1998 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio 145


• Ultra-Low Mileage
• Japanese Import
• Only Just registered for UK roads
• Full-Service History
• Factory fitted A/C

The Background 

Launched in 1994 the Alfa Romeo 145 was their answer to the growing market for fun little 3-door city cars. The production line for this car ran until 2000. In this time only 221,000 145 were made so in standard form it is a pretty rare care. But this example, the 145 Clover Leaf, is even rarer. It benefitted from a bigger 2.0l engine, ABS as standard, leather steering wheel and a unique factory body kit.

mSEjnIvJzE7wW6ZN7nUKCbmvKbZpYZiYZXH7Masd.jpeg 60.22 KB

The History 

This jet setting Alfa 145 has had visited more countries than most people, starting its life on the Italian production line it was then imported into Japan by Fiat Auto of Japan. On arrival into Japan, it has obviously been delivered to an Alfa enthusiast, as the car club sticker from Kyoto on the boot would evidence. Whilst in Japan it has received the highest quality of maintenance going in for services no matter how many miles it has covered. The service history that comes with the car documents that the low mileage is genuine.

The current owner, also an Alfa Romeo enthusiast, imported this car into the UK a few years ago but due to circumstances has only just got the car registered through the DVLA. As soon as the plates came through, they gave the car a decent run to check that everything was as good as they thought it would be and have subsequently decided that it is time to let someone else enjoy this fizzy little pocket rocket.

5fa976ifFm2SNxkLZaO3j6s6XmcRCjHLkY9Ohf0E.jpeg 32.65 KB

The Paperwork 

This doesn’t need to be a list of paperwork. Instead describe what’s there, talk about important paperwork for key works such as engine rebuilds/paint/restoration etc.

Whenever a car comes into the UK from Japan you are also staggered by just how well it has been looked after. With this car you get a stack of service history, something you wouldn’t imagine from a car that has only covered 15,000 miles. No matter how many miles the car had covered within the service window it still went to get a thorough once over, something that should put the new owner at ease consider the reputation that Alfas have for reliability.

When you lift the bonnet you will be greeted by the 2.0l 16v engine from the bigger 155, and on the cambelt cover you will see a little sticker that references the fact that that belt has been changed at around 24,000km. This is vital in an older Alfa to ensure smooth and trouble-free motoring.

bYo26M4Qe3uoWFyJdlQYgxVNRVVL9m419kB6Dco8.jpeg 41.45 KB

The Interior

A throwback to simple, light, no nonsense motoring the interior of this little Alfa 145 Clover Leaf is like a time capsule of late 90’s simple design. With big chunky buttons to operate all of the relevant functions it is a no-frills space designed to allow you to enjoy the roads that you are driving on.
With this being a Japanese model they came with Air Conditioning already fitted, a must these days for comfortable driving.

Due to the extremely low miles that this 145 has covered in its 20-year life span you will be correct in thinking the everything on the interior is almost as good as new, with all of the interior plastics being clean and no fading, the seats still hug your figure so that when you’re going for a spirited drive you don’t fall out of the seats.

For a small three door hot hatch the interior space feels big, with plenty of space for you and your passengers to travel in relative comfort. When you get to the boot you can see that nothing has really been stored in here, with the carpet looking like new. If you are to lift up the carpet you can see that the original space saver spare wheel is still stowed away nicely offering you piece of mind that you can change the wheel should you get a flat none of this modern tyre weld you get.

aQhOdyYXxUpmvjdzJxOPdJn3eKCHJGCqGOML2EeZ.jpeg 36.35 KB

The Exterior 

A true baby of the 90’s the boxy, straight lined exterior is in great condition. With only a few small pointers to the fact that this is a little pocket rocket you could class it as a sleeper, or wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The black paint doesn’t show any marks or rust that a European car might, the original pepper pot wheels that are iconic to the Alfa Romeo brand are in good condition with only a few arguments with the curbs, but this can be easily rectified with a trip to an alloy wheel specialist. One part the current owner has replaced on the exterior is the little V shaped grill, it was looking tired and in need of an update so they replaced it with a new one to make sure all of the exterior tied in together.

One small issue on the exterior is that the lock barrel on the boot may sometimes come out with the key, this does not affect the use of the locking mechanism but it can be a little disconcerting.

With this car traveling so few miles it hasn’t experienced the same sort of conditions that many other 145’s would have experienced and it thanks to this lack of milage that this car now looks so good compared to others that may be on the market.

q96so4pbPCL4V2XLh9ef1WdjUMAzNAufQczvuszd.jpeg 60.99 KB

The Mechanics 

With this being the Clover Leaf version of the 145 it means it benefits from a few changes over the standard 145. The biggest change being that the little 1.4l boxer four cylinder has been replaced for the bigger 2.0l 16v heart out of the bigger 155 which gave this little car around 150hp from the factory. Which in a car the weighs less than a ton make a huge difference.

As you have seen from the paperwork section this car has been looked after regularly. In a car this special having a regular maintenance schedule is so important and it is great to see that when in Japan it has had regular services and that the cambelt has been changed recently should also put the new owner at ease that this job doesn’t need to be done any time soon.

y69YremZF2MM5rOTlxBXbVMLfr5AAUw8zJQflrwi.jpeg 61.52 KB

The Appeal 

The Alfa Romeo 145 Clover Leaf is possibly a hot hatch that time has forgotten slightly. When it was released it was up against big names like the Golf GTI, Peugeot 106 GTI and Renault Clio Williams with such big competition it is understandable why the 145 Clover Leaf may have been lost in the crowd. However, this car was as good if not better than these other European offerings. With the heart and soul of an Italian thorough bread it is a true modern classic.

With the care and attention that this specific 145 has received throughout its life it is probably one of the best options on the market if you want a well looked after and fun small 90’s hot hatch. This has obviously been someone’s pride and joy over in Japan and now it's time for it to be your pride and joy.

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1998
  • Make Alfa Romeo
  • Model Clover
  • Colour Black
  • Odometer 25,104 Kilometers
  • Engine size 1960
  • Location Surrey
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
10 bids from 5 bidders
  • lwilkin•••• £4,500 26/11/21
  • ken-pen•••• £4,000 26/11/21
  • lwilkin•••• £3,600 26/11/21
  • theswer•••• £3,500 26/11/21
  • lwilkin•••• £3,400 25/11/21
  • Saltbee•••• £3,300 24/11/21
  • rudy-ca•••• £3,000 21/11/21
  • rudy-ca•••• £2,000 21/11/21
  • Saltbee•••• £1,400 21/11/21
  • rudy-ca•••• £1,000 19/11/21

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