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Jaguar E Type 3.8 Series 1 January 1962 LHD For Sale

Offered for sale is a very rare, 23rd January 1962 Jaguar E Type, Series 1, 3.8L, Lefthand drive (Chassis: 885538) The Heritage certificate shows this vehicle was originally supplied in the very rare, Opalescent Silver Grey, with Red leather interior combination, which I think is the absolute best colour combination for these cars. This E Type was supplied to a dealer in New York, and sold to a Lawyer based near the Niagra Falls. Details of ownership are then unclear, but it was purchased by a gentlemen in Illinois in 1988, where it remained until 2013, before being exported to the UK by Gullwing Motor cars, and purchased by myself. The vehicle is currently in storage at my place in Italy (with some of my other cars), though has a NOVA and Customs charges fully paid for in the UK. Please be aware this is a NON-MATCHING numbers car. The Engine Frame and Body tag match, as confirmed by Jaguar Heritage (with a certificate). The gearbox is the correct Moss unit from another very early E Type, and the engine is the correct XK unit, but not specifically from an E Type. I purchased this vehicle in 2013, which at the time had a Chevrolet engine, with the vehicle mostly complete with original components. I understand this conversion was carried out by the last US owner. My intention was to return it to original, as close as possible (with minor changes, such as the Dellorto's). As a result, the components I have sourced for the engine conversion all maintain the correct date codes. For example, the XK engine is stamped 11th January 1962. The same is true for other components, such as the Generator, Starter Motor, Ignition coil etc...all of which have date codes that are congruent with the date the vehicle was manufactured. I do not have a VIN plate, though the last US owner might have this. This car was part of my private collection (12 in total), and I had meant to get around to restoring it far I am 45, and have four other major builds to do, so realistically, I think I will need another lifetime to finish them all. The bodyshell has been grit blasted, which makes it much easier for you to assess its overall condition. Surely, it will require a full restoration, but what I like about this bodyshell is that (aside from the rear wings), there is no patchwork, or any welding at all. All the reference points remain intact and clearly visible, making installation of new panels a lot easier and alleviates the problem of accuracy. Also, rust has only affected the very lower layers, with the roof, bulkhead, windscreen, upper A and B post all remaining intact. Box sections have been welded internally to keep straightness, and were necessary when the E Type was mounted to my rotisserie/rollover jig. The doors are S1, and serviceable. The Bootlid (with correct hinges included) is original and in excellent condition (and hasn't been stripped so shows the original Opalescent Silver Grey on the inside). The main point about the bodyshell is that it is a great basis for a restoration, rather than a bent, twisted pile of rust with no reference points. The engine cradle/frame was not serviceable, but I expect these to be replaced during any major restoration. I have retained the picture frame with original chassis stamping. The engine, as I mentioned before, is a 3.8 XK engine, mostly complete, date embossed 11-1-62. Includes camshaft covers and oil cap (no splits). The cylinder head is in great condition, with no corrosion within the combustion chambers. Includes the E Type specific Oil Filter, Oil transfer housing, later style sump and a selection of original Cheney hose clamps. You will need to source a distributor, exhaust manifolds and a flywheel. The carburettors are triple Dellorto DHLA 40's, with linkages and manifold. Non original, of course, but they look and sound FABULOUS on this engine. The gearbox was fully rebuilt, including synchro's selectors, bearings, oil seals, bolts..and I see no reason why it would need to be rebuilt again, unless you insist on doing things twice. The propshaft is missing - available from SNG's. (Make sure you get the correct shorter one) Correct Rear axle/differential, with correct (rare) large diameter driveshafts Front suspension fully complete, with LHD steering rack, and steering column. The steering wheel is missing, but I do have the horn push. All brake calipers included, as are the correct Clutch and Brake pedals, and selection of original Dunlop Clutch and Brake cylinders. There are 3 components which I think will be especially hard to find. The others are easy enough: 1. Boot lock is the very early 2 bolt version. 2. Cantrails - These come up on eBay, from time to time, or you can buy new and have them covered to your specifications 3. Brake Servo - again, these do come up on eBay, or can be found at a trade show. Other key missing items include: 1. Bucket Seats and centre console - these come up on eBay often. A seller currently has a set advertised in Wrexham. In any case, these are available 2. Bonnet and components, though I have the chrome headlight surrounds. It is debatable as to whether it is better to restore an existing bonnet, or purchase a replacement, depending on how you like to do your restorations, I suppose. 3. Door frames and glass - easily available. 4. Wire wheels. Some other missing items which are minor components include: Speedo and tachometer, rear view mirror, door fittings, rear tailgate pull assembly, boor board longer chrome trims, one rear quarter latch bracket. Whilst the vehicle is not fully complete, the vast majority of components are present, especially the incredibly difficult items to find (correct pedals, correct rear axle with thick driveshafts, etc). The items that are missing and harder to find, I have listed here, and you won't need them until much further down the road, so have ample time to source. Obviously, I haven't listed every item that is included, but I have 180 photos which I can share with you over email ([email protected]). I think it is very important that you view these photos, as the vehicle is not local and therefore probably not so easy for you to view. However, if you do wish to view it, then please contact me and we can make arrangements. No doubt if you are seriously interested, you'd probably want to have a chat with me. You can reach me on 07804931671. Regarding delivery, this will be at the buyers cost. Budget up to £1500 for delivery to the UK. I want to control the process as much as possible or things will get lost/damaged. I will bubble wrap every component shown in the photos, box them and pallet mount. I can do the delivery myself (the Body and pallets will fit into a Luton van), or you can arrange collection yourself. Regarding payment, no Paypal please, as I cannot prove delivery. It will have to be Bank Transfer or cash...though, I would rather not deal with that amount of cash. Good Luck!!

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