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1994 AUDI/PORSCHE RS2 AVANT 2.2T QUATTRO (315BHP) TRUE COLLECTORS CONDITION - ABSOLUTELY PRISTINE SUPERB EXAMPLE OF THIS MOTORING ICON JUST 2 FORMER KEEPERS FROM NEW TOTAL SERVICE HISTORY ORIGINAL DEALER NUMBER PLATES - TAX DISC HOLDER - KEY RING ETC A VERY RARE VEHICLE, ONLY 128 LEFT IN UK (44 LICENSED AND 84SORN), CHECK YOURSELF AT WWW.HOWMANYLEFT.CO.UK FULL DETAILS BELOW OF THE MODEL DETAILS AND HISTORY ETC OF MY CAR POSS PX LOTUS CARLTON - ESCORT OR SIERRA COSWORTH - E30 M3 - LANCIA INTEGRALE OR SOMETHING OF THE ERA ;-)))) ABOUT: The Audi RS2 Avant , usually known as Audi 80 RS2, was a limited edition, high-performance Audi five-door, five-seat estate car (station wagon), manufactured from March 1994 to July 1995. Collaboratively designed as a joint venture between Audi AG and Porsche and built on Audi's 80 Avant, It was Audi's first "RS" vehicle, and the first of their high-performance Avants (Audi's name for an estate car or station wagon); it used the most powerful and most thoroughly developed version of Audi's inline-five cylinder turbocharged internal combustion engine. Although it was not widely exported outside of Europe, except for a few to Hong Kong, South Africa, Brazil and New Zealand, the RS2 has amassed an impressive cult following worldwide, and it is often regarded as being the vehicle that finally firmly established Audi as a producer of practical high-performance vehicles: its estate body, seating for five persons, and Audi's 'trademark' quattro permanent four-wheel-drive system as standard made it usable as a comfortable daily driver, even in poor weather conditions. The "RS" initials stand for RennSport (from German, literally translated as "racing sport"), and is Audi's highest performance 'top-tier' trim level, positioned distinctly above the "S" ("Sport") specification level of Audi's regular model range. RS cars are usually produced in limited numbers over a limited time scale, and pioneer some of Audi's latest and most advanced technology and engineering prowess; therefore, "RS" cars could be described as halo cars. Whilst RS cars generally command a much higher purchase price, compared with their 'lesser' brethren, they also retain very high residual values too. Based on Audi's 80 Avant, and built on the Audi B4 platform. It was powered by a modified version of their 2.2 litre inline five-cylinder 20-valve turbocharged petrol engine. This internal combustion engine produced a motive power output of 232 kilowatts (315 PS; 311 bhp) at 6,500 revolutions per minute (rpm). Although much of the car's underpinnings were manufactured by Audi, assembly was handled by Porsche at their Rossle-Bau plant in Zuffenhausen, Germany, which had become available after discontinuation of the Mercedes-Benz 500E, which Porsche had manufactured there under contract. The Rossle-Bau plant also produced the famous Porsche 959. Like the rest of the vehicle, the RS2's five-cylinder engine was based on a unit that Audi already produced, although Porsche considerably modified the engine; the standard KKK turbocharger was switched for a larger unit, along with a heavy-duty intercooler and higher flow fuel injectors, a newly designed camshaft, a more efficient induction system, and a low-pressure exhaust system replaced the standard fare; a specially modified URS4/URS6 Bosch-supplied engine management system (ECU) controlled the engine. With so much power available, the RS2 could accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour (62.1 mph) in 4.8 seconds, and achieve a maximum speed of 262 km/h (162.8 mph) (electronically restricted), despite weighing over 1,600 kilograms (3,527 lb). In a road test conducted in 1995, British car magazine Autocar timed the RS2 from 0 to 30 mph (48 km/h) at just 1.5 seconds, which they confirmed was faster than both the McLaren F1 road car, and also Jacques Villeneuve's Formula One car of that time. Even by more modern standards, its performance is exceptional; it could accelerate on-par with the C5 generation Chevrolet Corvette and a 996 generation Porsche 911. The top speed was 166 mph. A six-speed manual gearbox was the only transmission choice. Audi's Torsen-based 'trademark' quattro permanent four-wheel drive system was standard. Front and rear final drive units contained a conventional 'open' differential, although the rear also has an electro-mechanical diff lock. Porsche-designed braking and suspension systems replaced the standard Audi 80 equipment, however, the