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1967 Singer Chamois Coupe 930cc needs fettling For Sale

Firstly could I ask all of you to read this carefully so there are no misunderstandings please. Modified Singer Chamois Coupe, retro Rally Replica (ish). Bought this in March 2018 as I've always wanted an Imp based car to do hill climbs/slow track days!! etc, met lots of nice people from the Club/Help Groups during this process.. Unfortunately I've not gelled with this car even after spending considerable time and money on it to get the modifications I wanted done, mainly because I just can't get it to run reliably. I rent space in a rural garage and as a minimum I need to trust the car to start (does that OK) and get me to where I want to be (that's the difficult bit car just cuts out - fulel vapourisation possibly?). I'm no mechanic and have used up quite a bit of money, and a huge amount of favours and goodwill over the last year and a bit. I really now want to go back to familiar territory (Rover/MG/BL or similar - slightly newer I think). I've done less than 100 miles in it! So I know I will make a loss on what I've spent, but hopefully someone with the skills and knowledge can sort it properly at little cost. Good bits: So as stated its a rare 1967 Singer Chamois Coupe, with the following mods/new bits - working front to back!: 4 big auxiliary lamps, not yet wired in; Fiesta Mk3 front disc brake conversion with larger master cylinder and separate reservoir to clutch (£300 plus fitting); New steering rods (as delivery co strapped car down using these!) New clutch master cylinder and separate reservoir to brakes (cheap but a faff to get to!); Electric washer pump; New bullit mirrors - currently removed as they only gave a good view of the A pillars! GPS speedo as car has 13 inch Minilite style alloys with decent 195 tyres that have affected standard speedo calibration; New leather period style bucket seats (£250) and seatbelts, wood rim steering wheel; New complete clutch and recon flywheel, new clutch slave cylinder (£100 plus fitting) Recon 1 inch driveshafts and new competition donuts (£350) Recon twin Stromberg carbs with pan style filters, 6S Needles and Red springs - electric fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator (£250). New throttle and choke cables. Recon Sport Manifold (£70) 930cc engine rebult by enthusiast but no proof, good compression etc, recon R17 cam fitted (£850), new throttle and choke cables Aldon electronic Distributor and new coil, plugs and leads (£300) Recon oil cooler and new pipes (£60) Recon HE Radiator (£150) - this car also has the front radiator set up, new front and rear temperature gauges, although the gauges seem to be unreliable as they go to 130 plus faster than a Ferrari!! I have also fitted a genuine Vented Sport type rear engine cover (these are almost as rare as the car and luckily was the only salvageable bit of a shell I came across) with a rather large switched reversing light - couldn't resist. Wiring checked by auto electrician, fuel pump wired in by him - thought that was safest! Big (ish) file of invoices and lots of old tax discs. Limited spares (calipers/discs/Fuel tank will come with it) I've probably forgotten a few bits! Passed MOT May 2018, small amount of welding needed, now expired. Engine has probably done less than 20 miles since flush out and oil/filter change. Bad bits: Running issue, we think this could be heat related now as the car started first time this morning and ran for 20 mins at standstill OK. The car has the front Rad set up as well as a HE rear rad, the plumbing for which has been redone by me including a restrictor pipe as recommended by Imp Gurus to ensure the coolant doesn't bypass the front rad circuit. Manifold can be water cooled but this isn't plumbed in. I have a not inexpensive capillary temp gauge to fit to rear cooling circuit, but not done yet. Body wise the car had a £2,000 respray in 2014 (invoice in file!), however previous owner was ripped off as they didn't remove glass or prep properly as paint is coming off in bonnet shut area, looks OK from a distance though, if you squint and take your glasses off! Some filler evident but bits that need to be solid metal are solid metal. The best bit of the paintwork is the Satin Black paintwork on the engine and boot covers that I did with a rattle can!! I have enough white and dark blue 'spray gun' paint inc primer and thinners to respray the car (synthetic paint I recall as its not a potential killer!!). Interior when arrived was from a Peugeot 205 so I stripped it out, no carpets and some wiring is therefore visible and needs tidying up. Securon seat belts fitted safely, but as there are are only two mounting points for main belt these may need a rethink. Still registered as 875cc, getting required letter from Garage to certify engine fitted properly per DVLA requirements - only three bolts hold engine/Transaxle in so thats a bit of a laugh! Car will either be at a mate's (he still is a mate - just) garage, or my rented garage for viewing. Both are within 10 mins of J12/J13/J14 M40 in Warwickshire. Come and have a look, she's not perfect but for the right person a decent vehicle. Not really interested in PX/Swaps as I'm trying to regroup a bit, but happy to consider Manual Rover/MG V8,MG Metro/ Mk 1 or 2 Escort (OK thats being a bit optimistic) or similar but don't have much extra cash - thanks to this car!! Sensible offers invited, but please don't waste either your time or mine. Please no scammers or 'overseas Royalty' who have a rich relative in the UK who will pay double if I give it to them before payment cleared! Thanks Ian

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