1998 Ferrari 456 GTA V12


• Beautiful condition
• History file with bills up to £100,000 over 23 years 
• Stunning colour combination, one of 403 ever made.
• Stunning V12 GT Ferrari

The Background

The 456 Grand Tourer was designed by the supremos at Pininfarina. The GTA was released in 1996 and has a four-speed automatic developed in partnership with FF Developments, in Livonia. The 5.5 Litre V12 engine is considered to be a reliable unit and in GT mode is relatively unstressed.

The car has a steel tubular space frame chassis and was largely aluminium and carbon in its body construction, with the engine at the front and the gearbox at the back to keep the weight distribution perfect.

The 456 has been said to be a comfortable cruiser with luxury saloon rivalling comfort, it was also one of the first production cars to be sold with a carbon fibre bonnet.

The History

The 456 GTA has spent most of its life in and around the London area and now resides between Wincanton and Stourhead.

All of its owners have kept meticulous records of any work needed and carried out with receipts to back it up. These have all be arranged neatly in a folder per owner with a running tally of what that owner spent and when they spent it. All work has been carried out by Ferrari dealers or Ferrari specialists.

To date this car has receipts totalling 98K in servicing and upkeep (not including the sale of the car) so you can see the car has never wanted for anything as soon as any sniff of an issue has presented itself it has been dealt with and kept in superb condition.

The Paperwork

This car comes with a comprehensive files system containing all of the cars previous MOTs (of which every single one it passed) all of the receipts for any work carried out throughout its life and the original master key, second key and standard handbooks. There is even a USB stick thrown in detailing some of the work that’s been carried out along the way specifically the chassis and engine refresh.

The car has been meticulously maintained and there is paper evidence to back it up.

ytZmMNNzpqDRQX8XqYxSXzg76wcdFP0rFLRC8oBR.jpeg 558.29 KB

The Interior

Inside the cabin you're greeted with a swathe of beautiful Bordeaux red leather. It smells beautiful and the leather used is of the finest quality as to be expected for a Ferrari.

Being a GT the car does have rear seats and they don’t look to have even been sat in. There is no wear on the drivers bolster as is common with sporty seats such as these and the only note to make is that the gear knob shows some wear from presumably a ring wearer changing gear. To be honest it just adds more character but could easily be replaced if the new buyer felt inclined.

As you can imagine, everything in here is electric with power steering, electric windows, electric mirrors, electric seats, electric spoiler, air con and a head unit with 10 disc changer in the boot coming as standard.

In addition, there are custom 456 GTA embossed luxury mats fitted, which are a new addition.

In the boot is the original leather-bound Ferrari tool kit and the Ferrari supplied tyre weld, these don’t run a spare tyre.

Cocooned in wonderful Ferrari embossed leather, in a classy interior such as this with such comfortable seats and mod cons its easy to see how a blast across Europe can be achieved with ease.

as2CfqVH7fiO2F4YJlqBvcVEEkSnEkGvWsb6f4Yp.jpeg 4.13 MB

The Exterior 

The exterior has had a few minor sport repairs in the past but is still in great condition. The Grigio Metanio (Metallic Grey) works so well with the Bordeaux red leather it’s a great combination.

The wheels have not long been full refurbished and in fine condition and 4 brand new tyres fitted at the same time which was approx. 200 miles ago. The tyres are specifically made for use on this model Ferrari and even bear a small F symbol.

The bonnet is made from Carbon Fibre which means it’s incredibly light and incredibly strong. Most of the front end is carbon or plastic and the rear is plastic or aluminium with steel doors in the middle meaning that the car is very well balanced despite having a thumping great V12 under the bonnet.

The car also has pop up headlights and a new electronically operated spoiler and loom.

There are a few stone chips to note along the front edge of the bonnet and there is also an easy access trickle charge plug fitted for the battery in the passenger side vent, so you don’t have to open the bonnet if you want to put the car on trickle charge. The charger will also be supplied in the sale of the vehicle. 

There is also a prancing horse embossed soft cover for the vehicle (indoor) that will be included in the sale.


The Mechanics 

As with the rest of the vehicle no expense has been spared in mechanical upkeep of the 456. Even though the mileage doesn’t warrant some of the larger services they have been carried out based on time instead to ensure the car remains tip top.

With the car having done 67k miles the engine is barely run in and purrs beautifully. Given that this car has been used and not just stored in a collection the car has actually loosened up and doesn’t suffer from some of the issues one finds when a thorough bred like this is laid up for long periods of time.

The current owner has spent significant amounts of money to ensure the car is tip top £40,000 in fact) as have the previous owners.

Underneath the vehicle has been comprehensively restored at great expense due to having some corrosion and then repainted with all new brake lines, hoses, and bolts.

The engine has been well maintained by all previous owners with many receipts to prove and circa 2000 miles ago it had a mini refresh. It had new brake fluid, new radiator and coolant, new cambelt, new HT leads, new spark plugs, new throttle cable, new cam seals and gaskets, new oil filter and full service.

The car has also had a new steering rack and new front and rear anti roll bars. The suspension is self-levelling and adjustable and has been fully refurbished.

The gearbox has been removed and given a full service including all three filters and brand-new oil.

Paperwork for all of the above work is in the file to come with the vehicle.

It drives as well as it looks, which is stunning.

The Appeal

The 456 GTA is a classy comfortable grand tourer which is capable of eating miles and producing smiles for hours on end as you waft from continent to continent.

It's not designed to rip your face off but don’t think it’s a slouch, it still has 436 HP on tap and 0-60 is dealt with in a mere 4.8 seconds and if allowed the Italian horses contained in that Ferrari V12 will gallop all the way to 192 MPH. It was when produced the fastest 4-seater GT in production.

This example has been loved, cherished, and enjoyed resulting it having more miles than your average 456. However, because it has been used any issues have been dealt with and regular servicing and maintenance has been kept up to date irrespective of use meaning its in a better condition than something that’s sat in a storage facility its whole life.

If you’re looking at getting into the world of Ferrari ownership and you have your eye on a comfortable cruiser, you really would be getting a lot of bang for your buck with this very well-maintained example of a 456 GTA.

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1998
  • Make Ferrari
  • Model 456
  • Colour Metallic Grey
  • Odometer 67,651 Miles
  • Engine size 5474
  • Location Somerset
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
16 bids
  • cox.kie•••• £34,000 27/09/21
  • vkiidsm £33,005 27/09/21
  • Kopite1•••• £32,755 27/09/21
  • vkiidsm £32,505 27/09/21
  • Kopite1•••• £31,750 27/09/21
  • cox.kie•••• £31,500 27/09/21
  • Laurnce £31,000 27/09/21
  • vkiidsm £30,500 27/09/21
  • Laurnce £29,000 25/09/21
  • Spadkin•••• £28,000 25/09/21

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