Bosch Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) was retained. The front brakes feature either 304 millimetres (11.97 in) in diameter by 32 mm (1.260 in) thick radially vented brake discs, and use Brembo four-opposed piston fixed calipers, or a 'modified' option of larger discs (which will only fit under a 17" wheel) of 322 mm (12.68 in) by 32 mm (1.260 in), with uprated brake pads. The rears featured 299 mm (11.77 in) by 24 mm (0.945 in) radially vented discs, again with Brembo four-piston calipers, and the 'modified' option included identical sized discs, but merely included cross-drilling, along with uprated pads. The handbrake worked on the rears, and consisted of a cable operated 'drum in disc' system. 40 millimetres (1.6 in) lower than a standard 80 Avant, the suspension and braking upgrades combined to give the RS2 the handling and braking capabilities of a high-end sports car; 7.0Jx17 inch Porsche 'Cup' roadwheels, and high-performance 245/40 ZR17 Dunlop tyres were standard as well. In fact, the braking system wore Porsche-badged Brembo calipers, and both the wheels and side mirrors were identical in design to those of the 964 Turbo. Additionally, the word "PORSCHE" is inscribed in the RS2 emblem affixed to the rear tailgate, front grille and steering wheel. A three-spoke leather steering wheel, Recaro sports-bucket seats, and console materials in either wood or carbon fibre trim rounded out the vehicle's interior changes. Audi's proprietary Safety Restraint System, procon-ten remained from its donor vehicle. Approximately 2200 RS2s were to be built initially, but due to demand the total was 2891 cars built. Of these, only 180 were right hand drive cars built for the UK, New Zealand and South African markets. Audi's tough Quattro drivetrain, and a sprinkling of special parts, such as the Cup alloys and 968 brakes served notice that it was very much a thoroughbred product from Porsche's Zuffenhausen factory. On the road, it didn't disappoint. Acceleration was vivid, and now legendary. In its 1994 road test Autocar cracked 0-30mph in 1.5 seconds and 60 in 4.8, aided by brilliant traction - and that's still pretty fast today. Yet for those not in the know, the RS2 looked like any other top-end Audi 80 Avant. The big wheels, Porsche mirrors and red reflector panel were subtle tell-tales, but in reality, this mid-sized estate passed by most people, and was capable of giving a stealthy kicking to some pretty serious machinery. As Q-cars go, this was a good as it got back in the '90s. Back then, good ones were still around £20,000. Memories of driving one will be crystal sharp and dominated by the explosive acceleration once the turbo was spinning, hard-edged five-pot warble baying its accompaniment, and an almost maniacal desire to bang into the rev limiter thrown in for good effect. Then there was grip. Oh my goodness, the grip. Catapulting out of bends, or from hooning from toll booths, it went like a kicked cat. We weren't the only one's who saw the RS2's potential as the ultimate Q-car. Back in 2006, H&H Auctions had an RS2 for sale, with a curiously low estimate, looking good in Nogaro Blue - definite bidding fodder. But the car had a story. It had originally been stolen from an Audi dealership before being converted into the ultimate getaway car by a gang of bank robbers. They disguised it as an 80 TDI Avant by changing its chassis plate, interior, bumpers, tailgate, and wheels - including the fitment of plastic wheel trims. The real shame is that the seller put it back to standard, and what's not recorded is whether the criminals got away or not. But it's a good bet the car would have had little trouble outpacing plod's Vauxhall Omegas. When the Audi RS2 Avant reached UK shores in August 1994, Autocar was keen to discover if the fastest-ever estate car at that time had a stronger whiff of Zuffenhausen about it than Ingolstadt, due to its myriad of Porsche components. Priced at £45,705 even 20 years ago, it was by no means inexpensive. 