1999 Fiat Coupe Turbo 20v


• Completely original vehicle
• Low mileage
• Great service history & paperwork
• Runs & Drives brilliantly
• Stunning Scotts Green paintwork

The Background

First introduced at the Bologna Motor Show in 1993, the Fiat Coupe instantly intrigued motoring enthusiasts, with it’s quirky design and performance potential. Often sitting alongside the Barchetta at dealerships, the Coupe was part of Fiat’s answer to the demand for Italian performance and elegant style, at a more affordable price. 

The design history of this vehicle is truly interesting, and plays a huge role in the appeal of these iconic sports cars. Two designs for the vehicle were initially submitted; one from Fiat’s own in-house design team lead by Chris Bangle, and another from Italian design firm Pininfarina. Rather unexpectedly, Fiat management preferred the design of the in-house team and proceeded to produce the car as we see it today, with its sporty front end, peculiar curves and bold rear. 

After a few configurations, Fiat decided that 1996 was the year to take their Coupe to the next level, with a characterful inline five-cylinder engine, offered as either naturally aspirated, or turbocharged. The turbo 20v is easily the most desirable Fiat Coupe money can buy, and with good reason. Packing an impressive 220bhp and 228lb ft of torque, the Turbo 20v Fiat Coupe is capable of reaching nought to sixty in around 6.4 seconds and will quite happily reach 150 miles per hour given the chance. Even by today’s standards, that’s nothing to sniff at. 

The History

Having only covered 71,800 miles from new, this car appears to have had a very care-filled past, with the previous owner taking care of it for a whopping 13 years. With the original bill of sale to be included in the vehicle’s paperwork, you can expect to track each and every stage of this vehicle’s lavish life.

With no motorsport history to date, and with the condition being described as excellent, one could assume this vehicle has been given the usual treasured car treatment; driven occasionally and given the love it needs. It’s now time for this stunning turbo coupe to make its way to a new home, and be enjoyed by its proud new owner. 

The Paperwork

This stunning Coupe comes with extensive paperwork, including the original bill of sale, receipts from specialists and plenty of service history. The car recently underwent a major service 9 months ago, which included a cambelt and waterpump change, a major yet crucial example of maintenance. Recent work also includes new front to rear brake pipes, both rear pipes to flexi pipes, both rear outer brake pipes and even a new battery. 

Prospective buyers will also be pleased to know this vehicle has a valid MOT certificate, valid all the way until July 2022.

The Interior

The current owner informs us that the interior condition is near-flawless, with no noticeable damage or faults. Taking a look at the photographs, it’s clear to see that the plush leather seats are indeed in brilliant condition for the vehicle’s age, with what appears to be only minor wear to the driver's bolster, common with these vehicles. The rear seats appear to be in brilliant condition too, and one could assume they’ve barely been used throughout the car’s life. 

Jet black carpets help with the performance feel of the vehicle, putting the driver in a rather slick and sporty surrounding. From the photographs, the carpets appear to be in excellent condition with minimal wear, a clear sign of the vehicle’s care and low mileage. 

The Italian design house Pininfarina is responsible for the interior styling, and this example has proudly preserved their work. A bold body-coloured strip flows from either side of the door card and across the dash, encasing a set of dials, which almost seem to mimic the deep-set tail lights of the car. Whilst on the topic of the dashboard, we’re told this example has even been treated to a new centre dash. The owner has also informed us that all of the dials are in working order, and from the photos they certainly look stunning. To complete the cabin, the driver is welcomed to a sporty 3 spoke steering wheel, and a classy manual gear-stick, both of which appear to be in superb condition. 

The Exterior

Much like the interior of this car, the exterior also appears to be in excellent condition. The owner informs us that there are no known flaws in the bodywork, and the stunning Scotts green certainly appears to be in great condition in the photos. With no visible rust or defects, the paintwork seems to reflect the vehicle’s low mileage and the care it’s received over the years. Scotts green is one of those colours that should be witnessed in person to fully appreciate the flake and tones hidden in the paint.

Following the rest of the car’s unique design, the Coupe sits nicely on the quirky OEM wheels, all four of which appear to be in great condition with no visible markings or damage. All exterior trim pieces and bumpers are also described by the current owner as flawless, with no known defects or age-related marks. 

The bold style choices Fiat made with the design of this vehicle have aged like fine wine, and this stunning example in Scotts green deserves to be truly appreciated by those with a tasteful eye. 

The Mechanics

According to the current owner, this Fiat Coupe drives like a dream. Being the ever-sought after 20v Turbo model, we’re told it feels exactly how Fiat intended all those years ago, pulling throughout the rev range and showing it’s playful nature on the road. To the current owners knowledge, the car wants for nothing both in terms of mechanics, and electrics, a rarity with these types of cars nowadays. 

The iconic turbo 5 pot that powers this beautiful car is up there on many an enthusiast’s dream experience lists, and is a prime example of quirky 90s italian performance. Being a low mileage, completely original example and with the extensive paperwork this vehicle comes with, the new owner can rest assured that this iconic coupe will perform exactly as intended and put a grin from ear to ear on their face. 

The Appeal

Perhaps one of the most quintessential Italian-designed cars of all time, the Fiat Coupe is never a car to overlook. Fiat weren’t afraid to be different with the coupe’s styling, even in a competitive and tough market. The result is a truly iconic shape, the likes of which will never be replicated in a modern car and seen again elsewhere. Combine the gorgeous styling with a characterful turbocharged 5 cylinder engine, and you’ve not only got yourself a unique looking vehicle, but one of the greatest 90’s performance cars ever made. 

With examples of a Fiat Coupe Turbo 20v in this condition is fast becoming far and few between, this simply stunning example in Scotts Green is one you can’t afford to miss out on.

Notice to bidders

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1999
  • Make Fiat
  • Model Coupe Turbo 20v
  • Colour Scotts Green
  • Odometer 71,800 Miles
  • Engine size 1998
  • Town Edinburgh
  • Location Scotland
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
11 bids from 8 bidders
  • shaunwi•••• £6,500 28/09/21
  • kosulli•••• £6,450 28/09/21
  • shaunwi•••• £6,350 28/09/21
  • cabrio_•••• £6,250 28/09/21
  • Timbo_P £6,000 23/09/21
  • james-h•••• £5,000 22/09/21
  • alex-al•••• £2,500 22/09/21
  • sean77 £2,000 22/09/21
  • cabrio_•••• £1,250 22/09/21
  • sean77 £1,000 22/09/21

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