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1991 Pro Sport LM3000 3,0L cosworth For Sale

Pro Sport LM3000 3.0L 1991 WAUW ............... The racer is built in few copies (see article below) It will be a dream to have on trackdays .... The racer has been renovated by NJ Motorsport Denmark, which is in charge of the quality of the renovation. There is no skipping where the fence is lowest. Incredibly many hours and money have been spent on this renovation, everything is unchanged or refurbished. Particularly dashboard - covered with Alcantara. The racer is race ready for trackdays ..... You don't get anything that is more fun .... Can also just stand in the master's room ... No one, or not any more at least. The Prosport 3000 was built from about 1992-97 under two different owners, before the company was bought out by several drivers and continued as LM3000 for a couple of years. There are, I think, around 20 in existence (though a figure of 18 seems to stick in my head), the last one being Martin Harrison's '97 car (which I partly built, when I was on my year out from uni, at DFH Engineering at Meriden). That car later had a Rover V8 fitted for the Castle Combe GT series. Of those that are left, one races in Wales, one at Knockhill and a couple are still knocking about in the Castle Combe series. One did BGT this year for a short period and I got all nostalgic every time it drove past the pits. Would've loved to have put a couple of decent drivers in that car and engineered it myself... The best of them is still Mike Millard's version that pops up in the historic Group C series every now and then - and still creates little upsets. One was turned into a roadcar by Dave Beecroft, who now runs Corvettes in BGT. I suppose the most famous Prosport out there is Bob Light's Stealth B6. The Stealth started life as a Prosport, before having the V8 added, the body modified and entirely different rear suspension fitted. You can still see the family resemblance, though. The chassis were made by Jimmy Brady (who runs the blue Ultima in BGT) and it was designed by an ex-March guy who I met on a number of occasions, but whose name escapes me....Arthur someone. Lee Noble styled it, which is why it looks a little like an Ultima. It is far more advanced than an Ultima, though - more like a mini-Group C car. One of the last couple built was an open top variant that raced at the Daytona 24hrs in '97. It finished, too, despite barely any running before the event - Nigel Greensall and Peter Hardman were among the drivers. They were cracking little cars and very fast in their day - 1:08s at Snet in '97, for example - and driven by some pretty good guys. Sadly it was quite expensive and unfortunately was up against the mighty TVR Tuscan Challenge. The Prosport was a far better car - a true racing car - but the agricultural Tuscans were cheap and had the engine lease carrot. That's not a comment based on bitterness, either: my driver, Chris Lord, raced in both series so was pretty well placed to compare them. Sorry, gone on a bit there, but I retain a great enthusiasm for them - the first proper racing car I ever engineered.
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