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KIT CAR HAYNES ROADSTER Here are short videos first with passenger, audio not great, second taken a few days ago but vibration really bad, third is a walk around copy and paste to your browser This car passed its IVA in 2013 and was registered with an age related plate (K) in 2014 so this is not a "Q" plate One of a kind Haynes Roadster built by myself and registered in 2014 this car was built with one thing in mind ACCELERATION it is powered by a CA18DET engine from a Nissan 200sx s13 sports car this is a turbocharged 1.8 litre engine with a standard output of 170bhp however I have done a lot to the engine to increase that figure to over 250bhp ENGINE Full rebuild when car was built with new main and big end bearings Polished crank with all journals in spec New spigot bearing Oil pan and pick up pipe were modified for ground clearance....capacity was maintained by building "wing" tanks Junshop all in one lightened flywheel Bores were honed and new rings fitted All valves were lapped in and new oil stem seals fitted, lifters were dismantled, cleaned and put back together Core plugs at rear of engine were drilled and 2 outlets fitted to allow good drainage back to the sump under hard acceleration New timing belt. Rocker cover has just been freshly painted GEARBOX Gearbox is the standard Nissan 200sx item but fitted with a very short throw gears tick which is sweet. EXHAUST New T28 turbocharger Stainless tubular header wrapped in heat proof material Stainless down pipe Stainless exit pipe Stainless laminar flow silencer filled with stainless wool Full system is stainless steel and 3" bore straight through Thrush heat shield with polished aluminium exhaust tip INTAKE Apexi power intake air filter Toyota Celica charge cooler system which is a water/air intercooler (much more efficient) Devils Own water/meth injection system which is progressive and programmable CHASSIS Chassis is from the Haynes book "Build yourself a sports car by Chris Gibbs" It is a strengthened chassis with key points having extra support including an extra diagonal member in the engine bay sides. It also has a 3mm Aluminium floor, again provides excellent rigidity Painted in a gloss 2 pack light grey SUSPENSION Again it is by the book but the main components were custom built by myself to look much better than the standard build, this included nickel plating the ends of the suspension arms for extra corrosion protection All polybushed Protech adjustable shock absorbers all around 350lb springs on the front and 250lb springs on the rear. BRAKES Brakes are standard sierra items with all major parts renewed vented discs up front drums on the rear All brake lines are braided stainless steel with translucent red covering made by Exact which are a susiduaryof HEL Rear brake cylinders were new and front calipers were bought professionally refurbished. BODY Body is the full Saturn kit and includes the large power bulge bonnet, rear diffuser and rear boot lid. It is still in original condition of gelcoat in Traffic Red and Jet Black Front cycle wing mounts are made from 1/4" stainless steel and do not "bounce" like other 7's Laser cut stainless steel " Roadster emblem " and honeycomb grill FUEL TANK Tank was made by myself out of 3mm aluminium all tig welded, has a capacity of 8.5 gallons which is much bigger than the book tank at the expence of "boot" space, but at least this means you are not going to be constantly looking to where the next fill up will be has 3 internal baffles and a surge pot fuel pump is a Walbro 255ltm COOLING This car has 4 radiators at the front 2 cores for engine cooling 1 core for charge cooling and an oil cooler too which is fitted with stainless braided pipes, running higher boost obviously increases engine temps but these are kept well in check and engine rarely gets above 80°c Engine is tuned to Stage 2 using the following (this was copied and pasted from Turbonoz's website) and is what I did to everything to match the chip. Stage 2 ECU chip for the 1.8L 16V turbocharged CA18DET engine as fitted to the Nissan 200SX / Silvia / 180SX S13 models. This comes complete with a socket for the chip, which is required for fitment. This ECU EPROM chip is designed to work with the standard 370cc injectors, and original air flow meter (MAF / AFM) and will produce 260-280 BHP depending on specification & condition of the engine etc. Features: Uprated fuel & timing maps Factory-standard boost cut removed Speed limit removed Rev limit increase to 7500 RPM EPROM socket included - Required for installation The following modifications are recommended: Free flow air filter Free flow exhaust Uprated fuel pump (eg. Walbro or Bosch) Uprated intercooler T28 turbocharger from a Nissan 200SX S14 / S14a Suitable boost controller for 15 psi (Manual Boost Controllers available separately) Super unleaded fuel (97 RON or higher) In addition to this was the Water/Methanol injection which helps to keep the induction charge cooled further and reduces the chances of detonation occurring, The make is Devils Own and is progressive and has a programmable psi setting for when it comes in and maxes out at 100% Main Instrument in the binnacle is a Defi ZD Advance which has many features for monitoring coolant temp, oil temp, oil pressure, oil temp, speedo, rpm, shift lights exhaust temp, fuel pressure fuel ratio, boost, it is a copy but it does monitor all those parameters the only ones connected at the moment are speed and rpm as that was all I needed. Apart from the major long suspension bolts nearly all fasteners are of Stainless steel and rivets are sealed countersunk. Side mirrors have led indicators built in both forward facing and inside the mirror itself Headlights are 4.5" dominators with added Halo led's as daytime driving lights. Custom one off cnc'd horn push see photo Seats are adjustable Corbeau items in matching red and black and are very comfortable in use and matching 4 point harnesses ..Rear upper seat belt mounts are unique in that they are inset into the roll bar with stainless grub screws and are threadlocked in. Roll bar is also my own unique design Included is a Spartan kit car front windscreen mount for which glass would have to but cut, Tyres are 205/50/17 BF Goodrich and wheels are 17" 5 spokes from a Sierra Cosworth (Dezent) and refurbished a month ago Please note this car is not for the faint hearted and very very quick and sticks to the road like glue fuel economy (lol) is very good at around 40 mpg on a run but comes down a bit when you press the loud/fast pedal. The car has a working sound system by JVC and has usb support though only uses tweeters at the moment. Car has never seen rain and was taken off the road September through till May, tax is £250 yr or £130 6 mth insurance for me (56) is £92 fully comp on a 3000mile limitation/yr and valuation of £12000 Car is on the road till the end of November if interested in a drive (me driving) it will have to be no rain and dry. car is MOT'd till June 2019 OK in addition to the above there are several modifications I have done since last November 1. All of the cabin has now been carpeted including the floor. 2. It now has a small compartment in the dash. 3. Now has a duct fitted to the front nose cone with the intention of introducing cold air to the air filter area... see photo 4. Mirrored stainless steel has been used in various areas to protect and enhance the aesthetics of the roadster “door tops”, rear arch curves, bottom body edges 5. CAR TRANSPORTER TRAILER is now INCLUDED in the price so all you will need to transport is a vehicle with a tow bar fitted and a lighting board trailer is a converted caravan chassis with additional steel work welded in and wood decking boards for runners this trailer transported another roadster down to Portsmouth and back so has proven reliable. Any questions just ask and I will try to get back to you negative things to pick up on are a very slight oil leak near sump it is so small I have never had to top up front left arch has some slight crazing needless to say car will not be released until funds are cleared the vehicle is sold as seen Please no silly offers as this is not your average "7"
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