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1993 Bentley Brooklands

Guide Price: £14,000 - £19,000


∙One of just 50 models sold in Cream
∙37,308 documented miles
∙Immaculate interior
∙Potential wedding hire vehicle

The Background

When the first Brooklands was launched in 1992, it was clear that the angular but stately lines were an evolution of the Mulsanne S and Eight models, and the car supports the implication that the Bentley Brooklands can be described as a sporting version of the Rolls Royce Silver Spirit. Call it top-end badge engineering if you must, but the hand-crafted opulence of the Bentley originally sold to a very particular type of customer. These cars tended to appeal to owners who preferred to drive their cars themselves, basking under that illustrious sporting heritage rather than sitting and relaxing in the back. The Brooklands owes much to the legendary Turbo R model, which shared the same chrome five-spoke wheels on Avon tyres, colour coded radiator grille vanes, the sumptuous two-tone colour seat hides and the lavish amount of wood veneer. Under the traditional classic styling, the car actually benefits from micro-computer technology which controls the automatic gearbox, suspension and instrument displays. This combination of both worlds enhances the superior sense of occasion that comes with driving a Bentley. A sense of wellbeing and calm magnified by its lofty driving position, the butter-smooth ride, and the fact you own one of the worlds finest brands.

The History

The owner was very specific when trying to find the right car, as the original plan was to use the Bentley as a wedding vehicle. He came across this exceptional example which had been previously owned by a mechanic, who had also kept on top of the maintenance and upkeep of the car. The V5 states that the car has had 4 keepers over its 28-year history, but it’s believed that the mechanic also transferred the car under their relative's names. Since buying the Bentley in mid-2018, the current owner has ensured that its excellent condition has been maintained by temperature-controlled storage at a classic car facility, who ensure that the engine is started regularly when not in use. There is also evidence that the car was maintained and stored to this high standard prior to his ownership. He has come to the difficult decision to put the car on the market, to free up funds to buy equipment for his business.

The Paperwork

As one would expect for a car of this calibre, this Brooklands has been maintained to the highest standards. It started its life registered at the main Rolls Royce Glasgow dealer, the Murray Motor Company and has main dealer and specialist service history to 2000. The current owner has continued its servicing needs, only adding around 2,000 miles to the mileage in the process. The invoices that come with the car suggests that it has not needed any significant amount of work in its lifetime, no doubt due to the pampered attention and careful ownership. The car comes with 11 months MOT. 

The Interior

The interior is a visual treat, with wood and leather covering almost every single surface. The waft of the rich, earthy, and slightly sweet smell of leather takes you to another world. The Cotswolds cream leather seats are free of significant rips and scuffs, there is just minor age-related wear and tear on the seats. There is obviously going to be the lightest of wear to items like the carpets and rear footplates to correlate with the age of the car, but the overall presentation is good. The positive interior review is supported by the decent presentation of the walnut burr, chrome embellishments and door cappings. The dashboard is free of damage, with the leather-covered facia top in perfect condition. The pleated leather door cards are in excellent condition, the doors open freely, without signs of sagging or obstruction. All of the electrical items are said to be functional, including the air conditioning with all dials, switches and controls in very good order. The steering wheel and gear knob are in good order, with very limited signs of wear. The headlining is mark free. The car also comes with a set of sheepskin mats, which to be honest are best described as rugs. Naturally, they’re in excellent condition. The sill plating is in good condition and along with the running boards show an expected amount of minor wear, but again considering the age of the car are in remarkably good condition. The door rubbers are all intact with no splits or holes. The boot furnishings match the general aura of the cabin, and show limited evidence of wear. All the tools are in place. The boot also houses the six-disc CD changer.

1993 Bentley Brooklands 16.JPG 11.09 MB

The Exterior 

The unmistakable 'carved from a single piece of granite' bodywork is in excellent condition, the panel gaps and quality of exterior finish suggest that all is thought to be original. There are no ripples to be seen by the naked eye, and the panels are all dent free. The cream paint has been very well looked after. The lustre is as new, with equal coverage and excellent finishing throughout. There are a few points on the paintwork that are worth pointing out, with very minor marks on the front leading edge, around the badge on the radiator and bonnet. Both of these minor issues could be rectified by a detailer. There is also a small corrosion blemish at the base of the front edge of the lower near-side wheel arch, and on the top of the near-side rear door, where bubbling can be spotted just below the window trim. The top of the rear valance/number plate and boot show some additional corrosion too. The wheel arches and base of the lower areas of the front and rear windscreen are generally in excellent condition and have been spared the usual afflictions. The trim is in excellent condition, with just a minor scrape on the left-hand side of the front bumper. The external chrome fittings, door rubbers and seals and plastic fittings are very good, although the off-side sill chrome-trim is slightly misplaced. The Avon tyres have plenty of life in them. The alloys are in a good overall condition; though they do show some signs of age. One of the rear alloys has evidence of corrosion but again it’s a cosmetic repair rather than replacement. The glass is in good condition throughout, with no chips or major scratches, and the laminate is intact with no haze.

The Mechanics 

Let’s discuss the engine a little, as it really sounds magnificent. The Bentley L-series V8 6.75-litre engine was influenced by the Rolls Royce Merlin aircraft engine, and despite it’s long tenure in production, it has been regularly upgraded over its 60 year life-span. On tick-over it hums purposefully, but the owner assures us once it's opened on the motorway it literally sounds like thunder. The fuel-injected engine fires up with no hesitation in the cold and gets up to temperature quickly with no drama. There are absolutely no signs of leaks or drips. The presentation of the engine is reflective of its pampered status, it has been maintained and cleaned to an exceptionally high standard. The ride is typically cosseting, and rides well on the potholed roads, with tyres, suspension and seats taking up the absorption without any noticeable noises or knocks. The underside is in generally good condition, with no evidence of abuse or repairs. It has also seen a set of new front pads recently.

The Appeal

Everything about the Bentley Brooklands represents the marques heritage and serves as a reminder of the legacy of the British Motor Industry before the need for overseas investment. The Brooklands name is iconic and evocative of the golden age of motor racing, which helps to set the scene to separate two of the world's most respected brands. One couldn’t imagine a hotel doorman leaping to attention in the same way when a 1993 BMW or Mercedes rolls up to the foyer. The car represents an element of ‘old-money’ - the sheer presence, the smell of the hide laden interior, the decadent but tasteful wood finishing - it all paints a picture of genuine class at what has to be considered a very modest price.

Notice to bidders

Although every care is taken to ensure this listing is as factual and transparent as possible, all details within the listing are subject to the information provided to us by the seller. Car & Classic does not take responsibility for any information missing from the listing. Please ensure you are satisfied with the vehicle description and all information provided before placing a bid.

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1993
  • Make Bentley
  • Model Brooklands
  • Colour Cream
  • Odometer 37,308 Miles
  • Engine size 6750
  • Location London
Bidding history
18 bids
  • Pe•••• £13,100 05/02/21
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  • DN•••• £11,550 30/01/21
  • he•••• £10,500 30/01/21
  • DN•••• £9,800 30/01/21
  • ic•••• £9,500 30/01/21
  • DN•••• £7,400 30/01/21
  • he•••• £7,000 30/01/21

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