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PRICE REDUCED EMAILME FOR MORE INFO The original owner of this vehicle was Harold Hellbaum and he had given the car to his daughter just prior to his death in 2007. Harold Hellbaum was elected to the Wyoming Legislature from 1963 ? 1976 and he retired from the Wyoming Legislature after serving as Speaker of the House. He was from Chugwater, Wyoming . He purchased the car new and the original receipt for the car. Mr. Hellbaum was very respected and he loved this 1977 Lincoln Continental ? as apparent with his engraved name on the dash above the glove compartment. The car was original down to the tires. The car sat in his garage and the only major miles put on the car was when his daughter drove it to Texas. When his daughter received the car, her and her husband built a custom garage for the car and tarp and the car was rarely taken out except to drive around the block or to go get the oil changed. I only ended up with the car to help his daughter who was retiring and moving out of state and she did not want to put any miles on the car by driving it to her new location. It was a very difficult decision for her because her father loved this car so much. FIRST IN THE WORLD A 1977 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL WITH A MERCEDES V12 A one owner car ,this car was owned by the speaker of the house in US, only 27000 miles (documented). i imported this from Texas in 2017, it was originally gold with a 460 v8. This is now a very special car it has a well known- the best v12 Mercedes motor ever made- its the ALREADY VERY RARE M120 series motor with a 4 speed auto this was converted within 7 months and has a one of the kind colour, the motor it has is a low miles 68000 from a w140 car these are chain driven and known for 300,000 miles, so overall it has the best of both worlds. a very genuine 27000 miles with gold interior in mint condition, no wear and has a super smooth v12 with everything working i do have before and after pictures, all the chrome is original and the car was rust free. it was like a time lapse when i bought it and viewed on lift, it was like i had bought a 40 year old car but like it was made a year ago we were looking at each others faces in amazement . Too much to list any info required email me i could go on for 5 pages , so ask yourself where do you find another? in my opinion, this is the best built smoothest car ever made, and trust me i have had many cars in my time. this is an everyday driver and power is plentiful from motor, and beats the old 460 by miles in every way thinkable it has a healthy 440 hp and 480ft torq genuine interest only can help with shipping. When we got the car it was a choice of upgrading the already smogged emission controlled 460v8 or put something in to modernise it which will be smoother more powerful and plenty of torq so we went with the decision to use 1992 Mercedes m120 48 VALVE engine these are chain driven and last up to 300.000 miles without trouble the engine used in this has 68.000 miles warranted. We finished this in 7 months with the help of a local engineer f&r engineering and ms2 tuning a lot had to be done including painting the exterior from gold to this special colour which we finished and painted ourselves the interior is all original and the car had absolutely no rust at all anywhere The car has all original paperwork from original bill of sale to service history service sheets check sheets etc and extra loaded options its such a original example hope you guys like it. this conversion was no easy task it has had a lot of work gone into it and everything is done with durability in mind over looks when it comes to the motor everything is over engineered and structurally sound the car floats down the road unlike any other american car i have had and the lincoln,s are known for there smooth feel the interior is remarkable in every way you actually need to see this car to appreciate what its about the spare wheel is new and when we imported it the tires were original to the car of course we changed them to the decay of old rubber and it now has brand new american classic tire. The 8 track works and lights etc. ABSOLUTE BARGAIN EMAIL FOR MORE INFO.

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