2010 ‘Cosmic King’ by Hawg Haven


• Owned by Hairy Biker, Simon King
• Complete, one-off build
• Only covered 750 miles
• Near new condition

The Background

Favourite TV chefs, the Hairy Bikers, are fond of petrol-fed carbs as they are those of a culinary ilk. Biking is, after all, the bedrock of their brand. 

You don’t have to go far through the TV guide to find shows in which Si and Dave take to the road on their two-wheeled steeds in the name of seeking out the best food and the best places to cook it. And this good thing is, this love of biking isn’t a catchy selling point for the sake of TV. No, it’s the real deal. 

These fellas really do love their bikes. As is evident by the purple hog you’re looking at here, which is owned by Si King. 

Built to his design and specification, this bike is a true work of art. It’s also been used rarely over the course of its ten year life, and as such, is presented in nearly new condition. In phenomenal creation, this is a true one of a kind with history and provenance like no other.

The History

Built as part of a ‘dream bikes’ project between the Hairy Bikers and Carole Nash insurance, this V-twin monster is not only owned by Si King, but it was also largely designed by him. 

It was then built by the skilled team at Hawg Haven, the most notable being the company’s founder, Terry ‘Nobby’ Clarke, who was a close friend of the bikers. 

Named the ‘Cosmic King’, this monster is powered by a thumping 1,640cc V Twin engine with a belt-driven five-speed transmission. Originally painted in rainbow colours, it has since been changed to an incredible purple metal flake. 

There are lashings of chrome and stainless steel, too. Because anything less simply wouldn’t work! It’s a bright, loud, showy machine that commands the attention of anyone near it. 

The Paperwork

This is a custom bike, and this is reflected in the paperwork. There are all manner of TUV certificates for the frame and for the engine. They show the engine was tested, inspected and signed off before being shipped over to the UK. The same for the engine. 

There is a V5 present, of course. This covers all of the important details such as the registration, the build date and the frame/chassis number as well as the engine number. The bike is registered officially as a ‘Hawg Haven’. 

Further paperwork includes copies of the email conversations between Si and Terry, with exchanges of designed ideas and paint evolutions. You can see further details such as the build, details relating to the hours required to build it and so on. It’s a comprehensive collection of paperwork, that’s for sure. 

The Condition

We’re told the bike has covered approximately 750 miles over the course of its lifetime, and as such, it is pretty much in ‘as new’ condition. There are some signs of age, of course. The odd bit of light oxidation on some of the nuts and fixings, but nothing of any real significance. By and large, this bike is in exceptional condition. 

The custom ‘tailed’ fuel tank has twin fillers, and the paint on this (and the rest of the bike) is in incredible condition. A rich, deep purple with glittering, chunky flake dazzling enough to make a rap video lowrider blush. To the left of the tank, there is a small single gauge. The main function is speed, but there is a digital section that scrolls through other information. There is also an oil pressure warning light, indicator light and neutral light. 

The chrome - and there is a lot of it - across the bike is in excellent condition and has clearly seen the soft side of a buffing cloth on a regular basis. Springs, handlebars, engine, forks, they’re all chrome and they all have a resplendent shine. 

The black frame is in excellent condition, too. As are the spoked wheels and tyres. The kickstands have some evidence of use, obviously. But that’s about it. The LePera seat is immaculate, having been barely used, and we’re told by the vendor that there is a second seat with the bike (it wasn’t with the bike on the day of the shoot, unfortunately). 

The bike has been kept by Si King and enjoyed more as a memento than as a thing to ride. Sadly, Terry passed away just after the bike was built and as such, its place with Si has been a sentimental one. Now though, it has been decided that a better legacy for this fine machine would be for it to go on and be used. Si’s busy schedule precludes him from this, thus it is now available to purchase. 

The Mechanics

Having racked up fewer than 1,000 miles over the course of its life, this custom machine is in excellent health. It fires up on the button, and when it does, all hell breaks loose! The V twin engine on straight pipes makes for an explosion of noise, but somewhat addictive noise it has to be said. It revs clean and clear, and holds a decent temperature. 

Currently on sorn, we were unable to see it on the road, but we’re assured by the vendor that it rides as it should. Of course, this is a very different machine to ride than a traditional bike. The 280 rear tyre alone is enough to make it different. It’s a cruiser, not an apex-clipping sports bike. But, once you get used to the dynamics and the impressively planted feel care of the wide rubber, we’re assured it’s wonderful to ride. And let’s face it, there are fewer better qualified to describe it than one of the Hairy Bikers! 

We’re advised that due to having not been on the road for a while (the last MOT expired in 2019) that it may need a good shakedown before undertaking any significant mileage. However, from what we saw and observed while shooting this bike, there was nothing to any concern. It sounds strong. 

The Appeal 

The appeal here is threefold. Firstly, this is an opportunity to buy a bike truly like no other. This has been designed, from scratch, to the exacting specifications of one person. 

There is no other bike like this one, as it truly is a one of a kind creation. Then, building on that, there is the fact that this wonderful machine was built by Terry ‘Nobby’ Clarke of Hawg Haven, which makes it even more special. 

And finally, there is the matter of the bike’s one owner, Si King. Just think how ace it would be to own a genuine hairy Bikers bike! 

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 2010
  • Make NONE
  • Model Cosmic King
  • Colour Purple
  • Odometer 750 Miles
  • Engine size 1650
  • Location Tyne and Wear
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
28 bids
  • al•••• £12,500 03/08/21
  • mo•••• £12,250 03/08/21
  • al•••• £11,750 03/08/21
  • mo•••• £11,500 03/08/21
  • ni•••• £11,000 03/08/21
  • mo•••• £10,750 03/08/21
  • ni•••• £10,500 03/08/21
  • wa•••• £9,966 03/08/21
  • ia•••• £9,866 03/08/21
  • mo•••• £9,750 03/08/21

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