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1993 ** Escort RS Cosworth M.A.Developments Built ** For Sale

For sale is my Escort RS Cosworth Big Turbo Lux model 1993 K reg in Mallard Green and was originally supplied by Vardy Ford in Reading Berkshire. Magazine featured on numerous occasions and most recently featured in December 2015 Fast Ford issue. Car has 3 previous owners and mileage is a genuine 36k miles and has been meticulously maintained from new. Service history is perfect with original bill of sale and various letters and invoice from supplying main dealer. 3 factory supplied keys 1 being master key with original Vardy Ford leather key ring which still has the black cable tie with key number engraved on. Original Ford leather wallet including every manual/ user guide from main dealer RAC card with original number plate printed on, 2 stamped ford service books. Every MOT & road tax disc from new until law change on road tax all supporting paper work from DVLA from then. A4 ring binder folder full of receipts/invoices totalling well over £80k. Before and after me buying the car it has had ££££’s spent on it and has done very few miles on the current setup never launched, tracked or abused in anyway. Every extra and then some to make it one of if not the best road spec Escort Cosworth. I believe you will struggle to find a better cherished & modified Coworth. Everything that has been done to the car previously and present from building to servicing has only ever been done by trusted company’s. The car was originally serviced at the supplying main dealer by the 1st owner up until 1995 and was tuned to a Stage 3 setup at Collin’s Performance in 1994. From 1995 till today the car has been looked after and modified by Mark Shead at M.A Developments except from 2 occasions where the car was serviced by the 2nd owner at Woodford Garage in 2002 & 2003. The 1st owner from Reading sold the car to its 2nd owner in Cornwall in 2001. The 2nd owner registered the private registration K40 0RS in 2001 from the original registration K764 XCF. The 2nd owner then sold the car to the 3rd owner in Cardiff in 2003. It was then sold to me by 3rd owner in 2014. Engine bottom end was rebuilt by M.A Developments in 2010 at 31547 miles while the 3rd owner owned the car. Work that was carried out for rebuild new Cosworth crank, new Cosworth Group A high pressure oil pump, new bearings throughout, new Group A bottom end bolts, Cosworth rods checked & balanced fitted with new ARP rod bolts, new Mahle pistons with valve cut outs, new Group A WRC multi lay head gasket, new gaskets throughout, new liners, factory 200 block machined for 6 long studs and fitted with new Group A long head studs still retains its matching numbers to the log book. All aftermarket upgrades before and after the engine rebuild can be confirmed by service history by date/mileage or via Mark Shead. Cylinder head replaced in 2018 at 36102 miles ( low mileage standard cylinder head used ) completely refreshed pressure and cracked tested. Latest M.A.D spec CNC machined ported/polished/gas flowed cylinder head. New latest M.A.D Spec cams inlet & exhaust, new lifters, new Quaife alloy adjustable pulleys, new Ferrea Competition Plus inlet & exhaust valves, new bronze valve guides. New camshaft oil seals, new oil stem seals, new Piper Cam double valve springs & new exhaust manifold studs. New WRC Group A multi-layer head gasket. Cosworth inlet manifold ported and polished to match cylinder head, New Ansu 1000cc injectors, new Denso IK27 iridium spark plugs, new MK MotorSport billet fuel rail & every other gasket/seals replaced with new items when cylinder head was refreshed. New Helix 6 paddle clutch kit and Reyland hydraulic clutch conversion, rear crank seal, cambelt, oil & filter, gearbox, diff oil also done when cylinder head was done. Newly rebuilt and just fitted big tooth short ratio Pete Doughty gearbox with uprated 60nM centre viscous coupling, 3.9 drop gear set, solid cradle bushes & R&B MotorSport short shifter. Car is kept in a dehumidified garage inside a air chamber. All oils, spark plugs, coolant and belts are regularly serviced regardless of mileage. EXTERIOR The paint is in brilliant condition for age and mileage with very minimum amount of paint since new. All seals, glass, panels, bumpers ect are factory never involved in any bumps or scrapes. Standard headlights have been replaced with Morettes, amber front bumper and side indicators have been replaced with clear indictors. Fog lights replaced with RS500 