1987 Bentley Turbo R



・Good documented history
・Vast expense over 30 years
・Great condition throughout


'The Turbo R has something that no other manufacturer can emulate: an unmistakable and deeply ingrained quality. Inside, whether at the wheel or reclining in the rear chairs, the aura is unique. This is a jewel of a motorcar, crafted to stand the test of time.' – Sports Car International.

Introduced at Geneva in 1985, the Turbo R continued the modern 'Blower Bentley' theme, but with the added refinement of suspension better suited to the car's increased performance. Outwardly the R differed from the preceding Mulsanne Turbo by virtue of its cast-alloy wheels shod with low-profile Pirelli tyres, while inside there was a revised fascia with rev-counter included amongst the comprehensive instrumentation. In a break with Rolls-Royce tradition, power figures were made public for the first time, revealing that the engine produced 320bhp and a staggering 475lb/ft of torque, which on the road translated into a 0-60mph time of around 7 seconds and a top speed of 143mph.

Described by Autocar magazine as 'an outrageous concoction of sledgehammer performance and sybaritic luxury', the Turbo R remains as formidable now as when it debuted more than 30 years ago.

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First registered in March 1987 this Turbo R has been used exactly as Bentley intended.  With nearly 150,000 miles on the clock it has provided its owners with dependable, luxurious and speedy travel.  In return they have spent a small fortune, keeping it in tip top condition. 

The history file shows it was a Guernsey resident from 1991 to 2001 where it sported the number plate “76”.  By its MOT in 2001 it had already covered 125,000 miles. Later in 2004 it was purchased by Mr Eastwood, in Essex, who according to the Vendor used it for annual European road trips whilst well into his 80s which accounted for the next few thousand miles. 

When he gave up driving he gave the Bentley to his son who used it for a while before it was placed in storage.  Purchased by the Vendor in 2020 for his wedding car business it has been an integral part of numerous “big days” since, always “getting to the Church on time!”

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The Paperwork

There is a healthy history folder with the Bentley, documenting most of its history.  In addition to the usual, regular invoices that accompany a well-cared for car, there are a few notable bills. 

One of the more recent is from Tweed Engineering for a total of £8,179 of which roughly half was labour!  Work carried out included sills, front wheel arches and lower wings, work to the interior and boot carpet. 

In 1995 the Bentley received a gearbox rebuild for £2,042 and in 2003 the gearbox and torque converter was replaced for £1,100 (which makes the rebuild look a bit pricey!) The most recent invoices are for a timing belt sensor in February this year for £250 and new wiper motor for £420. 

There are many MOTs on file, the earliest of which is from 2001 and the last one being valid until February 2022.  There is a copy of the Guernsey logbook, similar to an old UK Buff logbook.  The V5C is present in the Vendors name and the private number plate will be sold with the Bentley. 

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The Interior

The Slate grey leather has just reached that nice, comfortable, lived in look showing very little wear and no holes or rips.  The carpets have been replaced relatively recently, and are clean and unmarked.  The wood door cappings are in excellent condition and the dashboard and console areas are worn but uncracked, and none of the veneer has lifted. 

The Vendor assures us that all the interior electrics work well including windows, seats, gauges and air conditioning system. Included in the interior is a full and complete set of Rolls Royce original lambs wool/sheepskin over rugs. Which have recently been cleaned at a cost of £100.

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The Exterior

There has been a fair amount of expense lavished on the exterior, although there are areas where the Bentley is starting to show its age.  Overall the paintwork is good, but where work has been done around the front arches the finish is not to the same standard as the rest of the car.

The outside edges of the rear bumper show some damage on both sides, and there is a small dent in the centre of the bumper below the number plate.  The car is shod with a matching set of Avon Turbospeed tyres that are only just scrubbed in.  The boot area is clean, and shows no evidence of leaks or stains.

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The Mechanics

On the day of our visit the Bentley ran beautifully as you might expect after all the expense.  The engine ran smoothly and quietly as it should and the underside of the car appeared to be free of leaks and drips.

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The Appeal

If you were looking at a cheaply made car with similar mileage perhaps you would be wise to have a good think about how many more miles it would be likely to take you!  Not with a car as strongly built as a Bentley. 

A brief look through the history file, where you will see that many times the purchase price of that cheaply made car has been spent keeping the Bentley in great condition.  Surely there are plenty of comfortable miles to come and we think you would agree that you’d rather be doing those miles in the Bentley!

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1987
  • Make Bentley
  • Model Turbo R
  • Colour Silver
  • Odometer 149,547 Miles
  • Engine size 6750
  • Location Sussex
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
25 bids
  • mo•••• £7,900 26/07/21
  • pe•••• £7,800 26/07/21
  • pe•••• £7,700 26/07/21
  • mo•••• £7,600 26/07/21
  • co•••• £7,500 26/07/21
  • pe•••• £7,000 26/07/21
  • mo•••• £6,600 26/07/21
  • co•••• £6,500 25/07/21
  • pe•••• £5,200 25/07/21
  • bi•••• £5,000 25/07/21

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