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Standard Little Nine 1932 for light restoration For Sale

1932 Standard Little Nine 9 saloon barn / garage find restoration project with valuable original registration & V5c Charming Standard Little Nine for restoration. Standard was the largest car manufacturer in Coventry before the war, and had a reputation for quality vehicles. The Little Nine, launched in 1932, sat between the cheaper Austin 7, Morris 8 & Y model Fords and the higher quality Rover & Riley cars of the day. Indeed, the quality of Standard cars was such that William Lyons of Jaguar fame selected them as the basis for the first SS Jaguar cars. This Little Nine is a 1932 model from the first year of production & is in good overall condition but is in need of a partial rebuild / recommissioning before it can go back on the road. According to the V5, it has had 2 previous owners in the past 87 years. I understand from the previous owner it has been laid up in a garage for the past 30+ years, and as such is ripe for restoration. The registration number is included in the sale. (I have had the number valued & it has an estimated retail value of between £3000 and £3800.) I purchased the vehicle with the intention of returning it to the road but a change of circumstances & the acceptance of my advancing years means I need to change plans. I have partially stripped some of the interior around the screen & door pillars to assess the work required (in my opinion) to get it back on the road. **** Please note external photographs in this listing show the vehicle as purchased (April-19); other photos show car in current condition with screen & A pillars removed to assess extent of work required for restoration**** Powertrain The side valve engine (4 cylinder, 1,056 cc) does not turn over, but looks to be in good condition from an external review. The oil is clean & it looks like it was laid up sympathetically. I have filled the cylinders with a mix of 2 stroke oil & petrol, but have not progressed beyond that. The exhaust system is in place but will need replacing, though the manifold looks to be in good condition. The previous owner says the engine was re-built approx.. 3,000 miles before it was laid up, though I cannot confirm this. The engine has an electric starter, though a starting handle is included. The radiator looks OK but has not been checked for leaks. The gearbox is unchecked, but all gears (revers & three forward speeds) can be selected, and the clutch appears to engage / disengage. On visual inspection the rear axle appears to be in good order. Running gear All suspension (half elliptic springs front & rear) appears to be OK, if a little grubby, with friction dampers all around. All brakes are cable type & will need to be inspected & set up before the car goes back on the road. I have not removed any of the brake drums, though they all appear serviceable. Wheels are bolt on wires and appear (on initial inspection) to be in good condition, and all tyres hold air, but will obviously require replacing. Chassis In my opinion, it looks pretty solid. There is some surface rust, but I cannot see any perforation through corrosion or accident damage, though I have not completed an inch by inch inspection. Body Generally sound, but there are some areas that need to be addressed: • Wood: o ‘A’ pillars (upper & lower) need replacing both sides due to wood rot (I have all original wood plus some new seasoned ash cut to the required section.) o Screen frame header rail needs replacement; original available for pattern. o Localised repairs (new let-in sections) required to roof channel intersection to ‘A’ pillar both sides (4 pieces.) o Localised small sections (approx.. 6”) need repair to scuttle frame (lower edge; both sides) & OSR (2 pieces.) o Door frames looks generally OK. o Running boards (plywood) need replacement (both sides) – rubber mat covers are not original & will also need to be replaced. • Body: o Sunroof (‘Stanlite’) type has been plated over at some point in the past; could be left closed or opened up again. o Lower rear panel above fuel tank is corroded & needs new metal let in. o NSF & OSF lower ‘A’ pillar needs small local welding repair. o Some minor welding done on NS ‘A’ pillar metal at top & bottom to join back to scuttle & roof. o Front wings appear in excellent condition. o Some filler in rear wings, but look structurally sound. o Evidence of some filler & typical 1960’s ‘repairs’ around the screen & a few other places (bottom edge of rear panel.) o I have removed the bumpers from the car for additional clearance in my small garage but they will bolt back on easily. • Floors o Front & rear wooden floors are in place & look to be solid. • Doors: o All door bottoms are a little corroded but very passable; could be used ‘as is’ for oily rag condition, or repaired for full restoration. o Note I have removed the lock, latch, handle, trim & regulator on the NSF door to inspect the wood (all sound) & gain access to the drop glass; all is present with the car but I have not re-fitted it. All other doors are still fully trimmed. o Lifter plate on NSF drop glass need to be replaced. o Both rear doors are mounted to the car & appear to open & close OK; both front doors are not mounted since A pillar wood needs replacement. • Glass: o All present & uncracked. o Front screen is opening type with single wiper motor. o Screen is currently out of the car. • Sunroof: o The original Stanlite sunroof shown in the external pictures is now missing; it was lost in transit whilst the car was being delivered to me. It could be re-made as a static item relatively simply; re-manufacturing an opening version would be more complicated. o Stanlite roofs do come up on Ebay every so often; last one I saw went unsold at £300. • Paint: o Blue over black; hand painted but well done (30+ years ago!) Would look OK touched up for ‘oily rag’ restoration, but would need respray for anything else. (IMO it has a great patina as it is.) o From where I have removed the screen, it would appear the original coachwork was white or cream rather than the current blue & black. Interior Looks like the interior was re-trimmed in 1960’s or so. Quality is generally OK but I think it was not done by a professional trimming company. Note rear seat backrest & squab was not done at the time. Note also the headlining has been removed (pinned back) for body repairs & will need to be re-manufactured or repaired. (The fabric is very delicate & tears easily so I would think it needs replacing rather than repair. I don’t think it is the original, but was probably done at the same time the seats were re-trimmed.) The steering wheel needs new celluloid covering. There are no carpets in the car but it would be a simple job to make a new set. All instrumentation is present but unchecked. Electrical Nothing checked, but all appears to be present, including the lovely semaphore indicators (currently off the car) & single rear light. (There are two rear lights on each rear wing that look like 1960’s additions.) The horn on the front headlamp bar is original & (to my mind) looks lovely! No battery (6v) is with the car; I think it should go under one of the front seats. Even the keys are still in the ignition switch! Spares With the car is a selection of spares & components in two cardboard boxes that may assist in the restoration. These include second hand engine parts from another Little Nine engine (valves, springs, pistons, rods, camshaft, etc), NOS gaskets & other bits & pieces Documentation Unfortunately there is very little with the car. The V5c is available & in my name, the car is correctly classified as ‘Historic Vehicle’ & it is currently SORN’d. There are some Standard Owners Club magazines to go with it, along with a book about the history & cars of The Standard Motor Company. (I would recommend joining the club for spares & general assistance.) Summary This is a lovely & unusual little vintage car that could potentially be returned to the road without a major investment in time or money, or subject to a full restoration to return it to its’ former glory. As ever with such listings, I would recommend all potential purchasers view the car before bidding. The car is in Maldon, Essex. I have been as comprehensive & honest as possible with the listing but please remember it is over 85 years old. Come & see it & make up your own mind. Note the outside photographs with this listing show the car as purchased by me in April 2019; the interior shots show the car in its current condition after initial & partial strip down to assess body repairs required to return the car to the road. As noted earlier, please also note the Sunroof shown in the outside photographs is not included in the sale; it was lost in transit to me. Please message me to talk or see the car. This is a regretted sale, only bought about by my lack of ability to do the stuff I could do 20 years ago & lack of space to do the work in my small garage. I have tried to be as accurate as possible in describing the car, but it is very old and any purchaser needs to make their own assessment of the vehicle. The car does not drive (but it does roll), so will need to be collected on a car trailer or transporter. Buyer takes responsibility for vehicle collection & loading. No warranty is given or implied. The car is Sold As Seen. No returns accepted
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