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1975 Audi 100 S COUPE - Auto RHD - REDUCED For Sale

HISTORY & BACKGROUND: The “AUDI 100 Coupe S” - a fastback styled 2-door Coupe, was first presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1969; billed as a “Compact Executive Car” and was in the showrooms one year later. DESIGN & LAYOUT: It was designed by Hartmut Warkuss, derived from the Audi 100 Saloon model; but the floor-pan was 9-inches shorter. The shortened chassis was good enough to accept more power, therefore an uprated 4-cylinder in-line engine with a capacity of 1871 cc and initially equipped with two carburettors with power output of 115-hp. This engine output combined with the kerb weight of only 1,100 kg meant brisk travel was guaranteed and the car could easily reach 185 km/h. In 1972, the fuel delivery changed to a single carburettor with a slightly lowered 112-hp output. Although VW provided a 3-speed automatic transmission, many of these cars were equipped with a 4-speed manual gearbox; but the clutch-based versions required a “learning curve” due to the power delivery to the FWD-layout - which apart from the British Leyland MINI was not commonly utilized in the 1970’s. Despite the fastback-design the car’s interior had space for four adults, which was in no small part due to its FWD - complimented by disc brakes - and made the new 100 Coupe a respectable handling car as a grand tourer. The “Coupe 100 S” was set apart from other Audi offerings by its sleek design, it’s appearance was often compared to cars costing thousands more like the Aston Martin DBS. The motoring press of the time also drew further comparisons with the rear-end being reminiscent of the Maserati Ghibli, but there’s also a bit of Nissan 240 Z in its rear quarter view, and it was also very similar to the Fiat Dino coupe as well. Although looking very elegant and stretched, the car's length is only 4.4 meters, but with a width of 1.75 meters, it made quite an impression on the motorway. The AUDI may have lacked the ultimate gracefulness of the far “longer” Aston Martin design, but offered some of its style for thousands less and was far more practical. The Audi’s straight forward practical style continued inside with a modern dash array that still looks good today. Irrespective of all said about the “new kid on the block” sensation from AUDI, many still consider this car as one of the most beautiful AUDI’s ever manufactured. It remained a car for the individualist, and it soon became something of a collector's item. Unfortunately, rust prevention was not the strongest part of the production process back then and only very few of these beautiful cars have survived – and original examples are nowadays extremely scarce. When the model’s production stopped in 1976, a total of only 30,684 Coupe cars were ever made – according to the official AUDI records. THE CAR OFFERED: what we have here is a totally original car that was bought new on the 19th May 1975 from the mainline Volkswagen Audi Dealership in Kimberley, Free State, South Africa. Within this fact lies the key as to why this car has survived 43-years and still be in such incredible condition – firstly, a single owner who clearly cherished his car from day one – secondly, the car has always lived in a semi-desert climate of the Karoo where the car was always properly garaged and clearly well maintained. In the recent past the car was transferred in to the name of his son, however with a young family the priorities are somewhat different and therefore the car is now offered for sale. These AUDI Coupe’s were offered with the popular vinyl-covered roof, as can be seen the Beige material colour contrasts nicely with the Burgundy colour body and burgundy & blue cross-weaved over beige cloth seat upholstery – which is still original and the black carpeting is also in a very good and presentable condition, and thankfully the original “Porsche-style” period steering wheel with the famous Audi-ring insignia on the central rectangular boss is also still in-situ. There are no cracks to the dashboard or centre console and the standard VDO instrumentation is all present and working. Non-standard ex-factory items are the optional “Wolfrace” style chromed road wheels along with the front air-dam spoiler and the chrome wheel-arch embellishments – all of which were the fad in South Africa at the time and would have been Dealer fitted prior to delivery taking place. The chrome-theme was continued under-bonnet to the air-filter housing and the general well-kept engine compartment is simply another indication of how well this example was cared for over the years. Incidentally, the images were taken of the car without any special Valet service being conducted. In respect of mechanical condition the engine has never required any rebuild; the cars KPH Speedometer has a 5-digit odometer which reflects (1)22,884 – equal to a genuine use of 76,360 miles driven - which is confirmed by the Service Log book. This cars engine and automatic transmission still drives and runs as perfectly as it did when still brand new. There is absolutely no sign of rust – this car