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1972 Project - UK car, sunroof, O/D Rotoflex, unique For Sale

Amazing history. Supplied by Triumph Dealer 'Central Garage' Brixham to Mrs Goodsell of Brixham. Central Garages are still family owned and trading. Complete with original 'Passport to Service' PDi'd 29/09/72, Sold and first registered 01/10/72. Invoices, service stamps and completed maintenance schedule checklists for servicing and other works completed for Mrs Goodsell from new up to 09/83 at 60,879 miles - Amazing stuff about 33 fascinating invoices including 'warranty repairs to engine' (Oil pump, crank and big end bearings) at 7,214 miles in July '73! There is little history from '83 to '93, but an MOT in Nov '88 showing 83,269 miles and then July '93 at 84,838. A TSSC valuation in 1993 refers to 'Body extensively restored 3-4 years ago - unused since' There are pictures of comprehensive chassis on repaint (bare metal bonnet) and presumably the colour change from Saffron to green. After a ten year gap, receipts start in '93 for Mr McConnell with a speedo reading of 91,287 in Jan 94 and continue with the same owner to 2002. There is an old V5 showing Mr McConnell purchasing the car in July 1993, with 4 previous owners. I purchased the car last year from the next keeper who had it since 2002, with it last being on the road in 2010. After failing its MOT back then, structural work was carried out by specialist 'Triumph Auto Classique' in Wootton Bassett as follows: New n/s floor panel fitted New o/s floor panel fitted New n/s outer sill panel fitted New n/s centre sill panel fitted New n/s inner sill panel fitted New o/s outer sill panel fitted New o/s centre sill panel fitted New o/s inner sill panel fitted There is no receipt for this, but the work is evident and superb. Having had GT6's over almost 30 years and hailing from Devon, when this came up late last year I bought it as a non runner. It still has the dealer window stickers, remains of tax disc holder and dealer plaque on the door. I don't believe it has been off the chassis and has a feel that is so hard to reproduce with substantially rebuilt stuff - The dash for example, is lovely and un-restored - as Triumph intended. I started tinkering and got it running (New battery, plugs) and have driven it on a private road. Changes gear, clutch works. When I bought it, I intended to do what was needed to get it on the road, but it is really to good for that. Having become familiar with the car, if I go any further I would want to strip it right down and sympathetically rebuild it, but I don't have the time or facilities so it is store or sell. I Have decided to sell and replace with something I can use until I have more space and time. The work that has been done is to a high standard and the gaps are so much better than all GT6's I have owned, except an ex-concours car. As stated, I think it is so nice with wonderful history and patina that I would strip comprehensively. Make your own mind up but my observations are: Quarter valances - New ones included Bonnet - excellent - Sure there will be repairs when stripped. Tub - sills & floors done beautifully. Doors - looks good, a couple of bubbles Roof lip - few bubbles Rear wings - Outer wheel arches cleaned up to view rot. Repair / replace outer arches, outer inner arches & lower inner wings etc. - usual stuff, but boot floor, rear panel and valance should survive. Receipt for Diff at 91,287 miles (01/94) Receipt for Gearbox, rocker shaft and rockers at 102,643 miles (10/98) Some parts were missing from when the metalwork was done, so some trim will be required. Petrol tank was missing. I have a MK2 tank that will go with the car that could be modified by moving the filler neck (I think..) Brakes - need full rebuild Radiator - removed by me (to be replaced / rebuilt) New fibreglass transmission cover fitted Pictures flatter - paint is old New rear radius arms loosely fitted Stainless exhaust New O/D gearknob & switch Original engine Lovely original seats, door cappings, dash, dashtop. Nice sunroof (needs recovering) Can be seen running (from 5 litre petrol can) A UK early low mileage MK3 Rotoflex overdrive car - I love these with the early trim, dials, no headrests, less leyland, more Triumph Hard work done and done well, wonderful history, deserves detailed completion and you won't end up with a 10K car that will never be right, this will be a proper car. There are other invoices for parts, but this is a summary of the receipts for servicing and the MOT history: 24/10/1972 1,000 mile service Central Garage Brixham 1,008 £1.38 15/01/1973 3,000 