2013 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Monster Truck

The Background 

Monster trucks, by which we of course mean those alcohol-glugging, flame-spitting, high-flying, car-crushing machines, all came about because of a man called Bob. They also came about completely by accident. You see, Bob had a shop in St. Louis - Midwest Four Wheel Drive and Performance Centre. From it, he and his wife sold upgrades and equipment to people looking to better their trucks. To advertise his wares, Bob modified his Ford F250 considerably. And with it, he got a bit carried away. By 1979, it was huge. A monster, you might say. And with it came the jokes of ‘I bet you could drive that over a car’. In 1981, Bob found out if it could. 

Purely for fun, in 1981 Bob got two junk cars, parked them beside each other, and then drove - trunk to hood - over them in his F250, now known as ‘Bigfoot’. The video amused Bob greatly, so he put it on in his shop. Here, it was seen by a sports promoter who asked if Bob would do it in front of a crowd. Ironically, Bob wasn’t keen owing to the destructive nature of it all. But in the end he agreed. In 1982, Bigfoot crushed cars in front of a crowd and the crowd, somewhat unsurprisingly, went wild. 

Soon, others copied what Bob had created. They started racing them, and soon the United States Hot Rod Association and TNT Motorsports were involved, ESPN televised it, more trucks came, more crowds grew, more money was spent. And it never stopped. Even today, monster trucks are a huge spectacle with a multi-million dollar industry behind them. Gone are the days of slow, ponderous machines though. Today, they are 2,000bhp, high-flying, big-wheeled acrobats performing backflips and jumps the likes of which no other machine can master.

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The History 

The ‘problem’ with monster trucks, other than the fact they don’t fit in a single garage, is that they can only really be observed. You can’t really interact with them, at least, not while they’re moving. They’re too big, too dangerous. You can go and marvel at their size, up close, when they’re parked up at shows. But you can never really get the thrill and feel of being in one. Or can you? 

In 2013, TNT 4x4 Shop in Long Island decided to beef up their ‘shop truck’ and make it more than just a vehicle for spectators. They took their first-generation Chevrolet Silverado and its 6.0 Vortec V8 and got it high. By which, we mean a full lifted chassis, many, many shock absorbers, braked differentials, 66-inch tyres and as you can see, a bed-mounted roll cage enveloping eight bucket seats. It was built to take passengers out. Cool! 

The truck did the rounds for a short time on home soil before being packed into a container in 2014 to be sent to the UK. Here, the truck was re-named ‘Mayhem’ and has been doing the rounds at shows and events ever since. Crushing cars, making noise, the whole shebang. It’s not a fire-spitting competition truck, but it’s not trying to be. Instead, it’s built to be reliable (important for all the events) and fun. And boy, is it fun. 

The Interior 

As we touched on earlier, this isn’t a competition truck. As such, when you climb up a set of stepladders to get inside it’s all very… normal. In fact, it’s pretty much a stock Chevrolet Silverado here. Cloth seats, which are in decent enough condition. Full dash, decent condition headliner, carpets, there’s even a stereo and working air-conditioning! It’s a very civil place to be. Everything seems to work as it should, bar the speedometer. The plastics aren’t of the finest quality, but they’re all there. When you’re at an event, shuttling people about on thrill rides, it’s a very nice place to be. The only significant addition is that of a yellow toggle box which operates the four-wheel steering, allowing the truck to get around tight bends or ‘crab’ as it drives along. There is also a passenger footwell mounted braking control for added safety. 

There’s some wear and tear of course. The truck itself is from the early 2000s, so it’s had some life. The lower sections of the door cards have been replaced with checker plate aluminum, there’s the odd mark here and there. But so what? It’s a working truck, not a concourse show car. 

Then we have the rear bed, which we’ll count as ‘interior’ given it seats eight. Consisting of two rows of four inward-facing bucket seats, each one has a harness and each one is weatherproof - they’re not cloth or anything like that. The bed has been boxed and lined, so no little legs or feet can get trapped or injured. And while we’re on the topic of safety, there is a full roll cage enveloping the eight seats. The cage has foam padding should anyone bonk their noggin. As for getting to the rear seats, Mayhem comes with a custom-fabricated set of steps. 

The Exterior 

It’s a big, red monster truck! At ground level, the four 660inch tyres are all a bit gnawed having driven over many an unsuspecting car, but they still have loads of life left in them. But don’t fret - they’re actually agricultural ‘flotation’ tyres, so are surprisingly easy to source. 

