasn’t taken his responsibility lightly. And as such, has ensured this survival of this rare machine by lavishing more care upon it. 

The car was in excellent overall condition, but did need some slight attention. As such, the current owner has had the car repainted, he’s addressed any niggles or issues, he has kept the car in first class mechanical condition and as such, has preserved the car further. It has wanted for nothing, it has been cared for without so much as a waiver of enthusiasm and as such, could well be the best 340 in existence.

DSC02406.JPG 3.63 MB

The Interior 

As you can see from the pictures, the interior of this Jaguar 340 is in excellent order. The current owner has fitted new carpets throughout, which serve to make the cabin feel fresh and barely used. The seats are in wonderful condition, and show no signs of wear or damage. Interestingly, to keep costs down, Jaguar didn’t fit leather and instead used a material known as Ambla, which has the look and feel of leather. 

The door cards are all excellent, as is the associated furniture. The wood cappings are all good, too. As is the dash and the dash top, which have been removed and re-lacquered by the current owner, and as such now boast a deep shine. The dials and gauges are all functional and clear and there is even a period-correct and functional radio in place. 

The details are all spot on, too. The headlining is excellent, the door shuts are gleaming and free of dirt or any signs of corrosion. It’s truly a testament to the manner in which this car has been cared for. 

Finally, the boot is much of the same story. Clean, dry, carpets are in good condition, the paintwork is all gleaming and free from damage. It’s all in very good order. There is a spare wheel, tools, everything you would expect.

DSC02373.JPG 5.69 MB

The Exterior

Just look at it for yourself. The coachwork of this handsome old Jaguar is excellent. When the current owner bought it, the paint was good, but had literally been polished through to the primer in some spots. As such, he elected to have the car repainted in the original navy hue. The quality of the job is staggering. The paint is rich, deep and glossy and is free from swirls and scratches. 

The work was carried out over four years ago though, so it's not ‘showroom’ but it’s pretty close. There is one slight imperfection in the form of a small bubble on the passenger side rear door’s lower section. About the size of a 20p coin, and barely noticeable. 

The chrome is all excellent, there is some very fine pitting as you would expect for a car of this age, but nothing serious and nothing that needs to be rectified. It’s more a case of it having a bit of age and charm than anything else. The bumpers are in fact stainless steel, so there is zero corrosion there. The chromed wire wheels are all in brilliant order, and look nearly new, as do the tyres. 

Just grab yourself a brew and have a long, slow scroll through the pictures of this 340. Let your eyes drink it in (the car, not your brew) and you will fall in love with it a little bit. Okay, a lot.

DSC02454.JPG 6.81 MB

The Mechanics

While the body has been repainted, the rest of the car is very much of the ‘survivor’ sort. This car has never been dismantled, it’s never been restored, it’s never been significantly messed with. It’s every bit the car it was when it left the factory - in a good way. It’s been maintained flawlessly, and it has had some works such as a gearbox refurbishment. But it’s wear and tear stuff, nothing sinister. Looking at the underside of the car, it makes for a pleasing visual of originality paired with considered and regular upkeep. No bodges, nothing removed and poorly refitted. It’s all rock solid. 

The engine, which has covered a hair over 60k, starts on the button and is in very good health indeed. It starts on the button and revs freely without a rattle, clunk or squeak. On the road, it pulls with an eagerness that would make some modern cars blush. The automatic transmission, having been rebuilt, is smooth and direct and shifts through the gears without question or drama. 

The car is an utter joy to roll along in. It’s quiet, and smooth but also powerful when you require it. It has been so, so well looked after. It still feels tight, it still feels… new. There’s no wallowing, nothing sags, nothing is recalcitrant, nothing bangs or rattles. The brakes are good, the steering is - having again been serviced - direct and laden with feedback. It’s a joy to drive. It’s glorious, truly.

DSC02444.JPG 4.03 MB

The Appeal

Three owners, low miles, exceptional condition and rare to boot. Why would you not want this Jaguar? It is as beautiful today as it was back in 1967, and thanks to those three very considerate and caring owners, it still feels like it did in 1967 when you take to the road. It’s a wonderful, charming machine dripping with old school cool and charm. It has presence, it turns heads, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is how it will make you feel when you’re there, sitting behind that big steering wheel, arm out of the window, sun shining. This car will be a reminder of not only how good classic cars can be, but also of how very right you were to bid on it. 

Notice to bidders

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1967
  • Make Jaguar
  • Model 340
  • Colour Blue
  • Odometer 62,151 Miles
  • Engine size 3442
  • Location Devon
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
30 bids
  • st•••• £24,000 22/04/21
  • Ch•••• £23,999 22/04/21
  • Ch•••• £23,750 22/04/21
  • st•••• £23,500 22/04/21
  • st•••• £23,250 22/04/21
  • Ch•••• £23,000 22/04/21
  • st•••• £22,750 22/04/21
  • Ch•••• £22,500 22/04/21
  • st•••• £22,250 21/04/21
  • Ch•••• £22,000 21/04/21

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