grills and air ducts. Standard rear lights have been replaced with genuine Nomad rear lights & genuine front splitter kit has been replaced with a high quality fibre glass replica splitter kit painted in satin black. Factory parts ie front splitter, all factory lights front, back and sidelights also smoked front bumper indictors and side indictors ect are available. All work since I’ve owned the car for exterior has been done at Beenham Auto Intergale Body Shop. INTERIOR Interior can only be described as mint for age and mileage. All interior, carpets, rubber seals and plastics are all factory. Apart from a 52mm twin A pillar pod. 52mm gauge plate where the LCD clock is fitted and a 2x 52mm gauge plate under the stereo. Factory banana pod has been modified to hold 3x 52mm gauges. Every gauge fitted is a white face stack gauge. The material/lights on the main speedo clocks has been changed to a bright green (this is not tatty sticker job is a complete replacement from the back of the speedo clocks.) Factory steering wheel has been replaced with an Atiwe RS Accessories 4 spoke leather steering wheel. Space saver wheel has been replaced with an 18 inch Escort Cosworth spare wheel with a custom leather cover. Factory tool kit is present and complete nothing in the car squeaks or rattles, no rusty seat mounts. No sagging on the roof lining still smells like new inside. Factory parts ie steering wheel, stereo, LCD clock, ect available. ENGINE BAY Engine bay is finished to a high standard and meticulously put together all work disassemble/assemble undertaken by M.A Developments. The rocker cover, turbo heat shield, Cosworth ported and polished inlet manifold, Auto Specialist plenum and Spec-R cambelt cover have been powder coated in crackle black and other parts have been painted in satin black using a high quality 2-pack epoxy primer. There are loads of alloy parts to break up the black in the engine. These are either Spec-R, Auto Specialists or custom parts. Every gasket has been replaced with new items and lots of new bolts, screws and washers. Ones that have been reused have been cleaned and nickel plated. Every hose has been replaced with new black SFS silicone hoses throughout the engine bay. All boost hoses have been replaced with new black over-braided hoses. New fuel hoses and fittings, new jubilee clips and Goodridge fittings throughout the engine bay. New M.A.D spec twin scroll manifold, New Borg Warner EFR 7064 twin scroll turbo, New Asnu 1000cc injectors, New 3.5 inch top feed bar & plate Spec-R Intercooler loads more parts fitted check build thread further down the advert. UNDERSIDE The underside is restored to a high standard and is completely rust and rot free. Work for disassemble/assemble on the underside on the car has been undertaken by M.A Developments. Be assured its not something that has been thrown together. Once car was stripped at M.A Developments car was then transported to Beenham Auto Intergale body shop in Reading to have the work listed below. Entire underneath of the car was steamed cleaned to remove any dirt car was then put in a spray booth to remove any moisture ready to have wax oil applied. Chassis rails, Inner sills, inner wings & inner bulk head area were checked with a bore scope and not a spec of rust was found anywhere. Any surface rust that was found on the underside which was minimum only very light surface rust was sanded back to bare metal and treated. No fill ever used or welding has been done to underside of the car plenty of pictures before and after of underside. Professionally sealed using waxoly which has been sprayed on evenly. All cavities including chassis rails, bulk head, doors, boot lid, inner sills, inner front wings, inner rear quarters & battery tray areas that are prone to rust have be injected with cavity wax. All the drivetrain components have been sandblasted and painted in high quality satin black 2-pack epoxy primer and all bolts, screws and washers have been cleaned and nickel plated. Car was then transported back to M.A Developments where the car was reassembled back together to have the parts listed below. Ahmed Bayjoo 6 degree rear beam, Rear diff overhauled at Bara MotorSport having 7” 3.9 rear axle, 7” 3.9 crown wheel pinion, serviced and dyno test. Every gaiter is new as well as wheel bearings, new M.A.D spec Black Art Design coilovers ( revalved & sprung to Mark Shead’s specification ) fuel hoses and fittings replaced with new items loads more parts fitted. Below is a link to the build thread to show the amount