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1997 BMW E31 840Ci Sport For Sale

Of all the BMWs to come out of the eighties and nineties – some might say the true classic era – the 8 series has to be arguably the most elegant, distinctive and intriguing. From an era where designers held the whip hand, rather than EU chiefs, health and safety wombles or accountants, the 8 series was developed at eye watering cost, by a company whose rise to the top seemed unstoppable. In many ways the 8 is a swansong; the end of an era where pillarless coupes with pop up headlights ruled the roost – and the 8 was indisputably the ultimate in terms of status and statement. The 840ci sport was without doubt the ultimate symbol of success, sought out by the man (or woman) of wealth and taste. During the noughties, fashion changed fast. The 8 series was not replaced by BMW when production came to an end (until last year) and big, fast, luxury cars depreciated with alarming speed. As a car capable of elegantly eating its way through continents without missing a blink, many 8s racked up huge mileage. That conspiracy of events left the majority of these coupes with monster mileage and low residuals, whilst the running costs stayed the same. Suddenly the 8 had become as desirable as red braces and Nokia brick mobiles. Of course, every car model has its cycle. Nowadays the 840 ci sport, with its fabulous 4.4 V8 engine, period styling and stunning road presence has come to represent an era of excess, promise and pride. But finding one that has survived the rigours of time with low mileage, the right provenance and in the right condition is remarkably difficult. Buy the wrong car and you have the archetypal money pit, buy the right one – if you can – and you have one of the most beautiful 2+2 grand tourers from a classic age of GTs, a car that grows in popularity and status year on year. Our beautiful 840ci sport is one of the very best, with the full sport body kit and the later M62 engine, and having spent much of its life in the hands of a careful collector (all red GT or sports cars, with sequential number plates) who has kept up an incredibly high standard of maintenance, both preventative and routine, taking ownership of this car will be an easy decision to make. Just over 3 years ago, the 8 came out of dehumidified storage for Munich Legends to carry out a full underside restoration – stripped, any signs of corrosion removed, suspension and drive train components powder coated, fuel and brake lines replaced, and the whole given a full rust prevention program, at a cost in excess of £10,000. It was then put back into storage. This is fairly representative of the owner’s approach to his cars. One could argue that the perfect colour combo for an 840ci sport is Hell red with black leather - after all, what represents the excess and aspirations of the era better than a red 2+2 GT, with quad pop up lights, quad exhausts, pillarless windows and a smooth, powerful V8 under the bonnet? One final thing; its impossible to describe the original 8 series without a mention of one of the best adverts of the nineties – featuring the 8 soon after launch – with music by the velvet underground, and some of the most ‘trippy’ imagery seen on a TV ad. Search on Youtube for the video Dunlop - Tested For The Unexpected For more information about this rare and exceptional car, please contact our showroom team to arrange a viewing (by appointment only please)
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