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1955 AUSTIN HEALEY 100 ’S’ SEBRING, 1 of 50 original built For Sale

1955 AUSTIN HEALEY 100 ’S’ SEBRING - 1 of the 50 original ‘100S’ competition models built by the Donald Healey Motor Company - 1 of only 38 known to be in existence - Unique original specification and restored to factory fresh condition - Eligible for world class historic events and concours d’elegance - Known as 1 of the most original and correct Healey 100S cars in existence - Period race history with good results - The ultimate Healey, not out of place in the finest collections ‘The prime motive of all our competition motoring was to generate publicity that would increase sales of the production model, the “100”… We were under pressure from distributors, particularly in America, to build specially prepared cars to meet demands from customers.’ – Geoffrey Healey, ‘The Healey Story’. Thus was born the fabled ‘100S’, one of the rarest and most highly sought after of all Austin-Healey sports cars. The project that would culminate in the ‘100S’ model began in 1953 when the factory began preparing the Austin-Healey 100 for competition. Dunlop disc brakes were one of the first important upgrades, followed in 1954 by the adoption of a Weslake-designed, ‘single-port’, aluminium cylinder head. Instead of the three-speed overdrive gearbox of the standard production model, the ‘100S’ was fitted with the new C-series four-speed unit. Healey’s body suppliers, Jensen, built the ‘100S’ bodies in aluminium, the slightly different frontal treatment with its smaller oval radiator intake having been arrived at during development. There was no weather equipment, merely a low Perspex windscreen, while another of the model’s distinctive features was its seats with their vertically slotted backs. A 20-gallon fuel tank filled the boot. With a claimed 132bhp on tap from the 2,660cc four-cylinder engine, the ‘100S’ was good for a top speed of around 210km/h (130mph). When a prototype driven by Lance Macklin and George Huntoon finished an excellent 3rd overall at the Sebring 12-Hour Race in March 1954, it seemed only logical that the competition version should be called the ‘100S’. The new car was premiered at the London Motor Show in October 1954 with deliveries commencing in February ’55. Austin-Healey’s contemporary advertising made much of the recent successful speed record attempt at Bonneville, Utah where a prototype had run for 24 hours, averaging 132.2mph. Excluding prototypes and ‘Special Test Cars’ to ‘100S’ specification, only 50 production versions were made, all being completed during 1955 and all with right-hand drive, approximately 50 percent of which were despatched new to the USA. The Healey 100S is very competitive and a Mille Miglia favourit. Jaguar C-type and early Ferrari drivers have to beware: a well-driven 100S will be nipping at your heels” ABOUT THIS SPECIFIC EXAMPLE AHS3708 was shipped to Gough Industries (California) on the 21st. of April 1955 and the car was purchased by Jim Parkinson of Burbank Sports Cars. Jim was a very competent racing driver and he raced most cars that he bought for a short period of time before selling them. The only documented (to date) race that Jim raced the car in was in 29Th January 1957 at the Los Angeles Country Fairgrounds in Ponoma, California. At this time Richard Shipman owned the car. It is highly likely that Jim raced the car on several occasions during 1955 and early 1956. In early 1956 Jim Parkinson sold AHS3708 to Richard (Dick) Shipman for $5,000 with less then 1,000 recorded miles in “almost new” condition Dick recalled in the year 2000 during an interview. Dick was a member of the Sports Car Club in California and he raced the car during 1956, 1957 and 1958. Dick always raced the car as #331. In August 1958 Dick raced AHS 3708 for the last time at the Paramount circuit. Two drivers were killed at the meeting, and having recently got married. Dick decided to end his racing career. In 1958 Dick over painted the Old English White over Lobelia paintwork with a coat of red paint as he thought that it would be easier to sell a red car. Dick traded AHS3708 for a Jaguar XK120 to Hal Eugene Conrad, who raced the car before selling it to Joel Ohnstad in 1963. Joel owned a large wrecking yard in West Los Angeles. In 1966 Sherman Boring bought AHS 3708 from Joe Ohnstatd but only drove it occasionally. Whenever Sherman drove the car he tried to avoid the police, for fear that the car was illegal, due to it being a racing car without a full windscreen and bumpers. In 1976 a well-known car collector Paul Haus bought AHS 3708 but he never used the car, but always stored it under a cover. In 1997 Jonas Liden from sweden bought AHS 3708 and sent it to Jaye Engineering (peter Jaye) in England for a restoration. In the two years that Jonas owned AHS 3708 he covered only 10 miles. In July 1999 Colin Beasley