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2000 Mazda RX-7 37,947 miles from new.***Stunning car*** For Sale

RX-7's are nowadays very rarely seen, even on Japanese roads and are increasingly more difficult to source in well preserved condition such as this. Naturally, being one of the most beautiful designs of Japanese sports cars to ever have been made these have already become sought after & collectable in Japan. With 1990's iconic sports cars continuing to rocket in value - as the only Twin-Turbocharged rotary engined sports car from Japan from that era, it stands to reason these will continue to become increasingly collectable in Europe and elsewhere too. The 1999+ models are the most sought after of all. This pristine RX-7 Type R Special Edition final generation model took us around 4 months of daily searching to find, after the most recent example of a rare model of final production RX-7 attracted much interest. We currently only supply a handful of RX-7's of all models per year, but as we cannot find cars of the caliber we would want to own ourselves we simply don't compromise, hence why we stock so few. The RX-7 Type R was the discreet enthusiast's model which included twin oil coolers & 280 bhp as standard, with luxury cloth front seats and bucket rear seats. Being near standard, the condition of this car shows evidence of indoor storage and the lack of stone chips, scratches to bumpers, zero scratches on wheels, expensive tyres (Bridgestone Potenza - The latest & best design of street tyres available from this Japanese manufacturer) etc. all serve to indicate to us that the owner of this car was of more mature age and clearly liked the best quality. This Type R FD3S is as shown, in stunning condition and we're confident it'll be one of the very best examples in Europe, shortly. Mechanically it's only been lightly modified, with an ECU chip upgrade by Knight Sports (to run just over1 bar of boost) and a Knight Sports Legal Sports muffler. The rest of the performance modifications are handling, braking and cosmetics, with gauges and an audio system in the car too. An FD3S RX-7 as near standard such as this has excellent junior supercar performance & doesn't require major tuning. Better for road use is to have a non-tempermental car which will give 10's of thousands of miles of delight for the owner. It's perhaps interesting to note that Euro & US legislation banned pop-up headlights on production cars from 1999 and only Mazda continued to make the RX-7 (The MX-5 changed in 1999 in response) up till 2002, since this wasn't a model sold anywhere but Japan (U.S. & E.U. stopped selling the 3rd generation RX-7 in 1995). So the RX-7 was the last production car to be built with pop-up headlights. An FD3S RX-7 as standard has excellent junior supercar performance & being a lightweight car doesn't require major tuning. At best, 350 bhp or so on standard turbos with improved cooling is as far as we would recommend going. The RX-7 was one of the fastest stopping cars in the world when introduced and today it's brakes still remain excellent, aided by ABS of course. In this example it's 4-channel compared to earlier 3 channel systems (With upgraded slit rotor discs at each corner). Fine chassis balance is given by placement of the main engine components aft of the front cross member, which resulted in near perfect 50/50 weight distribution and by default made these cars uniquely designed mid-engine cars. Tyre contact with road surfaces remains much more linear than most road cars due to double wishbone alloy suspension arms. There are few production cars with such quality of design and timeless body design that still looks so fresh today, as when it came out in Japan in 1992. Mazda got this car so right. Perfect, we'd say. It'll be a hard act to follow when the rumoured replacement is released and unlikely it'll be quite as much fun due to modern emissions & safety regulations. Original specification This example, being a 1999+ model includes later styled instrumentation design to earlier models. Note a boost gauge is also integrated into the main cluster with this later design. Seat material is more luxurious than previous models, whilst still being lightweight & supportive. There is a Nardi leather trimmed sports steering wheel & SRS airbag plus passenger SRS airbag too. The Type R model's power was increased slightly over lesser models, offering 280 bhp as standard. The Type R Limited edition also included other nice touches such as lightweight alloy jack. As with all models there is PAS, P/W, AC, remote central locking, fitted (original option) mats, dual oil coolers, front & rear strut braces too. Note there's privacy glass on the rear hatch too, which makes it difficult for people to see what's stored in the boot, when looking from outside. Exterior upgrades: The front bumper is Knight Sports' latest design, which is visibly inspired in it's ducting by McLaren. The ducting is for function too, since it enhances air flow to the oil coolers on either side of the bumper and also air flow through the radiator and intercooler. Being Knight Sports it's of excellent quality & fit. RE-Amemiya carbon look door handles are a discreet but useful addition, as this also means the door handles themselves are new (they can get stuff and break off when very old - these have a full lease of life yet). The side skirts are original Mazda optional parts, which being made of ABS plastic means they're resistant to stone chips and also protect the anti-stone chip coating from stones, etc - for extra protection. There are also original option rear mud flaps, which also guard against stone chips on that area of the bodywork. The rear spoiler is a To Bounds Type 1, which is adjustable for angle. It's of similar design to the original 1999+ rear spoiler, but this design suits the more aggressive Knight Sports front spoiler to a tee. The overall