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2006 Bentley Flying Spur

Guide Price: £19,000 - £23,000


﹒Low mileage of just 57,000
﹒Beautiful silver with tan interior 
﹒Silky smooth W12 engine
﹒Detailed history

The Background

When Bentley launched into its new era of cars with the Continental GT, it set the motoring world alight with excitement. This big, fast, GT coupe was a beauty to behold and had the pace to back it up thanks to a V8 or, for those who need their torque to be extra large, the W12. It was and still is a belting car, but it was not practical. And while Bentley has never been one to offer a conventional hatchback, it did need to do something new to satiate the market that needed usable back seats. Enter stage left the 2005 Flying Spur.

In essence it was a GT underneath, but with a large saloon body dropped on top. As such, it was the ultimate machine for those looking for the executive express. It was filled with swathes of high-grade leather, it was loaded to the hilt with cutting-edge technology and thanks to being offered with only the W12, it was indecently fast, too. It could crack 62 in 5.2 seconds and go all the way to 194mph. It was, and still is, quite the formidable machine.

DSC08998.JPG 6.44 MB

The History

This car left the factory in Crewe and was shipped to Northern Ireland. The first owner had the car for two years, before it was sold to its second owner, who kept the car up until 2019. When said owner decided it was time for a change, the big Bentley was sold and it found its way back to the UK where it has been with its third owner ever since. 

Over the course of its life, this Flying Spur has covered just 57,000 miles. As a ‘second’ car, it has been used sparingly, and as such, now stands in excellent condition throughout. The W12 engine is in excellent health, there is a rich and detailed history to go with the car, as well as paperwork to support MOTs and any other works it might have needed.

The current owner is only looking to sell as the car simply doesn’t get used enough to warrant keeping. This, of course, is great for you, as it presents you with the opportunity to buy a low mileage motoring icon that has had only three owners.

DSC09032.JPG 5.31 MB

The Paperwork

All the important stuff is here. There is a fully stamped service book from Charles Hurst Bentley in Belfast. The services in Northern Ireland were carried out as follows:

950 miles 28/11/05
11345 miles 01/1106
18299 miles 08/01/08
27273 miles 22/12/08
32122 miles 15/12/09
34764 miles 25/11/10
37024 miles 31/10/11
40719 miles 04/02/13
43234 miles 06/01/14
46616 miles 01/07/15
50235 miles 01/08/17

Since then, the Flying Spur has been maintained by the current owners staff at his (non Bentley) franchised dealerships, and there is paperwork to support this. The most recent works were in March of 2020, when the car was MOTd. The car was showing a fault, which was traced back to being an issue with the left hand fan, the bank one temp sender and some resistors. These were all replaced by Silver Lady Service LTD at a cost of nearly £1,000. 

The Interior

As you’d expect for a car with such low mileage, the interior is in excellent condition throughout. Despite being a four-door saloon, the rear seats seem to have seen little use, and as such, the leather is as close to original as a fifteen year old car can offer. In the front, it’s much of the same. The leather is all in great condition, even the driver’s seat, which shows only the faintest signs of wear. But then, given Bentley goes to great lengths to secure the finest hide, this isn’t at all surprising. 

There are signs of life though, as you would expect. Some marks on the driver’s door lower half and on the kick plates. But that’s about it. All the door cards are in excellent order with no issues or damage to speak of. It’s clearly been looked after. 

The dash is bright and clear, and all the buttons, bells and whistles seem to still have their corresponding function. There is a slight issue in that the knob for the heated mirror switch, which is down by the gear selector, has been lost. However, the exposed stalk still works. 

In the boot, the carpets are in good condition and show that this car has never lugged anything more cumbersome than a set of golf clubs. The warning triangle is still in place, as are the tools. Looking under and behind the panelling reveals dry, clean conditions - no moisture issues here. The only negative, though it is to be expected, is some pain chipping on the boot slam panel where luggage has made contact over the years.

DSC09100.JPG 4.28 MB

The Exterior

As you can see from the pictures, this Flying Spur presents extremely well. It’s clear that it’s been looked after, as the body is free from any significant blemishes or marks. All the panel gaps are uniform and neat, everything opens and closes as it should and all the panels match from front to back, with no deviation of shade - often an issue for silver cars. 

The lights are all bright and clear (the condensation on the pictures is external), with no hazing or cracking of the plastics. The badges are in good condition, as are all the grilles and black plastics. The chrome trim that runs around the lower skirt of the car is also in good condition. 

On inspecting the car, we saw no scratches, damage or marks. Though as you would expect, there is the occasional stone chip on the wing mirror housings, but nothing to be concerned about. The same can be said for the wheels, which are all in excellent order, though there is some ever so slight corrosion on the back edges of some of the centre caps. But again, nothing of concern.

DSC09051.JPG 4.97 MB

The Mechanics

Nothing of issue to report. As you would anticipate for a car with such a comprehensive history and low mileage, it’s mechanically top top. The W12 engine fires into life without a moment’s hesitation, and then goes on to be near silent in its operation. There are rattle, no creaks, no bangs. It’s just silky smooth and refined. 

On the road, the transmission shifts as it should, and as such is almost unnoticeable. The suspension is firm but comfortable, with no noises or untoward effects on the drive. The brakes perform as they should, the all-wheel drive system, too. It’s simply a beautiful car to drive. Light and easy, it’s a car that cossets and soothes as you drive along. Just like a Bentley should. 

DSC09047.JPG 4.84 MB

The Appeal

Low mileage, rich service history and near perfect condition - what’s not to love about this big Bentley? This is a flagship car, one that Bentley used to cement its position on the world stage of automotive luxury, and this early example is a wonderful celebration of that. It’s not brash or gaudy, it’s cool, understated, deeply luxurious and has been looked after by but a small selection of clearly caring owners. You won’t find a better one

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 2006
  • Make Bentley
  • Model Flying Spur
  • Colour Silver
  • Odometer 56,880 Miles
  • Engine size 5998
  • Location Hampshire
Bidding history
10 bids from 8 bidders
  ••••• £15,000 21/01/21
  • facilis•••• £14,000 21/01/21
  ••••• £13,000 20/01/21
  • king.ha•••• £11,000 18/01/21
  • cliffor•••• £8,000 15/01/21
  • 64sp £5,000 15/01/21
  • Jconnos £3,100 15/01/21
  • Tonysin•••• £3,000 15/01/21
  • 165ZEPH•••• £1,000 15/01/21
  • 165ZEPH•••• £100 15/01/21

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