Moving up, we have the suspension. The truck seems to have had the chassis seriously re-engineered since it was built. Having looked at pictures from its American days, it used to be a more lightweight, tubular affair. Now, however, there is more boxing and more bracing added to the original Chevrolet ladder chassis. The fabrication looks to have been done to an excellent standard, and everything is straight and free from damage. 

There is no weeping from the shocks, all the check-straps look good, there is no serious corrosion to be worried by and everything looks very solid. The link bars on the suspension are all true, the braking system (disc brake and Wilwood caliper) on each differential looks solid, though the discs might need replacing soon. The check-straps for the suspension are all good, too. Look further under the truck, and you’ll see the expensive Profab drop-case/transfer box, which diverts power to the front and rear wheels. A serious bit of kit. 

As for further up, the body is that of a first-generation Chevrolet Silverado. It’s free from rust, it has no damage or major dents that we can see. The arches are good, the bed too. The ‘Mayhem’ livery is bright and clear, too. Lights are all present, correct and functional (not that they need to be - this isn’t road legal). It’s quite simply a big, red, captivating machine. One that people will, quite literally, be queuing to have a ride in. 

The Mechanics 

The 6.0 Vortec V8 has been looked after well, and was regularly serviced while it was in use as a show truck. Mayhem has given over 30,000 rides in the last five years, so mechanical health was a priority. If it couldn’t work, it couldn’t earn. The engine fires up without question, and is surprisingly easy on the ears. There is no mistaking the V8 noise, but nor is it going to leave eight children with tinnitus. It’s very relaxed, actually.

The transmission, including the Profab transfer case we mentioned earlier, has been modified so as to be able to turn those fat tyres. The truck, which is around 300bhp, is remarkably nippy given its size. And it’s more than capable of a bit of off-road or car-crushing action. 

It has rear wheel steering, and both front and rear steering are pneumatically assisted - it’s a remarkably easy thing to drive. You just need to have lots of space to do so! If you have the space though, it’s no more difficult to drive than any pickup truck. 

There are no leaks, no smoke, no creaks, groans, rattles or grinding noises. It’s clearly been very well looked after. And crucially, it has many years of events and thrill rides left in it. And if you’re wondering how it’s going to get to those events, worry not, as it comes with a set of transport wheels. You’ll still need a low-loader of course, but you don’t need to transport it with its monster tyres in situ. 

The Appeal 

Despite the overwhelming popularity of monster trucks in the USA, they are something of a rarity over here in the UK. But we still love them, as you’ll know from any event you’ve been to that has featured one. Santa Pod, stunt shows, arena shows, TV work, film work, music videos, the list goes on. There is so much this truck can do, and people will gladly pay for it. This is a rare, but very well built machine that could easily pay for itself in a very short amount of time.

As mentioned above, they are rare here. But they are hugely popular. That’s the perfect recipe for a business model. The demand is there, in big numbers. The supply is down to you. Bid, buy it, spend the winter making it your own, give it a new name, a lick of paint, then hit the show and event season in 2022 hard. You’ll have fun, you’ll get to destroy cars legitimately and you’ll make lasting happy memories for everyone who sees and interacts with the truck, plus, you’ll make more than a couple of quid. Winner!

***Vendor has advised,  if the Truck sells they will put it back on it’s travel wheels ready for transport and can also offer to arrange the haulage at cost price to any UK delivery address.***

*** Interested parties should note, this vehicle is built for entertainment/display purposes only. There is no V5 or MOT. A full receipt will be offered as transfer of ownership ***

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 2013
  • Make Chevrolet
  • Model Silverado 2500HD Monster Truck
  • Colour Red
  • Engine size 6000
  • Location Devon
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
13 bids from 6 bidders
  • reid.lo•••• £20,000 30/06/21
  • mohamme•••• £15,000 29/06/21
  • reid.lo•••• £12,500 29/06/21
  • mohamme•••• £10,000 28/06/21
  • BryanHe•••• £6,250 27/06/21
  • XS2EXCE•••• £6,100 26/06/21
  • justin-•••• £6,000 26/06/21
  • XS2EXCE•••• £5,900 26/06/21
  • justin-•••• £5,800 26/06/21
  • BryanHe•••• £5,700 26/06/21

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