315bhp at 6500rpm and 302lb ft of torque at 3000rpm, which enabled the RS2 Avant to sprint from 0-62mph in 5.4sec while romping to its 163mph top speed. By today’s standards, these performance numbers would keep a Porsche Cayman S with PDK incredibly honest. It was also the most remarkable car Autocar figured from 0-30mph. Dispatching the speed in 1.5sec, the RS2 Avant infamously outpaced a McLaren F1 over the same measurement. To put that milestone into perspective, a new Alpina B3 Biturbo fails to match that landmark, at 2.0sec. As Autocar said in the road test at the time: “It is a most extraordinary horizon-chaser. It’ll stay with a Ferrari 456 most of the way past the quarter-mile post on to the kilometre, thanks to some spectacular forced induction in-gear increments: 40-60mph in third in 2.8sec, 60-80mph in fourth in 3.6sec, 80-100mph in fifth in 5.1sec and 100-120mph in sixth in 7.7sec.” We found the Audi RS2 Avant impossible not to like. Over time it has cemented itself as a Quattro GmbH legend. HISTORY: The vehicle is presented with a meticulous history and excellent provenence, the vehicle has been enthusiast owned and fully maintained regardless of cost with frequent visits to Audi dealerships for scheduled maintenance. The vehicle was registered with its first owner on 17/10/1994 until 05/02/1999, then the second owner from 05/02/1999 until 14/02/2002 and its current owner from 14/02/2002 until current. The vehicle is supplied with current V5 registartion certificate(old style v5's also included), all previous MOT's, service invoices, HPI certificate, Clifford concept G500 alarm and immobiliser with insurance certificate and spare fobs, original Audi RS2 sales/marketing brochure, original 1992 Audi Sports brochure, Various RS2 articles and memorobelia. The service book is complete and up to date with 20 stamps/entries as follows: 14/10/1994- Delivery inspection at Keith Garages Aylesbury 31/05/1995 9547 miles- Service at Keith Garages Aylesbury 14/08/1995 13800 miles- Service Keith Garages Aylesbury 19/10/1995 17336 miles- Service Keith Garages Aylesbury 19/03/1996 28146 miles- Service Keith Garages Aylesbury 09/09/1996 38362 miles- Service Keith Garages Aylesbury 23/04/1997 44882 miles- Service Keith Garages Aylesbury 20/05/1997 45480 miles- Service Keith Garages Aylesbury 03/03/1999 47900 miles- Service Keith Garages Aylesbury 28/08/1999 56952 miles- Service Keith Garages Aylesbury 05/04/2000 67124 miles- Automotive Developments OXON 08/11/2000 76600 miles- Automotive Developments OXON 03/07/2001 90069 miles- AUDI Keith Garages Aylesbury 11/01/2002 101872 miles- Audi Keith Garages Aylesbury 24/01/2003 104927 miles- AUTOPOOL AUDI SPECIALISTS 13/05/2004 108270 miles- AH AUTO & SONS AUDI SPECIALIST GUILDFORD 05/10/2005 112750 miles-AH AUTO & SONS AUDI SPECIALIST 17/05/2006 115630 miles-AH AUTO & SONS AUDI SPECIALIST 03/07/2007 121076 miles-AH AUTO & SONS AUDI SPECIALIST 14/08/2008 126396 MILES-AH AUTO & SONS AUDI SPECIALIST RECENT MAJOR SERVICE ON 24/02/2016 AT FONTAIN IN IVER WHO ARE AN AUDI SPECIALIST CONSISTING OF NEW FUEL PUMP, FULL SERVICE, GEARBOX OIL, EXHAUST + BATTERY AT A COST OF £2000 Vehicle will again be fully serviced before reaching its new home. The vehicle has had a Sach's performance clutch kit installed within its history and also other scheduled maintenance work such as mounts, joints, tie ends, track ends and discs & pads etc. The timing belt and water pump were last changed on 13/05/2004 at 108270 miles at AH AUTOMOTIVE. DESCRIPTION: The vehicle is presented in an immaculate condition with an amazing body/paintwork free of any blemishes or marks. The interior is presented in superb condition free from any markings/scratches on the leather. The seat bolsters show very minimal wear and all features are operating without any issues. The wheels benefit from a recent refurbishment and do not have mark on them and also wrapped in a set of new tyres recently. An amazing vehicle, an opportunity to own not just a car, but a piece of engineering history. 12 months MOT included £52,950 POSS PX CAR OR BIKE ETC - MODERN OR CLASSIC MOST VEHICLES CONSIDERED PERSONAL SALE AND TERMS OF ONE OF MY OWN VEHICLES LOCAL OR WORLDWIDE DELIVERY ARRANGED NOT A PROBLEM PLEASE VIEW MY OTHER ITEMS CAR IS LOCATED IN NORTHERN IRELAND - UK CAR IS UK REGISTERED ON UK V5 NO EXTRA COST WHATSOEVER TO USE BACK ON MAINLAND ALL QUALITY LOW MILEAGE ORIGINAL SPORTS / CLASSICS WANTED PLEASE VIEW MY OTHER ITEMS CAR IS LOCATED IN NORTHERN IRELAND / UK CAR IS UK REGISTERED ON UK V5 NO EXTRA COSTS WHATSOEVER TO USE ON MAINLAND 5 MINUTES FROM DERRY AIRPORT - RYANAIR FROM LIVERPOOL , STANSTED,GLASGOW - VERY CHEAP AND QUICK TO GET HERE RETURN BOATS THROUGHOUT THE DAY TO LIVERPOOL OR CAIRNRYAN DOCKS CAR CAN BE DELIVERED TO YOUR MAINLAND DOOR FOR APPROX £240 AFTER CLEARED FUNDS PLEASE ASK ANY FURTHER DETAILS PLEASE EMAIL ME OR CALL ON 07703 570520 £1000 PART PAYMENT VIA BANK TRANSFER REQUIRED WITHIN 12 HOURS OF ANY AGREED DEAL

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