mile service Central Garage Brixham 3,213 £3.20 10/04/1973 6,000 mile service Central Garage Brixham £12.36 23/07/1973 Parts and oils used for Warranty engine overhaul Central Garage Brixham 7,214 £3.22 20/09/1973 9,000 mile service Central Garage Brixham 8,759 £7.12 26/02/1974 12,000 mile service Central Garage Brixham 11,286 £19.17 24/05/1974 15,000 mile service Central Garage Brixham 13,050 £7.54 12/09/1974 18,000 mile service Central Garage Brixham 13,850 £15.67 09/01/1975 21,000 mile service Central Garage Brixham 15,967 £7.08 29/04/1975 24,000 mile service Central Garage Brixham 17,160 £23.25 23/09/1975 27,000 mile service Central Garage Brixham 19,554 £11.82 08/01/1976 30,000 mile service Central Garage Brixham 20,815 £25.15 03/05/1976 33,000 mile service Central Garage Brixham 22,619 £12.91 12/08/1976 36,000 mile service + Wheel balance, brake pads & rev counter cable Central Garage Brixham 24,455 £41.06 04/01/1977 39,000 service Central Garage Brixham 26,132 £9.34 16/05/1977 42,000 service + new o/s rear wheel studs and nuts Central Garage Brixham 28,614 £29.15 29/09/1977 MOT + wiper blade Central Garage Brixham 30,002 £14.10 06/02/1978 Service Central Garage Brixham 32,841 £32.15 23/05/1978 Service + silencer & mudflaps Central Garage Brixham 34,416 £51.33 29/09/1978 Service + front trunnion Central Garage Brixham 36,509 £44.17 09/01/1979 Service Central Garage Brixham 38,717 £13.50 19/06/1979 Service and repairs Central Garage Brixham 40,610 £88.02 24/10/1979 Service Central Garage Brixham 42,455 £19.38 21/02/1980 Service and wheel balance Central Garage Brixham 44,567 £43.28 11/08/1980 New front & centre exhaust Central Garage Brixham 46,682 £36.36 21/08/1980 Service & repairs Central Garage Brixham 46,711 £33.73 18/09/1980 MOT & Engine rebuild Central Garage Brixham £165.26 16/04/1981 Service - Note Overdrive not working Central Garage Brixham 49,667 £75.67 29/09/1981 Service Central Garage Brixham 51,598 £19.85 25/03/1982 Service, alternator & repairs Central Garage Brixham 53,852 £81.14 26/04/1982 Body repairs inc. sills, wings and valances Central Garage Brixham £1,035.31 27/09/1982 Service Central Garage Brixham 55,693 £47.28 20/09/1983 MOT Central Garage Brixham 60,819 £9.00 20/09/1983 Service & heater hose Central Garage Brixham 60,819 £53.31 28/09/1983 Welding to O/S seat belt anchorage & exhaust Central Garage Brixham 60,879 £111.84 22/11/1988 MOT Central Garage Brixham 83,269 02/07/1993 MOT Stoke Gabrial Garage 84,838 13/01/1994 Fit customer supplied diff The Regency Garage, Bath 91,287 £242.50 18/03/1994 New N/S rear wheel bearing The Regency Garage, Bath 93,099 £85.89 28/06/1994 MOT MOT Test centre, Bath 96,231 05/07/1994 Ball joint & trunnions The Regency Garage, Bath 96,218 £172.76 31/01/1996 Shock absorbers, springs and r/h rear trunnion The Regency Garage, Bath 98,143 £171.43 20/06/1997 Rear brake shoes, shocks, spring & exhaust The Regency Garage, Bath 98,166 £395.77 23/06/1997 MOT MOT Test centre, Bath 98169 13/08/1997 Front springs & rack mounts The Regency Garage, Bath 98949 £102.38 07/07/1997 Overdrive switch & valve spring The Regency Garage, Bath £61.96 17/10/1997 Brakes adjusted & bled Woking Garage Slough 99341 £46.97 03/06/1998 Oil change & tracking The Regency Garage, Bath £57.87 26/06/1998 MOT MOT Test centre, Bath 2310 27/10/1998 New Gearbox, rocker shaft & rockers The Regency Garage, Bath 2643 £747.35 15/06/2000 MOT FG Bond & Son, Chippenham 2669 29/06/2000 Welding to n/s floor, tie bar & seat belt mounting area F.G. Bond & Sons £178.98 25/05/2001 MOT Oval of Bath 2700 Adjust rear brakes, fuel pump & temp sensor The Regency Garage, Bath 2713 £196.01 06/06/2002 MOT Oval of Bath 2745 06/06/2002 MOT, free clutch, service, Coil, Dist. Cap, rotor arm & fuel pipe to carbs The Regency Garage, Bath 2745 £245.93 31/07/2002 Service & tappets Dursley Garages 2961 £153.53 20/05/2003 MOT, Service & tappets Dursley Garages 4033 £199.19 04/06/2004 MOT, service , fuel pump, master cylinder Dursley Garages 5993 £217.84 25/06/2005 MOT Dursley Garages 6552 £42.10 26/06/2006 MOT DVLA search 7221 12/10/2007 MOT DVLA search 7910 Photos are: Photo 1: Car now Photo 2: Some of the photos from when it was stripped and painted - est 1990? Photo 3: Car now - example of work done after a quick clean up with a wire brush Photo 4: Car now - Outer sills fitted Photo 5: Car now - Some of the trim loose fitted and after a quick clean Photo 6: Some of the incredible history. For most of the work at Central Garage for each visit there is a completed service schedule form, service stamp and detailed invoice.

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