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1996 Bentley LWB Turbo R

Guide Price: £12,000 - £15,000


﹒Desirable floor change gearbox
﹒Full-service history
﹒Thousands of pounds spent

The Background

The Bentley Turbo R, Crewe’s muscular mansion, has weathered the years rather well. After the enviable depreciation, a well-kept Turbo R with full-service history now offers the ideal opportunity to appease one's curiosity. And now is the time to get one while the prices are still reasonable. What sets it apart is its sense of occasion and that Bentley badge. The Bentley name is not just a mark of quality, it's an automotive icon. Admittedly they’re not cheap to run, but you should not be afraid to spend money on a good one, as the rewards are ten-fold. The acceleration is ferocious, they handle well for such an imposing car yet the comfort and elegance will seduce you. There simply is no other car like it.
This 1996 example comes to you with full-service history and an impressive receipt file along with plenty of evidence that some big numbers have been spent on it. This particular long-wheelbase car has the desirable floor change gearbox, and with a recorded mileage of 69,662 miles backed up by invoices, previous MOTS and receipts, this is an opportunity to figure out what all the fuss is about.

1996 Bentley LWB Turbo R 1.JPG 4.79 MB

The History

The current owner bought the car a year ago, mainly motivated by the exuberant character of the Turbo R. The car has been used and thoroughly enjoyed during his ownership. As the custodian of the car, he has ensured that the car has seen mechanical attention and its servicing needs - this is obviously the key to a good Turbo R and the money spent becomes part of the cars overall value. As a result, he chose this particular car due to its full-service history and almost faultless interior. As a surprisingly practical yet swift car built from the finest materials available to Bentley, he has no regrets other than the fact the car is now up for sale. His collection of cars has accumulated somewhat over the years, and the sale of the Turbo R is basically the start of a clear out to potentially make way for more of the same…

1996 Bentley LWB Turbo R 13.JPG 9.75 MB

The Paperwork

Naturally, these cars are not DIY friendly and need the attention of specialists, which is fortunate as this car has seen top-notch maintenance. Recent paperwork includes 4 new tyres and major service on top of a considerable file of invoices. This includes Bentley servicing up to 2003, with specialist companies maintaining the car from then on. Prior to the current owner's guardianship, the car had seen recommissioning services by Stewart Walker Rolls Royce and Bentley Specialists. The car has an MOT until August 2021.
Please note that the price excludes the number plate which is separately available at £1,500.

IMG_3654.jpeg 6.59 MB

The Interior

The interior is a sumptuous tasteful treat and is dominated by the desirable walnut trim and inviting leather. First impressions of the interior pose no immediate issues that stand out as negative. Typically, the driver's seat has the expected age-related wear, but nothing more significant than the usual light scuffing but in line with the age of the car. There are no tears or damage observed on any of the Magnolia leather seats, with the blue piping in good condition. The leather door cards in very good condition, with no major damage, other than the odd scuff. The Wilton carpets are well preserved, with the car still retaining all of its lambswool over mats. The dashboard is free of damage, with the leather-covered facia top in perfect condition.  All of the electrical items are said to be functional, with all dials, switches and controls in very good condition. The steering wheel and gear knob are in good order, with small signs of wear on both items. The headlining is in good condition, with no damage observed. The boot carpet is in good condition, although there are small signs of mould evident however there were no damp patches observed.

1996 Bentley LWB Turbo R 46.JPG 12.15 MB

The Exterior 

Visually the Turbo R is still a majestic preposition after all these years, helped by its chiselled imposing styling. The body has a decent and even panel fit, with equal panel gaps throughout. There are no significant signs of damage, with no dents observed on the bodywork. The doors open and close with no issues, the hinges well up to the job with no complaints. The inner door frames, engine bay and boot well are solid with no problems observed with the inner wings. There are small signs of bubbling on the beltline - on the top of the doors where the chrome meets the glass and surface corrosion evident on the rear outer section of the bottoms of the sills. There is also very minor signs of corrosion starting to appear underneath the rear wheel arches, with a tiny patch on the front nearside arch starting to come through. The chrome finishing on the Turbo R has was applied with restraint, as the car was more about stealth and power, rather than outright decadence. It is used to good effect as embellishments around the front and rear headlamp units, and more liberally around the glass area. No issues were outstanding with the condition of the chrome as they've resisted the years well. All badging is correct and in place, with all items including the discreet C pillar items in good condition. The glass is in excellent order, with no evidence of damage or laminate issues. The glass rubber is all in good condition with no splits or perishing. The door rubber is good throughout, with minor damage observed on the driver's side. The alloy wheels show minor signs of the ageing process but are in decent condition with no significant damage. The car is fitted with Avon tyres which have been fitted within the last year and as a result show well above the legal tread. The cars Royal Blue paintwork is in very good condition, retaining a decent lustre and shine throughout. The paint appears to have been well maintained, with no significant swirls or paint hazing. The coverage is even throughout, with no evidence of overspray or poor touch-ups.  The car has a handful of minor paint chip blemishes, the most noticeable is on the top edge of the front bumper. The rest of the front bumper is in good condition with no cracks or significant signs of peeling paint, although both corners of the front item display a few scuffs, which appear to be treatable. The black rubber trim on the front bumper is good. The rear bumper has minor scuffs on the black rubber trim but is also in good condition.

1996 Bentley LWB Turbo R 51.JPG 13.86 MB


The Mechanics 

The Turbo R starts up with no issues at all, the engine sounds healthy, with no knocking, tapping or unwelcome noises, as to be expected for a car that has seen regular service maintenance. The car came to temperature as expected, with no smoke coming from the exhaust. The exhaust is in good condition and there was no evidence of physical damage. The steering and suspension are said to be in good working order, with no knocking of the components heard. The floor-mounted gear shifter is in good working order. All of the electrical items are said to functional, including the electric windows.

1996 Bentley LWB Turbo R 24.JPG 11.56 MB

The Appeal


The Bentley Turbo R has been many things to many people. It offers hand-built craftsmanship and the heritage of the brand speaks for itself. Yet it’s far more than that. Seen as something of a bargain, in light of its quality and luxury materials, it also is a satisfying driving experience. You don’t have to compromise practicality or space neither and perhaps most importantly, never underestimate the appeal of telling your friends that you drive a Turbo Charged Bentley. A surefire investment either way.

Notice to bidders

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1996
  • Make Bentley
  • Model LWB Turbo R
  • Colour Blue
  • Odometer 69,662 Miles
  • Engine size 6750
  • Location Berkshire
Bidding history
  • No bids

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