1991 Honda NSX


・Original early specification model
・Japanese import, only one UK owner
・Freshly serviced by NSX specialist 

The Background

If there was ever a car that got pulses racing, it was this - the legendary Honda NSX. A sports car so pure, so precise and so perfect it took the world by storm. Nobody saw it coming. This was the company that, let us not forget, gave the world the Accord. Yet, in 1989 it pulled the covers off a car that was to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Porsche and Ferrari. And it wasn’t just chest-puffing from Honda. The NSX was the real deal. A proper, bona fide supercar. 

It was the first mass-produced car to have a body made entirely of aluminium. The 3.0 V6 engine was all aluminium, too. And of course, it was fitted with Honda’s warp drive feature more commonly known as VTEC. The engine was mounted in the middle for perfect balance, and power was fed to the rear wheels. The chassis wasn’t borrowed from an Accord. Instead, it was a bespoke design that was fine-tuned by none other than Ayrton Senna. The resulting car was light, it was fast, it was impossibly agile and thanks to sleek lines following the ethos of ‘long, low and wide’ it was pretty damn handsome too. It was a legend from the off. 

The History

This particular Honda NSX is one of the more sought after models, given that it’s a 1991 build. This of course means it’s an early car. These early models are favoured over the later cars. More than likely due to the fact they have pop-up headlights, which of course are the coolest design feature ever. Aside from lights, the early cars are pure, they are the exact vision of the designers. People like that. 

This car has more positive stuff in its history. The biggest thing is the fact that this car was imported from Japan in 2015. This is a good thing, as there is no salt on the roads over there, so this car is in remarkably good, original condition. Not that rust is an issue for the aluminum body, of course. But it is good news for the suspension and brakes and so on. 

It has covered 126,000km, which translates to approximately 78,000 miles. There is also an OIS certificate to back it up. The car is, as a result of this low mileage, in excellent condition. It will come with a fresh MOT on the completion of sale, and the vendor will also have the car fully serviced by a Honda specialist prior to collection. 

The Paperwork

There is a UK V5 in place for the NSX, ready for the new owner. A UK book-pack has been sourced, too, which has all the booklets you would come to expect such as dealer network information and of course, the service record. This is fully stamped for the car’s time here in the UK, and shows the car was regularly serviced. 

There is the aforementioned OIS certificate that serves to verify the mileage of the car. There is also a collection of paperwork that details previous MOTs and services that have been carried out. These show that in the past the car has had new tyres, new steering rack boots and also most recently a brand-new alternator. 

Upon the sale of the car, the vendor will hand over the car with a fresh MOT as the previous one has expired. They will also have the car fully serviced by an official Honda dealer. As such, it’ll be in fine fettle come the day you collect it!

The Interior

Form and function, the cockpit of the NSX was inspired by the F-16 Fighter jet. Slide into the deep leather bucket seat and you will be presented with everything you need in easy reach and laid out perfectly. It’s a slick, sharp interior, even now, thirty years on. And of course, by virtue of being Japanese, it has meandered through the years without any serious deterioration. There are some small issues to note, like some fine wrinkling of the coating around the centre console apertures. And the driver’s seat has holed on the inner corner of the bolter, where the back curves into the base, but the seller has indicated they could repair this prior to collection. But it’s not enough to detract from the overall good condition of the cabin. It is, as we mentioned, thirty years old. It’s going to have some life to it. 

The dash is bright and clear, and free from any damage, there is no fogging in the binnacle, the steering wheel is excellent, too. It all looks and feels very solid indeed. Look up, and the headlining is excellent. Look around, and the same can be said of the door cards. Again, a bit of age to them, but no damage caused by neglect. 

Everything works as it should, all buttons and switches, the cruise control too. The speedometer does of course read in KM, but this is good, as it shows it’s never been messed with. It’s all completely original. 

The Exterior

As you can see from the pictures, this NSX presents exceptionally well. The panels are all in excellent condition and so no signs of damage or previous repair. The silver metallic still has a deep shine, and the lacquer across the car is in excellent order with no cracking or fogging. All the panel lines are spot on, and everything opens and closes as it should, without hindrance. 

The wheels, which are the original five-spoke 15-inch design, are in decent order. There has been some curb contact on one, on the outermost rim, and the nearside rear wheel has a deep scratch. Nothing a refurbishment wouldn’t sort. All centre caps are present, and all the tyres are in good health. 

The black trim around the doors has some slight spider-cracking due to age. The rubbers are all good though, and the door shut with a direct and solid action. The same can be said of the big glass rear hatch and engine cover. 

The lights are all in good condition, especially at the front. There are no cracks, nor is there any fogging or build up of dirt. The all-important car-width rear light housing is pretty good. There is some slight fogging within the ‘Honda’ middle section which houses the lock, but that’s all there is to report.

The pictures here really do speak for themselves. This black over silver combination is one for the ages, a perfect fit for this car. It looks sharp, crisp and remarkably fresh. It’s a car you will be more than proud to show off, that’s for sure! 

The Mechanics

We’re not talking about your typical, fragile supercar here. Instead, we have a Honda, and that means it’s incredibly tough on the mechanical front. The famously reliable VTEC system works as it should, while the all-aluminium engine itself is in excellent health. It’s not a cliche to say this engine purrs, because on idle that’s exactly what it does. And when the revs build, it sounds strong and unrestricted. It is a healthy engine, make no mistake. 

The vendor has recently gone to great lengths to source a new alternator, which is now fitted. As mentioned, the car will be serviced ahead of collection. The brakes are all in good health, as is all the suspension - no knocks or bangs, and it still feels tight and direct. Just like an NSX should. 

Finally, we have the transmission, which in the case of this particular NSX is the four-speed automatic. Well-suited to the GT nature of this machine, it shifts effortlessly and with pleasing urgency. It makes the NSX a remarkably relaxing, easy car to drive.

DSC03850.jpg 846.51 KB

The Appeal 

An early car from Japan, with good history and in excellent condition throughout? This is it, this is NSX perfection. Sure, pub bores will tell you that you need a manual transmission. Ignore them. The automatic transmission is perfectly suited to this car, and it transforms the driving experience. Plus, the chassis, suspension, handling, steering and brakes are all more than willing to make sure the drive is still fun and deeply engaging, clutch pedal or not. It’s a GT car, a high-speed cruiser that will thrill and delight as you thread it through the topography of your favourite roads. It’s a joy, both to drive and to look at. A prime example of one of motoring’s greatest hits. It’s an icon. A legend. And with just a couple of clicks, it could well be yours. 

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1991
  • Make Honda
  • Model NSX Auto
  • Colour Silver
  • Odometer 78,422 Miles
  • Engine size 2970
  • Location Lincolnshire
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
12 bids from 6 bidders
  • avenger•••• £34,500 20/06/21
  • anderso•••• £34,000 20/06/21
  • avenger•••• £32,000 20/06/21
  • dominic•••• £31,000 20/06/21
  • MT1 £30,000 19/06/21
  • avenger•••• £28,000 18/06/21
  • richard•••• £26,560 17/06/21
  • dominic•••• £25,000 17/06/21
  • avenger•••• £22,000 15/06/21
  • vasim k•••• £21,000 13/06/21

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