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1985 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera

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The Background

The Porsche 911 is a car that sits high on the ‘want’ list for many car enthusiasts. It was built to go against the grain, what with the unique design and the rear-mounted engine. But in being so very unique, it has built a following over the decades that other cars can only dream of. Still in production today, the 911 is a certified hall of famer. 

There have been myriad guises of the 911, from the early Beetle-derived models through to today’s cutting-edge 992 incarnation. Truly, within the history of the 911 range, there is something for everyone. However, for many, there is one generation of Porsche that stands above the rest, and that’s the G series 911, which was introduced in 1973. This series of 911, which would run until 1989, would go on to sell some 200,000 units, cementing Porsche's reputation for crafting sports cars in the process. 

The G 911 was a completely new car, bringing with it a revamped design and a new lease of performance. The go-to model was, to start with, the SC, but this was soon replaced by the car we’re offering here; the Carrera. In the case of this car, that means a 3,164cc naturally aspirated flat-six engine with an impressive 321hp. When mated to a manual five-speed transmission, as is the case here, it made the 911 the ultimate driver’s car. 

The History

This 911 Carrera is, as mentioned above, a naturally-aspirated 3,176cc flat-six model with five-speed manual transmission and care of S specification, a limited-slip differential. However, it’s worth noting that this isn’t the G50 transmission, and is instead the 915. 

It was first registered on the 18th of October 1985, though as the G in the chassis number denotes, it is in fact a 1986 specification car (manufacturers typically work ahead in terms of model years). Finished in gloss black with black leather trim paired with contrasting red details such as carpet and door cards, and sitting on a set of staggered Fuchs wheels, this really is the perfect embodiment of 911 style. Say the numbers nine-eleven and this is what the mind’s eye will draw, especially with that whale tail rear spoiler. 

Porsches can often change hands, however, this 1985 model has only had six owners. The current owner, an avid enthusiast, has owned this 911 from 2003 and has kept the car in regular use ever since. When not in use, the 911 has been parked in a climate controlled garage. 

Used for the pleasure of driving rather than as any form of daily transport, the 911 has led a relatively stress-free life with its current owner. That said, he hasn’t been afraid to capitalise on numerous opportunities to get the 911 on track. As such, this car is an excellent performer, as it’s quite often pushed and as such, given the chance to breathe and stretch its legs. Too many classics are babied and nursed to such an extent that they become fragile if pressed upon. Not here though, this is a car for driving. 

The 911 was MOTd in February of this year, which the car passed with only some small advisories. There is some slight play in the nearside front wheel bearing, the offside track road cover will likely need replacement before the next MOT, and the handbrake travel needs to be adjusted. Certainly nothing there of any concern, more things that are to be expected with an older car. Looking through the rest of the MOT history, there is nothing of any major concern other than the usual wear and tear items needing occasional replacement. Most importantly for a car of this ilk, there has not been one report of corrosion or any issue with the vehicle’s structure. Very pleasing on a car that can often be the victim of corrosion. The joys of a climate controlled garage for you! 

Apart from MOT maintenance, the current owner has serviced the car every year himself (the owner of several other classics, he’s fastidious about the upkeep). He’s had replacement keys made for the car so it now has two sets, not one. New ignition sensors have been fitted. The screen washer system has been replaced, as this was inop when he acquired the car. A new starter motor was fitted in 2016. In 2013, all four of Fuchs alloy wheels were refurbished. The 911 has been fitted with new oil lines at the rear, along with new rear heater control valves which have now been protected by new rear arch liners. In 2008, the 911 was fitted with a new clutch - worth noting as the car has covered minimal mileage since then. 

The 911 comes with a raft of paperwork including original manuals and service book, as well as receipts for all work and parts fitted to it over the years. It’s a comprehensive history that details all the key works. 

During its life with the current owner, the steering wheel was changed. However, the original is supplied with the car as you can see from the photographs. 

The Condition

As you can see, the 911 is in splendid condition. The bumpers have at some point in the past been removed and repainted, bringing them back to life in the process. The paint is in good order and with the exception of one spot on the nearside rear arch, and two points at the inner edges of the rear wings, is free from corrosion. Though what’s there could be treated with ease and without too much expense. The paint, being a gloss black, would respond well to a cut and polish, but that’s not to say it’s poor. Quite the opposite in fact, as the black is still deep and rich and with nothing in the way of damage. Furthermore, the rubbers and plastic external fixtures are also in good order, though as expected there are some small imperfections on the wing mirrors. 

