1977 MG BGT


-Very low Mileage
-Very good condition both inside and out
-Extensive paperwork and service history
-Truly cared for and maintained

The Background

First introduced in 1965, the MGB GT is one of those cars that truly stands out in classic car history. With its pioneering greenhouse roof design and classy body lines, the GT model was a bold and revolutionary entry into the sporty-hatchback market. Due to the success and accessibility of MG vehicles at the time, the MGB GT ensured that drivers were able to experience beautiful Jaguar-esque styling and a taste of good old British performance, for a mere fraction of the price. 

Although few features differ from the roadster version of the MGB, the GT model not only boasts a larger, more comfortable seating arrangement but also offers far more luggage space and a more refined ride. Powered by British Motoring Company’s iconic inline 4 B-series engine, the car proudly stands just above the roadster version, with a top speed of 105 miles per hour. Combine the torquey engine with a smooth gearbox, simply gorgeous body lines, classy interior comforts and you’ve got yourself a near perfect driving experience.

bkgrn.jpeg 330.04 KB

The History

Before delving into the full history of this car, it’s important to remember that this car has only covered a mere 37,239 miles in its lifetime, which is very impressive to say the least. Now, let’s flash back all the way to the 27th of October 1977 when this stunning car was first registered. 

Following it’s pre-delivery and inspection, the first owner took delivery of the MGB GT back in 1977, and initially registered the car under their company name until swapping to a personal registration on 29/09/1981. The same owner continued to treasure the car all the way up until 11/06/2005 and after a long and caring ownership, passed the car on. 

The car then proceeded to be enjoyed by several owners, covering very little mileage in between each, whilst continuing to be well maintained and cared for. The current owner purchased the car from a garage in Dunfermline after falling in love with the car and being mightily impressed by its condition, both mechanically and visually.

Under it’s 7 years of ownership with the current owner, this beautiful car has been nothing short of pampered, with servicing, parts, and a minor paint touch up. This car is absolutely stunning in person, has clearly been taken care of by all of its previous owners and is now looking for its next home.

With no motorsport history and a very clean bill of health, this is one of those cars that doesn’t pop up very often. We’re talking about a low mileage MG MGB GT in excellent condition, with brilliant history and charming character.

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The Paperwork

The sheer amount of paperwork and service history this vehicle has cannot be overstated. This MGB GT comes with a large binder containing previous service receipts, parts and service invoices and proof of previous work. With paperwork dating back to the year of registration, it’s clear to say that this MGB GT has been carefully maintained and taken care of over the years. 

A mixture of main dealerships and private specialists are responsible for servicing the vehicle, the most recent of which being carried out last year. As the paperwork will show, the vehicle has covered very little mileage in it’s time on the road, having only covered 19,551 miles in its first 28 years of ownership.

Perhaps the most notable piece of work carried out in recent years, this MGB GT was treated to minor paint treatment in 2017. As the vehicle has been rust treated and well looked-after, this treatment was non-corrosion related and was simply a tidy-up to get the exterior in the stunning condition it’s in today. Minor dents have been professionally removed, and the offside front wing was refinished to rectify  small spidering marks, simply due to the vehicle’s age. The quality of the work undergone is reflected by the high standard of the current bodywork

Unlike other examples, this particular MGB GT has required very minimal work over the years, with even the most major work consisting of fuel pipes in 2020, new spark plugs and a new clutch slave cylinder in 2016, and heater control valves and gaskets replacements in 2009. The current owner has conveniently summarized the paperwork into a list of all parts & work carried out, along with accurate mileage markings and dates, which can be seen in the listing photos. 

The vehicle also comes with MOT certificates dating back from 3rd February 2005, all the way up to its current certificate of 25th April 2021, and since then only covered 51 miles!

The V5 document reads 6 previous owners, however it is believed the first 2 were the same person – A personal registration and a business registration.

With the car covering so few miles and requiring little work compared to other classics and even modern cars, you’d be hard pressed to find such a trouble-free example.

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The Interior

Much like the vehicle’s exterior, the interior has been very well looked after and is a very pleasant place to be. Stunning grey leather seats with red piping are a welcome sight, and only help elevate the pure feeling of class and style this vehicle exudes. All seats and the rear bench are in excellent condition, with no visible damage and minimal wear, which is very refreshing for a car of this age. Matching headliner and sun visors help brighten the interior, and add to the charm of this MGB. 