effect of these styling upgrades combined with wheels, exhaust and lowered suspension makes for a stunning looking package. Finally, note the headlights have a PIAA HID conversion. This again is an expensive kit in Japan, clearly the previous owner was careful to choose quality regardless of cost, he simply wanted the best where he upgraded. Engine Performance Upgrades: Although standard in engine mechanical & turbo specification, the previous owner selected some well chosen performance upgrades, which were supplied & fitted by our favourite tuner in Japan & our first choice for our own road going example: Knight Sports. They re-chipped the ECU to run 1 bar of boost and fitted a stainless steel Legal Sports exhaust. Resulting performance is strong. It's making around 340 bhp at this setting. Mapping is excellent, so the car starts without drama and runs perfectly too. We test drove it and it goes very well indeed. The air separator tanks on RX-7's are known to being prone to failure on older cars, since the plastic gets brittle, then can break off, resulting in loss of coolant and possible engine damage if not checked (There is actually a warning buzzer if oil or coolant get low, but still!), so the previous owner elected to fit an RE-Amemiya AST tank made of aluminium. Braking & handling Upgrades: To improve handling & braking, there's a set of Cusco coilovers. 17" Advan RG-II wheels are staggered in size and of perfect 8 inch (front) & 9 inch (rear) width & offsets for RX-7 fitment. These are fitted with good quality Bridgestone Potenza sports tyres, with much tread remaining (tyres are new). Also fitted is an Advan Racing alumite security wheel nut set. The brake size is all original, although the discs have been uprated to slit rotor type and uprated pads are also fitted, along with braided brake lines too. Underneath there's a set of Auto Exe under body braces, to help stiffen the chassis. We have these on our own RX-7 in Japan and can confirm they definitely make a difference. Interior Improvements: There are four neatly fitted Defi Advance black faced 60mm gauges for water temp, oil temp, oil pressure & turbo boost with the control unit hidden beneath the dashboard's centre console and the controller tidily placed just right of the steering wheel on the dash. These gauges are neatly housed in a KSP pod for the 3 centrally mounted gauges and a very rare (long discontinued) KSP boost gauge pod to the right of the instrument cluster.The hifi is a 200W Carrozzeria FH580, which plays CD/Radio/ USB and allows the user to set the desired colour for it's lighting. There's a cubby box instead of an ashtray, since the owner was a non-smoker too. In total, around £11,000 worth of upgrades are fitted to this car, all of which are near new in condition. Values of these cars are rising fast and well cared for and tastefully modified examples such as this will continue to rise in value The upgrades are some of the most desirable for a sensible street driven example and as they're discontinued their desirability will rise too, where demand exceeds supply. Test Drive & Condition: This is a one owner car from new and has been regularly serviced and well maintained. With a recent oil change this car runs very sweetly. We drove this car several times before de-registering in Japan and found it to drive perfectly. With an engine that pulls strongly from instant boost, brakes that have virtually no wear & excellent suspension control, we found nothing that needs doing. The paintwork in as shown in stunning unmarked condition. We noted there's just one light dents on the n/s door (See picture) which will be removed as part of our preparation work in UK. It's incredible to see such condition on a car of this age, really but another indication of the care that has been lavished on it. Wheels are in near new condition and we found no scratches on any of the rims. The tyres are also near new and of top quality for Japan (very expensive too). All indicators show this car wasn't driven hard. There's also no corrosion at all to any of the wheels nor the underside, a sign this car's never been driven in salt or grit conditions. Inside, we could see this car has never been smoked in. There's not even an ashtray. Seats are in excellent condition with none of the usual bolster wear found on higher mileage examples. The boot also looks to have no marks and the spare + tools have never been used. Externally there's one very light dent on the top of the passenger door near the handle (to be professionally removed as part of full UK preparation) and some stress cracks on the corner of the front bumper. These are only noticeable when looking closely and could be repaired if desired (at cost), but we feel it's better to wait some time and do the repair when stone chips, or such need repair in future. Being satin black, it's an easy colour to DIY repair too, which is useful. From the care it's had & the incredible condition, we know this car belonged to a mature owner since new who liked to have a nice performance car but hardly used it. It's evident this car was always well cared for and not driven hard and also been garaged since new. It's in stunning condition throughout. RX-7's in as beautiful & low mileage modified condition as this combined at an affordable price are extremely hard to find nowadays, yet alone rare models like this last production Type RS model. This example's clearly been hardly used. The engine is in fine health with good oil pressure & engine health. It's producing an excellent spread of power - perfectly healthy and with plenty of life to give with mileage this low. For further peace of mind when supplied to UK, a 12 month warranty will be supplied with this car also covering rotor tips and water seals. Priced at £27,895 OTR includes full UK registration, new MOT & comprehensive warranty.

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