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1933 Talbot AV105 Alpine Team Car Replica For Sale

Chassis number: 35376 Registration Number: AUL 533 As a Swiss, Talbot Chief Engineer, Georges Roesch, designed his cars with Alpine motoring in mind. With their combination of a strong and powerful push-rod six cylinder engine, powerful brakes, light and accurate steering and a compact, light yet sturdy chassis it is no surprise that Talbots excelled in the Alpine Trials of the 1930s, then undoubtedly the foremost long distance rally and an incredible test for both car and driver. Coupled with their successes at Le Mans, Ards and Brooklands the Talbot AV105 was clearly the most effective British sporting car of its size in the period. These successes culminated in the 1934 Alpine Trial where the famed Talbot Team of specially bodied and prepared cars, registered BGH 21, 22 and 23, got through this most arduous of events without loosing a single mark. This success has been echoed today and Talbots have been hugely successful in rallies such as the Flying Scotsman, 1000 Mile Trial, Alpine Trial and countless others. As such we are pleased to offer this example, which we have known and been involved with for many years and which unlike many replicas of the famed ‘BGH’ Team cars is based on the correct AV105 specification of vehicle and therefore is identical mechanically to those famous cars from 1934. ‘AUL 533’ started life with elegant James Young Sunshine Coupe coachwork and indeed appeared to have had a relatively gentle life with previous owners listed in the accompanying Continuation Buff Logbook as Horace Underhill, 1954 and Thomas King 1970. In 1980 it was purchased by IS Polson as a complete car in fundamentally good original order from Mr King in Surrey. At that time, the car collector Ron Horsey of Essex was searching for a high performance pre War car. Mr Horsey was a connoisseur of fine performance vehicles - his collection containing amongst other cars an AC Cobra, Porsche 911 RS Touring and Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle and he felt a Talbot Alpine Team Car would compliment his collection perfectly. He was unable to obtain one of the actual Team Cars but was able to purchase the identical complete rolling chassis of ‘AUL 533’ from IS Polson in January of 1982. A complete mechanical rebuild was carried out by IS Polson on behalf of Mr Horsey, whilst the creation of a replica Team Car body was entrusted to well known specialist Nick Jarvis, who has created more Talbot Team car bodies to a higher standard then anyone else, the final assembly work being carried out by Mr Horsey’s personal mechanic. The finished car was a favorite of Mr Horsey’s but saw little use, until in 2008 advancing years prompted Mr Horsey to return the car to IS Polson to find a new owner. The current owner has owned some of the worlds truly great motor cars - ex-Works Speed Six Bentley, Lightweight E Type Jaguar and Grand Prix Ferrari to name but a few - and it says much for the quality of this car and the AV105 model that he felt ‘AUL 533’ to be the right car to use for high speed touring. In order to achieve the most effective car possible for this the decision was made to replace the existing original iron block (offered with the car) and head with all aluminium versions as used in the AV105 competition cars during the 1931 season. These parts being newly re-manufactured by IS Polson out of the best materials available, whilst all aspects of the chassis and drive train were checked over and rebuilt where necessary to ensure the best possible driving car, as evidenced by bills on file totaling circa £100,000. At the same the body was repainted in British Racing Green. Since then the car has been used sparingly for continental touring, whilst wanting for nothing in terms of maintenance and is only for sale due to the owner having purchased a more commodious Roesch Talbot Drop Head Coupe.

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