Underneath the 911 is impressively solid, and there is no evidence of past or sub-par repair. Nor is there any indication of any damage from either a collision or impact with the road. You can tell this car has been driven with care and consideration, not bashed over every speed bump like so many others. The engine bay is clean and tidy with, again, no signs of rust or damage.

Under the long bonnet, the carpet set is present and correct and free from damage, there is no trace of any moisture at all, and as such, there is no corrosion to be found. The only concern would be, as you may have guessed, the no longer functional gas struts. 

Moving to the interior of the car, which is a major highlight of this 911, the good news continues. The black leather seats complete with red piping (which has been professionally repaired in the past) are in excellent condition, as too are the red carpets, which serve to really make the interior sing. The same can be said of the black over red carpet door cards, which again are in great condition. The dash binnacles are unusual, in that the speedometer has been turned through 90 degrees so that it can better be seen through the new steering wheel. On the column, new indicator and wiper arms have been fitted. 

The rear seats have been fitted with seatbelts from a 924 - the 911 was actually built with the mounting holes included, so these seatbelts are proper. On the negative side, the owner did inform us that the sunroof seal has split, but is still watertight. Furthermore, the central locking only functions via the passenger door, so this would require investigation. 

On the whole, this is a great looking 911 that has the potential to be a show stopper. The current owner has opted to use it in the way its engineers intended rather than treat it as a show queen. But with a professional detail, there is nothing at all from stopping this car from being both. It’s solid, it’s free from any major blemishes or issues and it still cuts an impressive dash. It’s the sort of car any Porsche fan would be thrilled to own. 

The Mechanicals 

Used for fun, this 911 is rare in that it’s one that is used properly. It’s by no means an everyday car (though there is no reason it couldn’t be) and is instead used for driving, proper driving.The kind of automotive adventures one would hope to find a Porsche 911 doing. Tours, track days, sunny Sunday blasts through the countryside. That has been this lucky 911’s life. It’s been used properly, it’s been allowed to breathe and as such, it’s now settled into being a brilliant, reliable all-rounder. It’s not a fragile car, it’s a car that demands to be driven. 

The current owner has been fastidious with the upkeep of the car, seeing to it that almost everything needed to keep the car happy has been done. It’s given an oil and filter change every year, whether it does 500 or 5,000 miles. It’s MOT'd without fail. Any more in depth works are always carried out by known specialists, and when the car is being used or worked on, it lives in a climate-controlled garage. This 911 is living the good life. 

For many, the G 911 is the last of the truly mechanical, heavy 911s. It’s a car you truly have to drive, you have to work hard and you have to engage with it. It’s not a light car by any means. But because of that, because of the involvement required from the driver, there is no way this  car can hide any mechanical issues. You would be made aware of them very quickly. 

Is it 100% perfect? No, of course not, it’s a classic car with 120,000 miles on the clock. There is the slightest oil leak - literally an occasional leak. The headlight washers don’t work, and the brake pad warning light doesn’t work. But from what we understand, those are the only minor issues. Nothing that will stop you from buying and using the car, that’s for sure. 

The Appeal

It’s a classic Porsche 911 with the famous whale tail, Fuchs alloys and over 200bhp on tap. Genuine UK spec, right-hand drive, matching numbers, and that timeless plate is included. It’s an icon, a poster child for the ‘80s sports car landscape. As we mentioned at the start, this is the 911 you think of when someone mentions a 911. It might not be the Turbo, but at the same time, it’s not Turbo money. What it is, is a Porsche that you could have in your garage, a 911 to call your own. If that’s not some serious automotive bucket list action, we don’t know what is? 

If you want a 911 from this era, the car here is the perfect example. The colours are right, the history is reassuring, the condition is wonderful with the potential to be exceptional and the reserve is more than achievable for a car of this ilk. Plus, the 911 is a timeless piece of design, and as such, the market will always be present and always be strong. This is a car that will let you realise a dream, whilst also being a reasonably safe investment. What more could you want from a classic?
Vehicle specification
  • Year 1985
  • Make Porsche
  • Model 911 3.2 Carrera
  • Colour Black
  • Mileage 120,600
  • Engine size 3164
  • Location Sussex
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  • Nebulos•••• £24,000 06/07/20
  • Pope381 £23,500 05/07/20
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  • Nebulos•••• £22,500 05/07/20
  • salmons•••• £11,500 03/07/20

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