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1974 Mk1 Ford Escort RS2000

Guide Price: £10,000 - £15,000


・Highly modified engine and drivetrain
・Factory Olympic Blue RS2000
・Excellent basis for race or rally conversion

The Background

The daddy, the OG, the defining fast Ford - the Mk1 Ford Escort RS2000 was a car that blew the motoring world away when it was launched. The Escort, let us not forget, was a replacement for the Anglia. So when Ford’s AVO engineers stuffed a 2.0 into one and made it fast, it was a very exciting thing indeed. And it still is. 

The Mk1 Escort in all guises and trim levels did of course go through the ‘just an old car’ period, during which many were introduced to the scrap man. Sad, but that’s how it goes. Thankfully, time has been kinder to the cars that survived, and now any Mk1 Escort is highly sought after. 

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The History

It’s obvious from looking at the pictures that this particular Escort has indeed lived a life both fast and furious, as it’s far from standard. Currently part of a small private collection, the car has recently been brought over from Ireland, where it was exported to back in August of 2004. The car hasn’t been on the road since returning to the UK, and as such, should be considered as a project. 

Before going to Ireland, the car was extensively modified. There is stiffer, lower suspension, different interior trim and personalised touches, the car sits on a set of staggered Minilite style alloys and under the bonnet there is a seemingly highly modified 2.0 Pinto engine. Sadly, the current owner has little in the way of paperwork, so we’re unable to confirm what exactly has been done to the engine other than the modifications we can see. 

Now looking to thin out his collection of cars, this RS2000 - we have checked the VIN against the database and it is indeed an Olympic Blue RS2000 model. It has all the right bits, and would be the perfect base from which to build your dream Mk1 Escort.

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The Paperwork

Very little, unfortunately. We have the Irish logbook, so the car can be re-registered here in the UK. The car’s UK registration is RFW341M. Having done a comprehensive vehicle check on Cazana, we can see that the car has had four owners. There is no MOT in place at the moment, though the car is exempt. However, this car should be viewed as a project rather than one that can be driven away.

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The Interior

Inside the RS2000, there are a lot of personal choices in play! The dash and some of the surrounds have been painted Olympic Blue, which does actually work. The dash itself is in good order, with no cracks and no warping to be seen. There is a centre console fitted, complete with period head unit. There is an RPM control module fitted within the glove box area, though we’re unable to comment on whether or not it functions. And while we’re still in the dash area, there are some extra switches down by the far side of the steering column. These are labeled to control the washer jets, the main lights and also the fan. There is also an adjustment knob, which we believe is for a brake bias valve. Looking under the dash, there are blue anodised pedals, while further up, the clutch and brake masters seem to be recent. 

The seats are black leather and are in average condition, though the driver seat has buckled slightly, and thus you sit to the right a little. The door cards have been recovered in a black felt fabric to a decent standard. The carpets are decent, as is the headlining. The rear section has been fitted with 6x9 speakers in the side panels. The parcel shelf has, unfortunately, seen better days. 

In the boot, there is an aluminium fuel cell, which looks to be in good order. There is a Facet high pressure fuel pump, too. However, we can’t confirm its function, as the car wasn’t running when we shot it. The boot structure looks solid, and there is plenty of rust-proofing in the lower sections. 

Finally, looking into the A-pillar area, there is some rust that has pushed through and caused the paint to crack. This is the same on both the driver and passenger side. However, the doors haven’t dropped, and they still shut home as they should.

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The Exterior

At first glance, the Escort presents very well. The Olympic Blue hue is a fetching one, and it makes for an attractive spectacle when splashed over the cock-bottle shape of the two-door Escort. Obviously a repaint (though it is the car’s factory colour from what we can see), it seems to have been done to a decent standard. However, the years have caught up with it in some areas and there is some bubbling coming through, in particular on the front wings. 

The car wears a brace of driving lights up front, and all seem to be in good condition. The grille and headlights are also in good condition. The glass is good, though some of the rubbers have started to split. The metal around the windows also seems to be in good order. 

The wheels are in good condition, and while the tyres have lots of tread, they may need changing due to age. Looking beyond the wheels to the underside of the car, there is a whole lot of rust protection in play, which is good. There is evidence of some past repair to the inner sills, but it’s been well protected since being done. The underside of the car looks to be largely solid and in good order, which is great news.  

Fundamentally, there is nothing that needs urgent attention and as such, the car could be used as is. It looks menacing, the stance is spot on and the paint is still rich and glossy. It is, make no mistake, a good-looking machine and one that any Ford fan would be proud to show off.

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The Mechanics

Unfortunately the car wasn’t running when we shot it. However, we were assured this was due to the fact the car had been sat, not because anything had failed in the past. Open the bonnet and you’re greeted with a veritable sweet shop of speed parts. There’s a vernier pulley, and we’re told the 2.0 engine also has a fast road cam fitted. There’s a set of Magnecor leads, lots of Samco hoses and a very attractive blue-painted rocker cover. There’s a Mocal catch can in place, too. The radiator also looks to be bigger than stock. The stars of the show are, however, the two twin Weber carbs, which look to be recent. Unfortunately, we’re unable to confirm the size, though 40s would be a good bet. 

The car has disc brakes all round, with drilled discs up front. As we mentioned earlier, there is also a brake bias valve fitted under the dash. There is a strut brace up front, and the car sits on lowered suspension. It’s been built properly and most definitely has the potential to be a seriously fast machine. 

The strut tops look solid, as does the bulkhead. There is some wiring to tidy up, but other than that it’s very clean, very well put together engine bay.

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The Appeal 

It’s a Mk1 Escort RS2000 being offered with a very realistic reserve. That’s the appeal, right there! This car could be a tremendous bargain for someone. Yes, there is some work to be done and some investigation to undertake, but on the face of it, this is a car that has been built by a previous owner to be a very, very serious bit of kit. If you want a fast road, rally or even race specification, this is the car. You’re not messing up a mint, original. Instead, you’re building on what has already been done. This is the perfect opportunity to build the Mk1 Escort RS2000 of your dreams. And for that reason alone, it’s worth chucking in a cheeky bid. You’ve got to be in it to win it, as they say.

Notice to bidders

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1974
  • Make Ford
  • Model Escort RS2000
  • Colour Blue
  • Odometer 61,144 Miles
  • Engine size 2000
  • Location Scotland
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
79 bids
  • Ka•••• £29,000 04/05/21
  • ma•••• £28,750 04/05/21
  • Ka•••• £28,500 04/05/21
  • ma•••• £28,250 04/05/21
  • Ka•••• £28,000 04/05/21
  • ma•••• £27,750 04/05/21
  • Ka•••• £27,500 04/05/21
  • ma•••• £27,250 04/05/21
  • Ka•••• £27,000 04/05/21
  • ma•••• £26,750 04/05/21

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