The driver is also treated to a gorgeous three-spoke Moto-Lita steering wheel, which adds to this car’s perfect balance of both luxury and performance. The rich leather door cards & black carpet unsurprisingly, are also in excellent condition and show very minimal signs of the wear & tear you may see with other examples. 

No effort or cost has been spared with the cabin of this vehicle, as shown by numerous finishing touches, which include MG floor mats, extra soundproofing, a Sony radio/cassette player and speakers mounted in the rear panels. This MGB GT also features tinted windows, which provide interior comfort, whilst being subtle enough to preserve the brilliant styling of the car. Finally, this particular car is fitted with inertia seat belts for passenger safety and peace of mind.

intr.jpeg 294.55 KB

The Exterior

This MGB GT’s Carmine Red exterior is in enviable condition, and would without a doubt hold the gaze of any onlooker. Not only is the paint itself in such good condition, but the chrome details and trim pieces are also in good condition. To complete the trim and paint combo, you’ll also notice this car has been fitted with chrome wipers, number plate bulb holders and a very swish heater air intake. 

Having been Ziebart rust treated from new, this car has not suffered from the need for major restoration that can often trouble cars of this age. Being in almost original condition is a true testament to the previous and current owners’ dedication and care. More recently, the vehicle has also been professionally waxoyled and treated to further protect this incredible example. 

You may also notice that the car has been fitted with a set of stunning 15 inch Clubsport alloys with Michelin M1 tyres, which are an excellent addition to the car. Each wheel is in great condition, with plenty of tyre tread left for the new owner to enjoy. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised to find the original 14 inch spare wheel safely tucked away in the boot which much like the rest of the vehicle, is also in brilliant condition. To top off the subtle add-ons, the car has also been fitted with a set of stylish wipac quadoptic headlights. 

The overall aesthetics of this vehicle are a perfect nod to iconic British styling and with this example being in such good condition, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better looking classic car.

extr.jpeg 351.73 KB

The Mechanics

The car starts up the first time with the turn of the key, and drives very well. The new owner will be pleased to know that we’ve been told the car holds oil pressure perfectly fine, doesn’t overheat and has no known mechanical issues. All instruments and electrical components are working as intended, and the sheer amount of paperwork with this vehicle will further inspire confidence regarding this. 

Whilst remaining very close to how it left the factory, you’ll notice that the engine bay is home to a set of performance K&N air filters, as well as a chrome rocker cover. In addition to these minor yet desirable modifications, the car has also been fitted with a set of parabolic rear springs, which greatly improved ride quality and passenger comfort. The car will happily rev throughout the gears, and working overdrive on both 3rd and 4th gear helps just that little bit more with driveability and fuel economy.

Despite being MOT exempt as of 2018, the current owner has even decided to keep up with ensuring the vehicle has a valid MOT certificate, which expires on the 25th April 2022. This is yet another example of the dedication and care that has been given under this MGB’s ownership.

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The Appeal

Perhaps one of the most iconic British cars of all time, the MGB GT is a car that should be on any collector or enthusiasts list. 

It’s a vehicle that made waves with its design and style choices, and came as a time where the MGB was quickly rising in popularity in both Europe and the United States. As a bridge between a sporty roadster and practical hatch, it’s easy to see why the GT model was a hit with consumers and continues to top the list of iconic classics.

This particular example is without a doubt one of the finest examples on the market, and is guaranteed to fill the new owner with pride.

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1977
  • Make MG
  • Model BGT
  • Colour Red
  • Odometer 37,329 Miles
  • Engine size 1798
  • Location Northumberland
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
36 bids
  • An•••• £11,750 04/10/21
  • jo•••• £11,500 04/10/21
  • Fr•••• £11,250 04/10/21
  • jo•••• £11,000 04/10/21
  • Fr•••• £10,750 04/10/21
  • An•••• £10,500 04/10/21
  • jo•••• £10,250 04/10/21
  • jo•••• £10,000 04/10/21
  • Fr•••• £9,900 04/10/21
  • jo•••• £9,800 04/10/21

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