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1986 Volvo 740 GL Estate 2.3 Carb Manual For Sale

Hello! Here is my 1986 Volvo 740GL. Really don't want to part with this really, but I've got to be honest with myself as it's been stood a while now, I haven't really got the time nor motivation to sort it and it deserves better than just sitting there. General info: Being a 1986 'D reg' model, (700 series estates were introduced over here in 1985, C reg) so it's a very early Estate model, most of the ones that come up for sale are E or F reg or later. Not many of these around now. I had basically bought it off a chap who'd owned it most of it's life, he ran an mot garage and was maintained very well for 23+ years. It's got a full history file including the original sale document and run in papers ect. It was sold new from BMW Irving garage in Bridgwater from the research I've done? And it appears to have stayed in somerset for it's whole 32 year life. I bought it to use as a daily which i did do for over a year, and it ran flawlessly. surprising amount of torque from these B230 engines. So it was all great until it one day just stopped getting fuel, so it's either one of the 3 fuel Pumps or the Relay. It runs off a gravity fed bottle into the Carb... anyhow i've lost the motivation and interest to deal with it so i'll list the good and bad points: GOOD points - Overall condition is pretty good, only seems to have one or two small dents over the entire body. Unfortunately there is Laquer peel on the Bonnet and Roof, and other than that it would almost be a perfect example which is a shame. Non Sunroof model, looks nicer in my opinion, and they tend to leak, as well as being an obstacle for headlining replacement... (see bad points below lol) It's a Pierburg Carb model, so no annoying early fuel injection system headaches... however it's still Electronic Choke... which can be temperamental sometimes, would probably convert to manual choke if I were keeping it... Genuine 5 speed manual (not 4 +1 Overdrive). Most Volvo's from this age tend to be the four plus overdrive box so that's quite cool. Power front windows. Impress your mates with that one, but not the back, they're still winders. Heated front seats. Yeah! And you can bet the passenger side works better, but thats life. V good quality Tow bar with 5 pin electronics. Rare ABS OEM boot liner Thule Roof bars Sounds silly but the Bumpers haven't been warped/gone out of shape and still in great condition, virtually no scuffs, with a bit of blackener on them they come up like brand new. In fact the whole car looks new after a good polish and if you don't look at the top and bonnet ahah. inside is generally really good condition, which is quite rare as these often have wrecked insides due to actually being used!?! BAD Points - Right, so it's got most of the classic early 740 problems including, Degradable wiring. So some of the lights that should be working on the dash i.e Daylight running lights dash symbol don't work. Oil light flickers as well, wiring going into the sensor may as well not exist. Non existent Headlining, It's been fully ripped out by the previous owner. He's done a good job though, so it's ready to be put back in. I went to a classic car show not too long ago in it, and the car caught the attention of the Volvo owners club members. who took pictures of the car, and then told me that apparently you can still get original headlining for this car? The fabric is shared with a Landrover or Rangerover?? You'll have to look into that one, or just put in some nice floral fabric and be the Swedish King/Queen you are. The jobs actually the easiest of the 700 series as the saloons need their back window taken out, and also as it lacks a sun roof, there isn't that to deal with either. Cracked dash, again very common with these, but it's not horrific you'll be glad to know. Sun fade on front seats? Not much really, drivers seat has a little wear. Not that bad though. Also these seats are MEGA comfy. Even more so than the leather options. Odometer doesn't work. Again, another 700 series classic. Fuel gauge doesn't work. The gear linkages need sorting i think, 1st and 2nd are quite stiff to get into gear. Fuel issue as mentioned earlier. Reverse lights one day just stopped working. Some very small amounts of rust around the wheel wells, could be sorted very easily. and is the only rust spot on the car. Underneath seems really good. Okay, so I think that's about it. It's 33 years old this year, and taking that into account it's extremely clean considering it's never been stored in its life. I've listed everything I can think of. I've been brutally honest, and with a little work it could be a really nice daily driver. Or restore it, not many early examples about and i feel this one should be saved. You'll get thumbs up from fellow Volvo drivers wherever you go that's for sure. Will try list some more photo's later, as it appears most of the photo's I've got to hand are more 'artistic'... but it really does polish up that nicely! Also, if you've got any questions, i'll be happy to answer! Obviously will need to be towed/ put on a trailer when collected. Will run off a gravity fed bottle for the sake of getting on a trailer. Cheers! - Henry

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