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Dear Sir/ Madam,

I would like to bring to your attention this Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica Replica, the car for sale has come out from a genuine deceased estate.

The car is located in Perth, Western Australia and is for sale for the amount of AUS $147,500.00, please feel free to post this advert onto other parties if this car is not for you.

We can organise safe transport of the car to the Port of Fremantle Western Australia at our cost. The buyer may choose to ship to any location around the world.

Kindest regards
Michael Malton
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Frazer Nash History in a Nutshell

In 1924, Archibald Frazer-Nash began production of a "proper" sports car, the chain-driven Frazer Nash.
These were light, efficient cars that had a very good record of successes in trials, rallies and races.
The Frazer Nash Company was sold to HJ. Aldington ("Aldy"). Aldy's brothers Donald and Bill joined him in
the business and about 360 chain-drive Frazer Nash cars were built, in many models, by AFN Limited (AFN,
A.F.N., Ltd.) until production ceased in 1939.
While racing and touring in Europe in 1934, Aldy recognised the merit of BMW's sport/touring car, the 315
Model, AFN then became the importer of BMW's to England, rebadging these cars as the "Frazer Nash-
BMW". The BMW Model 328 later became well known for its advanced design and performance after its
introduction in 1936. Three Model 328s with special aerodynamic aluminium bodies, competed in the 1940
Mille Miglia very successfully, in spite of their relatively smal 2 litre engines.
Immediately after the end of WWII, Aldy returned to Munich while still on active duty and rescued one of
the factory-team BMW "Mille Miglia" sports-racing cars, bringing it to England under the guise of his
personal 328, which had been left at the factory before the beginning of the war. This same car quickly
assumed a third identity as the new 1946 Frazer Nash "Grand Prix" model. Aldy then managed to bing the
328 designer, Fritz Fiedler, to England, where he updated the 328 design for intended production by both the
Bristol Aeorplane Company and Frazer Nash. Bristol tooled up for the production of the BMW-design
engine, now the "Bristol" for use in their newly designed touring models. Bristol intended to diversify from
airplane manufacturing. Bristol also agreed to supply AFN with engines and other mechanical parts for their
planned line of sports cars, which was based on an update of the BMW 328 Mille Miglia chassis. Post WWII
AFN Limited produced approximately 85 cars. Rebodies and re-use of some chassis makes an exact count

The models were:

. High High Speed, Competition Mans Replica Mk I. Mk I Le Mans Mans ReplicaReplica Mk2. Single-
Seater - 37 cars only mostly MKI's
. Fast Fast Roadster, Mille Miglia, Mille Miglia Miglia Mk2 - 21 cars only
. Targa arga Florio - 15 cas only
. LeLe Mans Coupe 9 cars only

The Car for Sale

Noted car restorers and builders Ian and Brett Boughton having built an Arnolt Bristol, the Bristol Warrior,
a genuine SS100 and a replica SS100 and having restored many other cars over an extended period accessing
an original Bristol motor #1450 decided to build a replica of a Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica MKII and
gaining access to an original car (KCD459) they were able to secure all the relevant measurements and
dimensions to progress the project. With a copy of the works chassis drawings, work progressed and many
original Bristol and FN parts sourced including a genuine LHD steering rack the correct part for the project
along with the Bristol motor #1450 and gearbox an Austin A70 alloy nose diff as used on the original cars
was fitted with correct swivel joints and A frame to the axle housing all has allowed for a very accurate
replica. The motor which had come from noted WA motor racing driver Don Hall's own Bristol 400 was
built up with Cosworth 9-1 pistons fitted with special piston rings and tapered gudgeon pins. 100 series swirl
polished race valves were fitted with new springs and valve seats and had a Wade ground cam fitted. A
lightened flywheel and new ring gear was fitted and the complete motor was fully balanced.
The Bristol motor was already a high-performance engine for its capacity. A correct twin point Delco Remy
competition distributor was fitted and the Solex carbs completely rebuilt. The original gearbox from
the Bristol motor was used and fitted with new gearboc mounts and correct ong gear lever and new gearbox
torque rubber. A new radiator was made and the complete brake system from an Austin A70 has been
completely rebuilt including stainless sleeved master cylinder and slave cylinders along with competition
bonded brake shoes. Period correct Chronometric Instruments have been fitted along with new
windscreen. The finished car would be suitable for many historic motor race meetings and car shows in
Australia and overseas and could be a starter at the FI Grand Prix historic events at Alber Park where the
sister Arnolt Bristol runs each year. It would be a great exhibit at the Motor Classica in Melbourne each
October. It would be eligible for a nuber of historic events including Albany Around the Houses, Philip Island
etc. Whilst the project requires some work mainly completing some work on the suspension, fitting Koni
shock absorbers, fuel and brake lines, carrying out electrical wiring and trimming all the hard and time-
consuming work has been completed. With the cost of genuine cars selling in excess of a quater of a
million pounds through to 600,000 pounds, the difficulties in finding important parts to undertake the building
of another replica and the current difficulties in imorting cars due to problems with asbestos components,
the purchase of this almost ready to go project provides a unique opportunity to own and drive one of the
best little post-war sportscars.

Comes with comprehensive files, information and drawings.

Also comes with large amount of original loose parts to finish the project.
Ad Type For Sale
Category Projects
Make Frazer Nash
Model Le Mans replica replica
Year 1956
Country Australia
Town Perth
Status Private
Ref C1044885

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