1988 Jaguar XJS V12 Convertible


• Low mileage
• Very tidy example
• Well documented, extensive history
• Recent cosmetic and mechanical refresh

The Background

The Jaguar XJ-S was in production from 1975 to 1996 in various forms and engine options with several styling facelifts in that same period too.

The full Jaguar built XJ-S Convertible was introduced in 1988 after the Targa top version had not won many fans but unlike the Targa version the full convertible was a big hit and sold in decent numbers.

Later in the line up they added the V12 and boom an instant classic.

The History

The current owner bought the car as a lockdown refresh project and has put time into giving the outside of this 1988 classic a tidy up so that it looks as great as it runs.

With the tweaks complete and other projects on the horizon it is now time to find it a forever home.

The Paperwork

There is a useful amount of paperwork present with the car which also includes a number of invoices for works rendered over the years.

The V5, most recent MOT and owners handbooks are all present as is the service book which details a comprehensive service schedule has been maintained.

The stamps in the book are as follows,
1st Service @1,900 miles - Merrits Jaguar December 1988
2nd Service @3,825 miles - Dutton Forshaw Jaguar March 1989
3rd Service @9,731 miles – Lancaster Jaguar Reading April 1993
4th service @14,440 miles -Lancaster Jaguar Reading Nov 1993
5th Service @20,245 miles – Lancaster Jaguar Reading Oct 1994
6th Service @28,752 miles – Lancaster Jaguar Reading June 1995
60k Service @35,100 miles – Glenneagles garage, Reading, November 1995
8th Service @49,002 miles – Glenneagles garage, Reading, July 1996
9th service @53,877 miles - Glenneagles garage, Reading, Oct 1996
10th Service @67,170 miles - Glenneagles garage, Reading, Aug 97
11th Service @76,140 miles - Glenneagles garage, Reading, March 98
12th Service @83,465 miles- Glenneagles garage, Reading, March 99
13th Service @86,406 miles- Glenneagles garage, Reading, March 00
14th Service @93,320 miles - Glenneagles garage, Reading, July 01
15th Service @94,932 miles - Glenneagles garage, Reading, Jan 02
16th Service @97,006 miles - Glenneagles garage, Reading, March 03

The Interior

Inside the cockpit the black leather interior contrasts nicely with the wood veneer on the dash and centre console, accented by chrome trimmings.

Both front seats have had new leather inserted on the bolsters to make them as good as new. The carpets are in good condition and everything functions as it should. The rear seats look to have had seen very little use. There is an aftermarket head unit fitted.

In the boot, there is a full size spare wheel and tyre and a cd changer.

The electric convertible hood operates smoothly and works well.

NKJQN9Xc5XWVSX7DuD1HqfyZCmkMypzAwltyzK8P.jpeg 3.28 MB

The Exterior 

The exterior on this XJ is tidy. The wheels have seen a refurb and a new set of tyres recently and both sides of the car have seen fresh paint to give it a tidy up. The car really benefits from this and this particular colour looks excellent in the sun.

The cloth hood is in fantastic condition and the tonneau cover used when the hood is down and stored also looks to be in great condition.

The chromework has aged fairly well and there are only a few minor imperfections to mention such as a crack in the centre badge on the grill and one of the lower spot lights.

Due to its recent refresh it doesn’t look like a 33 year old vehicle.

wobuIzTZtBABWSpKNGyhfM64mTXacUuMf73NoBJR.jpeg 4.07 MB

The Mechanics 

The car starts , runs and drives without fault and that silky smooth V12 can be heard gently purring away at low revs and raises to a mild roar when stretching its legs. 

Its not about 0-60 times in a car like this but cruising across continents and the V12 would cruise at very decent speeds for hours on end without hardly ticking over.

The engine has had a few items recently to ensure it is in tip top condition for a new owner.

In February this year it had:
- A new rotor arm
- A set of spark plugs
- A new coil 
- Throttle linkage bush that was worn, was replaced with new

In May 21 it also had a refurbished power steering pump fitted to ensure it handles as it should.

The Appeal

Theres never been a better time to get into classic car motoring and with examples like this tidy 1988 XJ V12 on the market the buyer has a hard decision which to go for.

The V12 is a long nosed, classy old brute that will easily waft along and eat mile after mile of B-road or intercontinental motorway if you want to stretch its legs.

Its looks are getting better with age and with the impending doom of nearly all vehicles sounding like an electric toothbrush just around the corner, the V12 is an engine you very shortly won’t see or sadly hear that often anymore. 

That makes this one a desirable classic coupled with its service history and overall presentation, its sure to be worth a serious look.

Who wouldn’t want the wind in their hair and the throb of a silky smooth Jaguar V12 under their right foot. They just don’t make them like they used to.

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1988
  • Make Jaguar
  • Model XJS Convertible
  • Colour Grey
  • Odometer 112,575 Miles
  • Engine size 5343
  • Location Dorset
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
16 bids
  • sebasti•••• £11,250 29/09/21
  • kieran.•••• £10,750 29/09/21
  • sebasti•••• £10,250 29/09/21
  • rose.ph•••• £10,000 29/09/21
  • sebasti•••• £9,200 29/09/21
  • AUTUMN•••• £8,900 29/09/21
  • rose.ph•••• £8,500 29/09/21
  • AUTUMN•••• £8,000 29/09/21
  • rose.ph•••• £7,500 28/09/21
  • cosmos.•••• £6,800 27/09/21

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