from England purchased AHS 3708 attending many Austin Healey shows and historic racing events. In march 2005 Charles Matthews from England bought AHS 3708 using it on many European Austin Healey events. In May 2006 Mr. Matthews won the Healey Drivers Club Donald Healey Memorial and Geoff Price Memorial Trophies, and in September competed at Prescott Speed Hill Climb. This Austin Healey 100S has been meticulously restored by world’s renowned Healey Hundred specialist Bart van Tiggelen and his team at ‘100 Healeys’. The quality of the restoration is second to none. As the majority of the Austin Healey 100S’es have lost quite a number of their original parts, simply due to the fact that these were racing cars and there has been virtually no replacement parts supply, it was astonishing to see how original this one was. Most of the existing 100S Healeys have been built up with standard 100-4 parts after accidents on race tracks or during restorations in periods that originality was not important. This Healey 100S is according to a variety of specialists known as 1 of the 2 most original 100S cars in the world. Simply a unique example! As this was the case, Bart and his team was given the opportunity by former owner Charles Matthews, to use this 100S as the example for the so called ‘100S project’. 15 Extremely detailed copies of the 100S are being built after recreating all of the 100S parts. An enourmous task and painstaking process which can only be accomplished when you are as passionate as Bart and his team. Also enough spare parts are being produced to properly service the remaining original 100S’es in the future. Due to it’s unique originality this specific 100S can also be seen in the book of AUSTIN-HEALEY 100 in detail from Bill Pigott from page 116 on. CONDITION EXTERIOR The condition of the Healey is absolutely outstanding. The body is extremely nice with superb door fittings and a very nice and perfectly shining paint. The car carries it’s typical 100S color being Old English White over Lobelia Blue. The car retains its original chassis- and body number plate and engine number plate, and the boot- and bonnet lid carry the correct body number (number 58). Actually we can write a long story but the exterior condition of the Healey is extremely impressive and period correct. The correctness of the car can easily be recognized by details such as the mounting of the plexi-glass window as this is a very rare system, only existing on a 100S but still correct on this specific example. CONDITION INTERIOR The Healey 100S has a wonderful interior as well. To enter the 100S there is a small handle located on the front part of the door. Pull back the handle and enter the most impressive type of Healey in existence. The steering wheel is still original and wood rimmed. The windscreen is beautifully curved plexiglas and there is no windscreen wiper or hood so if it is/was raining, the only solution is/was to drive fast. On the passenger side of the Healey 100S, the original brass plate is located wich was fitted to all new 100S cars confirming their authenticity. DRIVING EXPERIENCE There are a number of features involved in the creation of a winning racecar. The 100S was an excellent example of balance between the important functions of speed, cornering and braking. Speed was proved using a highly modified 100 engine with an aluminum head, a nitrated crankshaft, a special camshaft and choice of gears. Making the car lighter was another way to increase speed and with the exception of the doors skins the entire body of the 100S was made of aluminium resulting in a significant weight reduction from the BN1 and BN2. Braking on the 100S was facilitated with perhaps the most outstanding feature of the car, the use of Dunlop disc brakes on all four wheels. From a driver perspective we can say that this car is absolutely an amazing machine to drive or to race. The handling is absolutely fantastic and if this 100S is driven by a serious skilled driver in an event like the Mille Miglia we do understand that Ferrari and Jaguar C-type drivers have to beware as the 100S will be nipping at their heels. MORE INFORMATION For more information or an appointment, please call Rutger Houtkamp+31625098150 or send an e-mail to [email protected] Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone during evenings or in the weekend. The Houtkamp Collection is centrally located near Amsterdam and only 10 minutes from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Disclaimer The information provided on this website has been compiled by The Houtkamp Collection with the utmost care. The information contained within this advert is provided ‘as-is’, without warranties as to its accuracy whether expressed or implied and is intended for informational purposes only. The Houtkamp Collection is not liable for any errors or mistakes.

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