has never even sniffed snow or a salted highway - nor any accident repair, and clearly the car was never abused during her careful ownership. These unique cars were sold in very low volumes in South Africa, and they were extremely expensive by comparison to the other manufacturer’s offerings. Just how many genuine ex-factory – meaning not converted from LHD - actual RHD derivatives of these pretty Coupes still exist today, let alone in this condition is not known to me but in my experience of the SA-market only two cars worthy of selling to an offshore buyer – including this car - have come available in the past ten years and I sold the other one to a UK AUDI Dealership back in 2016. BROKERAGE: For what it’s worth; I’ve been selling South Africa based CLASSIC CARS for the past 24-years and globally exporting prime examples since 2008. Although now UK/EU based my business network in South Africa does safeguard your investment once a purchase has taken place. Apart from my own instigated vehicle inspection to support this car’s stated condition herein, to further your peace of mind the vehicle will undergo an independent unbiased and extremely comprehensive DEKRA FULL TECHNICAL REPORT which inspects 117 aspects such as Mechanical, Drive-line, Electrical, Bodywork condition & Underframe (Chassis) measurements, Suspension, Brakes, Emissions, any damage to the Paint work or Glass or Interior, and any latent defects such as structural rust or indications of previous accident repair. Doing this prevents the photo-image syndrome of “nice from far, but far from nice” becoming your nightmare. Beyond this the VEHICLE REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE is thoroughly validated in respect of Ownership, any Lien, Stolen Car Register, Accident history or VIN changes to ensure there are no “issues” that cause the DVLA to reject the post-arrival Registration for use on UK roads - this aspect has sadly become a reality to some unsuspecting Buyers of late. EXPORT & IMPORT: The overall costs of importing a NON-EU VEHICLE to the UK can be as high as 25%-plus in relation to the PURCHASE PRICE offered, thus to avoid any misunderstanding these contingent costs are always included in my ADVERTISED PRICE on the assumption of a UK based Buyer – subject to adjustment for delivery elsewhere – and itemised in the BILL OF SALE CONTRACT for the entire logistics procedure; like transport-carrier/s to Port and other mandatory Export Inspections & Clearances, Sea Container shipment, pre-inspection and documentation for LLOYDS In-Transit All Risk & Total Loss Insurance, a new DEKRA ROAD WORTHY CERTIFICATE (equivalent to MoT), a MicroDotting Certificate, properly Valet & Steam Cleaned & Fumigated to meet Customs Quarantine inspection, preparation for Non-Volatile Shipping, the Asbestos Clearance Certificate (if applicable), the Clearing and Collection charges on arrival, and finally the CUSTOMS charge/s for Ad Valorem Tax, LCT, Import Duty and/or Import VAT (GST) liability applicable. Unfortunately; all too often, the otherwise “hidden” costs are not declared by private sellers, purely because they are unaware of the requirements of vehicle Export & Import, let alone the expenses to be incurred. Instead most, including “Dealer/s” simply look to the highest average selling prices of other examples which are already in the UK/EU to base their prospective valuation. If only it was that easy to correlate. ADVERTISED PRICE: The seamless hassle-free cost includes all of the above as stated at GBP27,100 based upon a pegged EFT rate against the widely fluctuating GBP=ZAR FOREX. SUMMARY: You are now fully appraised about buying an offshore car – incidentally it can cost as much as GBP3,900 to transport a vehicle from some EU Countries to the UK. For those who believe it only costs USD1,500 for shipment from the USA in general; please go back to Lala-Land. I hope we can develop an ongoing level of trust and possibly even future business relationship for both single and multiple car purchases. Please be so kind as to mention your full name and contact details within an email enquiry, it’s just polite. Or if you prefer call me; Peter Jackson, directly on UK International number +44-7379-415186 or locally within the UK on 07379-415186. DELIVERY CONSIDERATIONS: Further extra charge services are optional for the formality involved in obtaining a new UK MoT Certificate, the registration with the DVLA, period Registration Number with Black Plates (if appropriate) and ready to drive home legally from the Bury St. Edmunds facility or charged car-carrier residential delivery within the UK. Alternatively, should you prefer to attend to these aspects, a NOVA will be supplied within the Documentation Pack when you collect your vehicle (by trailer) from the business premises and dry-storage. Thank you and best wishes for 2019. It bears to remember LIFE is not a rehearsal, so the time to buy the Investment Classic Car of your dreams is always today and “Hedge Funds” don’t make you smile from the joy of driving and pride of ownership…. Give me a call, and let’s talk further!

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