of work that has gone into the car. There is loads of parts that are missing off the above advert the link should give you a good idea of how clean and how well built the car is and all the extra parts missing from the above advert. Just to make something clear this is not a car that has been stripped bare and thrown back together with a load of assorted nuts/bolts & parts. Its as good as getting a low mileage factory car and having it modified correctly. My goals were to build a car that not only made big power but response, driveability and the way it delivered its power was key aswel as a solid car that was not rotten with comprehensive history. I’d searched for years for the right car with no luck as most were just badly maintained/abused/modified/repaired car or just straight up turds. I’d ask Mark Shead to let me know of any Escort Cosworth that maybe for sale from any of his customers that would be of interest to me. After a long wait the previous owner was thinking of selling. I’d spoke to Mark Shead about the car as he had known all the previous owners and the car since 1995. It was running a old school 500bhp setup. I asked what he would change to make it the perfect big power road spec car if I was to buy it. Also if he would be willing to strip and reassembly the entire underside. Once we agreed on what route we would take I bought the car. The work began and the end result is simply unreal. Not only looks but goes like no other Cosworth out there and very likely any other car of its era. Driveability and power delivery is night and day difference from when I bought the car when it was running the old 500bhp spec. Handling, steering, braking is just as you would expect from a car of this quality of build. Part throttle driving is perfect and still goes really well and is a joy to drive without ringing the cars neck to make it shift. Full throttle the car puts all its power down nothing rattles, shakes or feels like its gone fall apart like alot of Cosworth out. This is not a car that has had a load of go faster bits thrown at it hoping for the best. For Mark Shead to say this is the best road spec Cosworth be Sierra or Escort he has built in all the years hes been in the trade speaks volumes. Cold start, hot start, idling and the map in whole is spot on with no surging in any gear you could be doing 30mph in 4th gear low revs and put you foot down the car will pick up and go without any hesitation. Drop it down a gear or 2 and the acceleration has to be felt to believed at how fast it will accelerate and pull making power right up to the rev limiter set at 7.8k rpm. Every up shift is relentless full throttle its “ Super Car Fast ” and part throttle driving through the gears will see off most quick cars and handles and take corners just like let goes feedback through the wheel again has to be felt to believed and can be adjusted mid corner with ease. Corner exit speed, balance & feedback through the steering wheel will humble any driver every aspect of the build is driver and road focused and will put your modern day sports cars to shame if you don’t like your cars dull and lifeless. ENGINE Factory 200 Block (matching numbers to log book) Lined block & Machined For 6 Long studs Blue printed & Balanced Bottom End M.A.D Spec Compression Ratio Group A Bottom End Engine Bolts Group A Mountune Baffled Sump Group A Cosworth High Pressure Oil Pump Vibra-Technics Engine Mounts Cosworth Crank 36 – 1 Turbo Sport Crank Pulley Mahle Bearings Mains & Big Ends Cosworth Conrods ARP Conrod Bolts Mahle Pistons with valve cut outs WRC Mountune Multi-Layer Head Gasket Group A Long Head Studs M.A.D Spec Ported/Polished/Gas Flowed Head M.A.D Spec Cams Inlet & Exhaust Ferrea Competition Plus Inlet & Exhaust Valves Bronze Valve Guides Kent Cams Double Valve Springs Quaife Alloy Adjustable Vernier Pulleys Cosworth Inlet Manifold ( Ported, polished & Matched to Cylinder Head ) Auto Specialist Plenum Cover Coil On Plug Kit Denzo Iriduim Ik27 Spark Plugs Spec-R Alloy Cambelt Cover Spec-R Alloy Breather System Spec-R Alloy Power Steering Tank( With Sight Glass ) Spec-R Alloy Oil Cap Auto Specialist Alloy Dip Stick Auto Specialist Alloy Washer Tank Cap Auto Specialist Alloy Distributor Cap Cover Auto Specialist Alloy ABS Cover & Cap SFS Silicone Hoses in Black (Every Hose Available) In Engine Bay Alloy Strut Covers With Caps Alloy RS Engraved Slam Panel Blanking Plates Alloy Slam Panel Vin Tags ( Original Supplied) FUELING Mk Motorsport Billet Injector Fuel Rail Ansu 1000cc Injectors Bosch WRC