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2001 Porsche 911 (996) Turbo

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The Background

The Porsche 911 is, for many, the ultimate sports car. Unconventional though it may be, what with the engine being in the back, it has proven decade after decade that unconventional works. Introduced in the 1960s, the 911 has behind it one of the most invested and impressive development curves in the motoring world. Porsche has never tried to make the 911 conform. Instead, it has taken the layout, the design and the appeal of this car made it better with each evolution. 

One such example of this evolution was the 930 version of the 911, which was the first to see forced induction come into play. Before this, the 911 was a sports car. With a turbo, it nosed into supercar territory. For many, the Turbo model was a completely different beast to the normal 911. More raw, more powerful, more exciting. And it was certainly appealing, too, as the Turbo model has been a mainstay on the 911 range sheet ever since. 

The car we have here is perhaps the most controversial 911 Turbo owing to it being a 996 model. The 996, which was introduced in the mid 1990s, was dismissed by some purists because it wasn’t air-cooled and thus, they blustered on internet forums, wasn’t pure to the 911s evolution. They were, of course, wrong. The 996 was a formidable car, and in Turbo guise with twin blowers bolted to the 3.6 flat-six engine, it was a pure speed machine. 

Today, the 996 is slowly edging into classic territory. The hoo-ha from so say ‘purisits’ has been left firmly in the past. Now, it’s found its rightful position, recognised as a true 911. The one to have? The Turbo of course. Which is what we have here. Most definitely not a car to miss out on.

DSC05300.JPG 5.91 MB

The History

The car we have for auction here is a 2001 911 Turbo with Tiptronic automatic transmission. It was supplied new on the 1st of March 2001 by Lancaster group Porsche of London. Over the last twenty years the 911 has had nine owners. Though don’t see that as a negative - the car has outstanding service history, which we’ll cover below. Furthermore, the current owner has owned and thoroughly enjoyed the car for some seven years. The only reason for the sale is because of a move to Ireland, where unfortunately the 911 is prohibitively expensive to tax. A shame for the current owner, no doubt. But it presents a perfect opportunity for you as a bidder. 

Over the course of its life, this 911 has been maintained well, which is evident from the paperwork supplied with it. Furthermore, the condition and low miles make this 911 a very attractive prospect indeed. Over its life, it has covered just 72,000 miles. One could argue that it’s barely broken in! That’s the joy of Porsches. Unlike their Italian counterparts, they’re cars you really can be used everyday should you wish. 

Another important aspect of this 911 Turbo’s history is the power. From the factory it would have been around 414hp. However, that’s not the case here, as this car has been through the workshops of DMS Automotive where the car was fitted with a performance stainless exhaust system and given an engine remap, pushing the power to over 500bhp! 

As for the MOT side of things, this 911 Turbo has MOT until June 2021. Looking through the MOT history, there have been rectification works for suspension bushes and CV boots, as well as some work involved with brake lines and a small coolant leak. However, all the work is covered in the car’s paperwork, and it stands today in excellent order throughout.

DSC05268.JPG 4.63 MB

The Paperwork

There is ample paperwork included with this 911 Turbo, including a fully stamped service book that details all works carried out as follows:

06/12/01 - 6900 miles - Minor service, Porsche Centre Reading
25/02/03 - 16932 miles - Major service, Porsche Centre Reading
17/07/03 - 25247 miles - Minor service, Porsche Centre East London
13/10/04 - 31362 miles - Major service, Porsche Centre East London
18/11/05 - 33939 miles - Minor Service, Porsche Centre Leeds
28/08/07 - 39894 miles - Minor Service, Porsche Centre Leeds
02/05/08 - 48007 miles - Minor Service, Charles Ivey Specialist Cars
11/05/09 - 56022 miles - Major Service and plugs, Autowerke Norwich
16/05/11 - 60576 miles - Minor Service, Porsche Centre Cambridge 

The book is also stamped to show brake fluid changes in 2004 and 2009. Furthermore, there are invoices for works carried out, such as the major services and MOT works carried out such the replacement of coolant lines, suspension bushes and components and also new air-conditioning condenser which was fitted at a cost of £892 along with a new lower arm, new wheel bearing and two new top mounts. 

There is also paperwork pertaining to an unfortunate mishap from 2016, however, the resulting works have added years to the life of this 911 Turbo. Whilst in for routine servicing, a technician accidentally overfilled the engine with oil. As one might expect, this wreaked havoc, resulting in the garage having to carry out repairs to the tune of approx. £5,000. The turbos were rebuilt, the plugs replaced, the dump valves too. The mass airflow meter was changed, the entire engine was flushed, refilled and tested before being given a clean bill of health.

20200909_111520.jpg 2.17 MB

The Interior

Excellent throughout. You can tell this is a low mileage car, as the Basalt black leather interior is in near immaculate condition. There is no wear to be seen anywhere, no damage or scuffs in the leather, the carpets are still in excellent order and the leather steering wheel looks almost new. It’s clearly a car that has been doted on by its current owner, as it was spotless when we observed it. It’s just a very, very nice place to be. 

