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1987 Classic Hymer Fiat Ducato B544 Turbo Diesal 5 Bert SOLD

Not for sale - it has been sold via a Car and Classic Free Ad
Selling our Hymer Daisy to pay for disabled access in a Winnebago for our mum

We have had Daisy for 19 years not driving extensively abroad, one trip to Ireland - mostly trips around Cornwall and living in at one point. Has a nice oven we put in not usual.

MOT was done in August
Cost us £1800
All mechanically sound
New exhaust system 2017
New Clutch 2019
New discs, break pads, break pipes 2019
Back panel put on to rectify holes

In 2014 had a lady drive into the back of us (taking my elderly parents to see a healing Qi Gong master). It was slow motion,coming up to a junction but she went into the heavy duty bike rack and wrote that off. I had some wooden steps on the van for dad to get into it. They got shunted into the back panel made 2 small holes. (I have all the pictures)

Got into a dispute with LV who at the time ignored our Deluxe Breakdown Cover- said they had no garages etc to come and check out van. It went on no garages to fix it and undervaluing it (just as they did with my mum's Classic GTI tried to write that off for a dent and valued it at £1500 - I sold it for £5500

So as I had just gone through that I fort LV big mistake. I found garages they stopped them. Wouldn't let us have a replacement van etc through other sides insurance. LV couldn't sort the van out themselves but would not insure us going to other sides insurance.

It went on and on and in between full on caring.
I found a garage to do work LV prevented it saying we had to take it to a specialised valuer which we could not as they are all up North, no records of any calls of course.
I took it to the Ombudsman's took them a year and they basically support LV (big waste of time for us)

When I told LV that I was going to Ombudsman they sent out 2 cheques and put a Cat C on (backdated as now there is a new classifications) It is not a Cat C the work was only going to cost about £1600 to do and the van worth £10,000

But it ended up on drive for 4 years
We could not afford to pay to get it done up
So last August borrowed money to get it taken to Wolverhampton partners brother's estate and garage on estate did all the work to get back to good order and MOT

Then said clutch slipping. I put it on ebay for £8500 but people were worried re Clutch (needing to drive distances)

So then put it with a different garage in Wolverhampton to get clutch done and as Habitation place next door put it through that. I have a list of things that need doing (parts approx £200) I got the gas pipes updated etc so gas covered. Some corrosion marked where new silicon needs doing. Some damp picked up drivers seat area but not gone into panels, recommended to pull back vinyl and make sure very dry.

We have not the energy, money or time to get the habitation work done (re caring still!)

Put on ebay but they listed it as Haywards Heath not Wolverhampton but was recommended to put on with Car and Classic,so here it is.

Peter Hambilton of Hambilton Engineering (the Hymer expert) when I was fighting LV with their list of 4 berths and rotten vans so they could value ours at a rediculous price. Told me that our B544 1987 Classic Hymer in good condition is worth £10,000 and in excellent condition £12,000 and said if I were you I would hang onto it as they are going up every year.

My partner loves the van and would like to keep it. He had worked in earth moving and they had lots of vehicles so always looked after them, oil changes etc etc. But we need to get my mum out of UK in a Winnebago so it has to go to pay for the disabled kitting out.

Re the Cat C Adrian Flux charge us £200 per year for insurance and re the Ombudsman valuing the van at £10,000 with his letter and pics and speedometer they will confirm value £15 to secure price.

So putting on at £6500 I feel is a good price for someone that can tidy up and get the habitation work you will have a good classic to keep or sell on.

The Van at the moment is at the Garage who will show anyone for us in Wolverhampton.

Thanks sorry for the essay but trying to spell out all and be as clear and transparent as I can.

It's a great van that LV has given the impression with their poor practice that its not.

Have all the pictures and reports and file of vans history which we bought from Oak Tree Motors

Ad Type For Sale
Category Camper Vans
Make Hymer
Model Fiat Ducato
Year 1987
Mileage 110,061 miles
Country UK
Town Haywards Heath
Status Private
Ref C1108955

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