Fuel Regulator Bosch 023 In Tank Fuel Pump Bosch 044 Fuel Pump ( Mounted to Spec-R Fuel Swirl Tank ) Spec-R Fuel Swirl Tank ( Mounted Under Car ) TURBO/EXHUAST Borg Warner EFR 7064 Twin Scroll Turbo With Integrated Blow Off Valve Turbosmart IWG-75 Internal Wastegate Actuator M.A.D Spec V-Band Twin Scroll Manifold( Zircotec Coated In Performance Black ) Alloy Turbo Heat Shield ( Gold Heat Reflective Tape On Underside Of Shield ) Group AK&N Air Filter Mike Edwards 3” Turbo Back Custom Made Exhaust V-Band with 3 silencer boxes ( Heat Paint & Heat Wrapped Downpipe ) COOLING Spec-R 3.5 Inch Garrett Core Top Feed Bar & Plate Intercooler Spec-R Alloy Header Tank With Sight Glass Stanman High Pressure Header Tank Cap Spec-R Water Swirl Pot Pro Alloy Radiator 2x14 Inch SPAL Slim Line Fans & Alloy Fitting Bracket ECU/GAUGES Emtron KV8 ECU Features:- x2 Knock Control senors will pull timing back if there is any detonation, Anti Lag via in car switch, Radiator fans wired & control through ECU, Closed Loop fueling fitted with Bosch O2 sensor, Emtron Fuel Pressure senor fitted will put car in safe mode if fueling is out of parameters, Emtron Fuel Temperature sensor fitted will put car in safe mode if fuel temperature is out of parameters, Emtron Engine Oil Pressure Sensor fitted will put car in safe mode if oil pressure is out of parameters, Borg Warner Turbo Speed Sensor will put car in safe mode if boost pressure is out of parameters.Theres is a whole host of others features that are available on the ECU ie Traction Control, Launch Control, rolling launch ect every extra is unlocked only requires sensors and a map adjusted to get any feature working. Emtron over braided wiring loom assembled by M.A Developments 5 Bar Map Sensor Stack Wideband AFR Gauge Stack EGT Gauge Stack Boost Gauge Stack Oil Pressure Gauge Stack Oil Temperature Gauge Stack Fuel Pressure Gauge Stack Water Temperature Gauge Stack Battery Voltmeter Gauge Stack Shift Light DRIVETRAIN Pete Doughty Helical Gear Big Tooth Short Ratio Gearbox with taller 4th & 5th Gears (60Nm Centre Viscous Coupling & 3.9 Drop Gears) Solid Alloy Cradle Bushes R&B MotorSport Short Shifter Spec-R X2 Alloy Gearbox Breath Pots Vibra-Technics Gearbox Mount Plated Front Diff Rear Diff 7” Rear Axel 3.9 Crown Wheel & Pinion Reyland Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Helix High Duty Clutch & Clutch Cover SUSPENSION M.A.D Spec Black Art Design Coilovers ( revalved & sprung to Mark Shead’s specification ) Group N Top Mounts Group A Ahmed Bayjoo 6 Degree Adjustable Rear Beam Fully Polybushed Fast Road Geometry Setup at M.A.D BRAKES AP Racing Front 6 Pot CP5555 Calipers AP Racing Front 362mm Grooved & Vented Discs Standard Rear Calipers AP Racing Rear 300mm Grooved & Vented Discs Pagid Fast Road/Track Race Pads Front & Rear Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines Front & Rear Dot 5.1 Brake Fluid WHEELS/TYRES Escort Cosworth Wheels 18 x 9j ( Big Brake Version Remanufactured Via Escort Cosworth Forum ) Group A Longer Hub Wheel Studs All Round Continental 235/40/18 Tyres SECURITY Plenty thanks. Details will be given to buyer once sold. Live road mapped on Shell V-Power ( Nitro+ ) 99RON Dynoed Proven @ High Boost 567 BHP / 507 ft/lbs torque Low Boost 497 BHP / 413 ft/lbs torque High/Low Boost via in car 2 way switch. Fully serviced, all oils and fluids, spark plugs and cambelt with aux belt recently changed. Price is £63,995 Serious Offers Considered. PX is welcome which can be traded in against my car at my friends garage. By no means is this a forced or desperate sale and is only up for sale due to lack of use and life commitments. Cars in this condition/history and with these modifications are few and far between. To build a car like mine you would be looking at best part of £50k, plus a Escort Cosworth. I have no intention of accepting low offers or entertaining timewasters. I have loads of sought after standard parts over £5k worth which I can included with the car these are negotiable and are not included with sale of the car. I welcome any professional inspection to potential buyers. Mark Shead can be contact on 07768 356204 regarding the car to any potential buyers. Car will be viewed in a secure lock up with CCTV present in case someone gets the urge to drive off without paying. Test drives are welcome if fully comprehensive insurance is taken out thorough my insuring company if not I will happily take you out for a test drive. I can be contacted on 07883 500 300

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