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2013 BMW E92 M3 For Sale

Registration date: 2013 Mileage: 20,445 Transmission type: DCT Vehicle colour: Mineral white metallic Interior: Black leather Former keepers: 1 Its no secret that here at Munich Legends we love a V8 M3. Almost certainly BMW’s best modern all-round M car – something most owners will wholeheartedly agree with – the E90/92 model is also the last of the naturally aspirated M3s, an unfortunate fact that true ///M aficionados will lament forever. The multiple award-winning engine is a close relative of the Formula 1 derived V10 from the M5/M6 of the same era – basically the same architecture with a couple of cylinders sliced off – and doesn’t it show! The same relentless pull, the addictive build of power as you head towards the top of the rev range, the same instant response to every little input from the driver, but mated with a lighter, more agile, more pushable chassis, and, it has to be said, a fabulous steering rack that allows the most intricate, reassuring, precise manoeuvres at high speeds or on tight, twisty roads. The overall feel is a car whose individual elements – engine, chassis, gearbox, brakes – all work in perfect harmony, complementing and matching each other to produce a masterpiece of modern automotive design. The overriding impression is of a car with perfect poise, and above all, bags of character, something that the later generation M3 struggles to match. Ignore BMW’s official figures – the V8 M3 in DCT guise has been clocked by many independent testers at a sub- 4 second 0-60, and with EDC giving you flexibility to switch from comfort to race feel at the push of a button, your M3 can be all of the cars you need in one. Unlike its V10 cousin, the V8 M3 is relatively easy on fuel and oil, on long motorway journeys mpg figure of late 20s are easily achievable, making it an easy car to live with. The manual DCT (dual clutch) gearbox is a masterpiece, allowing millisecond gear changes and a fabulous auto mode for smooth road use, whilst retaining full engine braking and proper driver interaction, just like a manual stick shift does. The coupe version boasts a carbon fibre roof, shedding around 10kg of weight and slightly lowering the centre of gravity, but still offers all the practicality of a huge boot and generous cabin space. The M3 V8’s Jekyll and Hyde personality means the E92 is equally at home on the school run, family holiday or trip with grandma as it is on the racetrack or quiet back roads on your favourite night run. In fact, it’s hard to think of another BMW (or anything else for that matter) that offers so much versatility, whilst being so damned rewarding. The only down side is that most V8 M3 owners struggle to move out of their daily drive into the next car. There just isn’t anything else. This particular V8 M3 is a Limited Edition (1/500) version in Mineral White with contrasting black trim, with black leather interior. Having been a BMW Approved used car for the only two owners, the service history is complete and up to date, and has had the benefit of being under warranty for most of its life (a full BMW warranty is still available). Our workshop team has carried out a thorough inspection of the car and have found the condition to be very much as you’d expect for a car with so few owners and such tiny mileage. All in all, a very desirable version of one of the worlds greatest motoring icons. Welcome to the BMW M3. For more details or info, or to book a viewing, please contact our showroom team on 01825 740456 or email us on [email protected]
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