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1923 Connaught De Luxe Solo 347cc With 3 Speed Hand Gears. For Sale

( WE CAN EASILY ARRANGE TO HAVE THIS SUPER RARE MOTORCYCLE DELIVERED ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD ) Year: 1923 Connaught De-Luxe Solo ( Super rare two stroke model ) 3.5 h.p ( 347cc ) big cc model Carburettor: Amac Ignition: B.T.H. Forks: Spring Forks ( Drews Patent ) Dreid Pattern, Own make. Petrol Tap: Special two-level ( with filter), giving ample warning before petrol supply is exhausted : ) Foot-Boards: Aluminium. Finish: Black, with usual parts plated. Year: 1923 Chassis/Vin No: 1273 Engine No: 155 Cubic Capacity: 347cc Two Stroke De-Luxe Solo Three Speed Gearbox: Hand Gear Change: Burman Gearbox. De-Luxe: Chain drive version. Decompressor Advance retard lever control on handle bars. Choke & accelerator levers on handle bars. Cost new: ?62 Guineas ( Carriage Paid ) 'Connaught were the producers of excellent 293cc and 347cc two-stroke singles with belt and chain drive to the rear wheel. The range of models became larger when Connaught introduced 1925 models with 348cc sv and ohv Blackburne and ohv Bradshaw (oil-cooled) engines. Bert Perrigo, who afterwards went to BSA, and Jack Sprosen were among leading Connaught riders.' ? Tragatsch. Connaught motorcycles were produced in Birmingham by the Bordesley Engineering Company, which introduced its first model ? a 293cc single-cylinder two-stroke ? at the 1912 Olympia Show. Like the four-strokes of the time, early two-stroke engines relied on hand-pumped lubrication with oil being delivered from a separate compartment within the fuel tank. Connaught though, was among the first to use 'petroil' ( Petrol & oil ) lubrication, whereby oil is mixed with the petrol, which would become the accepted method and remain so for several decades. However, a hand pump was retained, presumably to allay fears about possible unreliability. After WWI the line-up expanded to include four-stroke models powered by Blackburne, Bradshaw and JAP engines as well as Connaught's own. The little two-stroke remained a fixture of the range until production ceased in 1926. This particular motorcycle was found back in the early 80's and was restored over a period of time by the previous owner to last who rode the 1923 flat tank Connaught De-Luxe Solo 347cc two stroke in 1991 on a vintage rally, Since then the machine has been stored at his house with a collection of other motorcycles, last taxed in 1991 as can be seen in the pictures, we also have a copy of the insurance document from the same year. The last owner who had the bike since 1988 decided to downsize his bike collection due to full retirement, this has to be one of those rare chances to purchase a piece of rare history. Documents included the DVLA V5c logbook, various old photos, a genuine original Connaught sales brochure, as RARE as hens teeth ) and a letter hand written from ( The Vintage Motor Cycle Club Ltd ) + Various tools, a tin of carbide pills for the lighting, but no matches : ( Look at the third photo on the EBay UK advertisement ( [email protected]@K at Item No: 132935633005 ) and you will see that the last owner found the correct carburettor which has never been fitted, this will come with the bike. Please look at the pictures and you will see that the Connaught is still covered in a thick layer of dust from the 28 year sleep over, I have not tried to clean the dust and grease off the machine as i will give this pleasure to the new owner, with close inspection and a drop of mixed two-stroke oil and fuel the Connaught started after a few kicks but was immediately shut down as the bike will need a proper re-commission if its to be used again. I have asked around and found out that this is a very rare Vintage motorcycle ( Not many survivors around, if any ? ) SERIOUS ENQUIRIES: Please call the shop/showroom on 020 8997 2421 between 10.30 and 6 or try my 24/7 most times mobile number on 07973 11 12 13 and ask for Frank. PLEASE NOTE:This rare motorcycle is advertised on EBay UK where you will see 20 more nice pictures. Email: [email protected] Website: INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AND DELIVERY INFORMATION BELOW, PLEASE READ Delivery can easily be arranged anywhere in the England and Wales, please enquire. World Wide Shipping Easily Organised With These prices are based on a standard classic sized motorcycle – any bookings that are made, we will need to quote based on the specific bike, as the crate size may need to be bigger if it is a larger classic – this will then increase the shipping freight costs. Australia Perth £908.00 Sailing time 4 weeks Sydney £955.00 Sailing time 6 weeks Melbourne £955.00 Sailing time 6 weeks Brisbane £920.00 Sailing time 5 weeks New Zealand Auckland £908.00 Sailing time 6 weeks Christchurch £1140.00 Sailing time 6 weeks Japan Yokohama £930.00 Sailing time 6 weeks USA Boston £880.00 Sailing time 3 weeks New York £845.00 Sailing time 3 weeks Chicago £939.00 Sailing time 3 weeks Atlanta £950.00 Sailing time 3 weeks Baltimore £880.00 Sailing time 3 weeks Miami £974.00 Sailing time 3 weeks Houston £927.00 Sailing time 3 weeks Los Angeles £962.00 Sailing time 5 weeks San Francisco £1009.00 Sailing time 6 weeks Seattle £1021.00 Sailing time 6 weeks Dubai Jebel Ali £808.00 Sailing time 3 weeks China Shanghai £806.00 Sailing time 4 weeks Canada Toronto £1021.00 Sailing time 3 weeks Vancouver £1138.00 Sailing time 4 weeks Montreal £1009.00 Sailing time 2 weeks For all other countries please email us your address/location for a quote. These prices include collection, packing, freight, fuel surcharges, documentation, handling and export clearances. The customer will then need to pay any import formalities and import clearances on arrival of the motorcycle at destination. We can also put the customer in contact with an arrivals agent at destination to assist with arrival formalities and charges. They can also assist with forward delivery as required. For shipments to Australia, Vehicle Import Approval (VIA) must be obtained prior to arrival in Australia. Applications usually take from 4-6 weeks to process and be returned. You can also apply for VIA online here. The Australian Department of Infrastructure and Transport will require you to apply for the permit to import a vehicle. It normally takes between 15-20 days to process applications. The import procedure can be found here. Optional Services: Insurance may be organised to cover the motorcycle for loss or damage during ocean transit. This is based on 1.5% of the bikes value + freight + 10%. ELIVERY ANYWHERE. Look below. We can easily arrange with the following to have this motorcycle delivered to your business or home address. Worldwide delivery: ( [email protected]@K at 3rd picture ) Europe: England:
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