The rear seats, which drop down to increase the load space for luggage, look to have been barely sat in, if indeed they have ever been sat in at all. The kick plates on the sills would certainly suggest that any rear seat occupancy has been kept to a minimum. 

Sitting in the driver’s seat, everything falls to hand and more importantly, everything functions. The dash binnacle is bright and clear with no dead pixels. The stereo system, which has satellite navigation built in, works without fault, as does the air-conditioning and all other internal features such as the seats, windows and sunroof. And once opened, the sunroof reveals no hidden horrors or issues. The mechanism is free and there is no sign of corrosion or build of dirt as is often the case on this model. 

The pictures really do speak a thousand words here. Clearly cared for, the interior of this 911 really isn’t a million miles away from being in ‘as new’ condition. Once you slide in behind the steering wheel with that all-important shield facing you, you’ll be thrilled you got the winning bid.

DSC05236.JPG 6.72 MB

The Exterior

As you can see from the images, this 911 Turbo presents exceptionally well. Painted in Lapis Blue metallic, it’s the sort hue that grabs the eye but without shouting. It’s a subtle, flattering colour that suits the lines of the 911 down to the ground. Bright enough to show the all important details like the vents in the rear quarters and three openings for cooling on the front bumper, but not so loud as to be obnoxious, it’s perhaps the perfect colour for such a machine. 

Of course, the reality of such a colour is that it’s unforgiving when it comes to any imperfections. Happily though, they are few in the case of this car. There is a small scratch on the nose, and a small amount of stone-shipping on the driver’s side mirror, but that’s about it. Other than those minor imperfections, the bodywork is arrow straight and free of any dings, ripples or issues.

Further benefits can be found in the form of the Pirelli-shod refurbished alloy wheels and the all-important and functional lifting rear spoiler. Furthermore, the door handles are in good conditions (they often suffer over time), the black plastic elements all seem to be in good order, the headlights haven’t suffered from the typical hazing/fading and all the glass is in good order.   

DSC05261.JPG 7.44 MB

The Mechanics 

Given the works that this 911 has been subjected to in past years, it should come as no surprise that this example is in rude health. It starts on the button, settling into a happy idle and maintaining temperature without issue. Opening the rear hatch, there isn’t a lot to see as it’s so tightly packed, however, there is a new air filter on show, there are no signs of leaks and the lifters for the rear spoiler look to be in excellent order. 

The seller assures us that the car is quite the occasion to drive. Powerful bu progressive, it’s not at all intimidating and is instead a car one can quickly form a bond and a confidence with. Thanks to the extra power, the full alignment and the general health of the engine, this 991 is an absolute joy to drive and push hard in. The Pirelli rubber is well-matched to the performance of the car, meaning it’s surefooted and responsive. 

There is no smoke from the engine, no untoward noises, nor any apparent issues with the turbochargers and associated cooling system. The Tiptronic transmission functions as designed, and has no issues according to the vendor. 

Yes, this car has had some ‘moment’s in the past such as the oil being overfilled, but that work was rectified and then some (By JMG Porsche in Poole no less), and due to the parts replaced, this 911 Turbo is almost certainly better than most out there. It’s in excellent aesthetic and mechanical order throughout. It’s a 911 Turbo anyone, enthusiast or otherwise, would be proud to own.

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The Appeal 

It’s a rare, powerful car in excellent condition inside and out. What’s not to like? Add in the fact that the reserve is extremely competitive, and you’re presented with what could be your opportunity to get behind the wheel of a 911 Turbo. With three keys, reams of paperwork, and one caring, doting owner for the last seven years, this is the kind of car you hope to find. 

Over 500bhp, an iconic shape and a legendary name. This is it. Your chance to live the Porsche dream. But you can only do so if you bid.

Notice to bidders

Although every care is taken to ensure this listing is as factual and transparent as possible, all details within the listing are subject to the information provided to us by the seller. Car & Classic does not take responsibility for any information missing from the listing.

As is normal for most auctions, this vehicle is sold as seen, and therefore the Sales of Goods Act 1979 does not apply. All bids are legally binding once placed. Any winning bidder who withdraws from a sale, is subject to our bidders fee charge. Please see our FAQs and T&C's for further information. Viewings of vehicles are encouraged, but entirely at the sellers discretion.
Vehicle specification
  • Year 2001
  • Make Porsche
  • Model 911 (996) Turbo
  • Colour Blue
  • Mileage 72,421
  • Engine size 3600
  • Location Hampshire
Bidding history
17 bids
  • Andy-O £24,500 25/09/20
  • Acme £24,250 25/09/20
  • Acme £24,000 21/09/20
  • Johncl £19,250 20/09/20
  • dashmor•••• £19,000 20/09/20
  • Johncl £18,750 20/09/20
  • JT911 £18,000 19/09/20
  • dashmor•••• £16,750 19/09/20
  • Acme £16,000 19/09/20
  • Johncl £15,750 19/09/20

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