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1974 Maserati Merak 3.0 ( Ex Rudi klein Sammler Holywood ! ! For Sale

RUDI KLEIN BOUGHT THE CARS OF THE STARS AND LEFT THEM AT HIS JUNKYARD Rudi Klein was scrap metal dealers and obsessive car collector. Nobody owned a large collection of rarities as this nerd. But he not used his treasures, but was she reading in the California Sun to himself. Rudi Klein emigrated as a young man first to Canada and later to the United States. There he started a strange trade: he began to buy luxurious cars. His first model was a Mercedes 300 SL. The broken cars cost almost nothing. Shortly thereafter he began to acquire, as the Rolly Royce convertible from Tony Curtis vehicles from prominent prior possession for his auto recovery. On a large scale, small slammed in the first oil crisis. He bought noble gas guzzlers with large engines. After the end of the crisis he sold it with profit. WEIRD BUSINESS PRACTICE His vintage - and spare parts Empire was a commercial first, but Rudi Klein was an OWL and nerd who liked hate to separate itself from its treasures. He hated greedy souvenir hunters and even if his business more like an endless junkyard looked he knew but the value of each individual radiator grille. His camp in South Central Los Angeles had grown on an area of 16,000 square meters, when Klein died in 2001. Full Auto treasures that there were hoping for better times under dirt, dust and bird droppings. From the outside, shielded by high walls, did only a few insiders, only a few insiders knew that there lay the greatest free light mausoleum of automotive treasures of around the world. The dimensions of the car shorts are inconceivable: small alone 200 should have owned Porsche 356. He hortetet priceless unique, such as the 1935er Mercedes-Benz 500 K Roadster sedan by Rudolf Caracciola. The band "junk yard" was created during a visit to his lifetime by Rudi Klein. The rotting dream car show the photos in a surreal parallel universe of rust and ruptured off paint in the middle of Los Angeles. UNKEMPT WITH INTENTION The business decisions of Klein's were impenetrable. He recessed million investment in a new luxury car brand, and was but as a tough negotiator when it came to its wrecks. A customer didn't like him, or a prospective buyer with an inappropriate response, bomBMW should have tried to acquire lost classic for the collection of works, for some reason Klein wanted to sell but the car manufacturer, they chilled out further ahead. It would have been easy to better protect the expensive cars and to cover. Because small had no interest, as well as on restorations. "In the original, they are dear to me," was his terse statement. After his death the sons broke up after the collection. 1974 Maserati Merak Coupe. Production date 4.74. engine number on the 114 51 30 600 020. USA model. Odometer shows 95,356 miles. Last registered in July of 1987 accident damage to left front fender and right rear. Solid undercarriage and the engine turns over by hand. The vehicle comes equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission and air conditioning. This is for restoration. We are selling this vehicle AS IS as pictured with no warranties expressed or implied. This vehicle will need to be towed or picked up by a car transpoter from our location. Additional pictures available on our website: 34900€ ! Car is in BELGIUM Europe ( All VAT is payt for EU ) tel 0032.475.65.43.38

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