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- Very impressively restored example - Desirable SE version with C-type engine head as well as wired wheels and fog lamps - Newly ordered with desirable overdrive on 4th gear - Absolutely superb color combination The Jaguar XK 140 was introduced at the 1954 Earls Court Motor Show in Londen. Comparing with it’s former model, the 120 there were a considerable number of changes, some of which had undoubtedly inspired by customer feedback from the American market. Although our customers, the best change is the increased legroom. The XK140 was even as the XK120 directly available as Fixed Head (closed Coupe), Roadster (2 seater convertible) and the Drophead Coupe (4 seater convertible). All Jaguar XK 140’s were equipped with 3.442cc 6 cylinder engines which produced standard 190 horsepower. An extra option was the so-called C-Type cylinder head which increased the engine power with 20 horsepower to a total of 210 horsepower. It is relatively easy to recognize a Jaguar XK 140 with C-type engine head because the chassis number needs to start with an S in that case. This specific example has a chassis number which starts with an S which shows that it has been originally delivered with a C-type engine head. Actually the S means more then just the C-type head, it stands for the optional SE pack which included in those years, wire wheels, two extra lamps at the front and the C-type head which produces the above described 210 horsepower. ABOUT THIS SPECIFIC EXAMPLE This specific example has chassis number: S817882DN. The chassis number explains the configuration of the Jaguar when the car was newly delivered. This chassis number shows that this specific Jaguar has the ultimate possible specification being a so-called SE version with overdrive. The S in the chassis number means that the Jaguar has been originally delivered with a C-type engine head (210 instead of 190 horsepower) and amongst the C-type engine head the car is then newly delivered with wired wheels and fog lamps. The letters DN explain that the car was delivered with the desirable overdrive as the chassis number finishes with DN (de Normanville) which was the producer of the overdrive units. It is rare to find XK 140’s with this specific and desirable details. We have been able to find this specific Jaguar after a tip of a very good friend. The gentlemen who restored this Jaguar owns a company whereby extremely detailed work has to be done. It might not seem as interesting to inform you about as you are reading a story about a classic car but the reason of writing is that the restoration of this Jaguar has been carried out on a way which we almost never see. We have seen details on this specific example which we barely have never seen. We just give you a short overview on the approach which has been used for the restoration of this Jaguar. – Chassis went in a phosphorus bath and has been afterwards the chassis went in a KTL bath (Kathodische Tauch Lackierung) – Body, mudguards doorpanels etc. are sinked – Complete suspension rebuilt and packed with leather (see the pictures) – Boot, doors and soft top fitted with new wood – New exhaust system – Rear axle completely rebuild with new differential – Steering box rebuild – Gearbox and overdrive completely rebuild by top specialist von Münching in Holland – Engine rebuilt whereby the newly used waterpump as well as the valves and pistons have a much better quality – New tank – All small parts sinked – New interior with very high quality leather When we have seen the Jaguar for the first time, the car was on a lift and we were extremely impressed about the condition. Both the upper part but also the underside of the car are in a condition which we do not see very often. CONDITION EXTERIOR Due to the profession of the former owner, this car has been restored with an eye for original details. The result is absolutely amazing. The body of the Jaguar is extremely nice but not nicer then new. Originality was important so the car has very nice doorgaps but they have not been made nicer then new as is the case nowadays with many restorations. If a door is opened the correct lines inside with the correct points can be found. Details which are mainly plastered away by the bodyshop as it is the most easy way to plaster details away and spray it but with this car it is the other way around. Details had to stay and therefore the car is restored with the help of the book Jaguar XK 140 Explored. If you are XK enthusiast, please order this book as it is absolutely amazing how the XK is described in detail. The entire exterior of the car is in a superb condition. The body has had different treatments against rust etc. and the body is very nice. The chrome is restored on a very high level and the shine on the chrome is absolutely superb. All windows are brand new so without any scratches. The car is fitted with new chrome wired wheels and tires. All rubbers have been replaced for new examples so actually the entire exterior is as new and due to the fact that the Jaguar has scarcely used since the restoration, the car is without any dents, blemishes or scratches. The looks are absolutely fantastic. CONDITION INTERIOR The interior of the Jaguar is as impressive as the exterior part of the car. The entire interior has been restored on a very high level using the best possible materials and the restoration has been done keeping the originality in mind. If you enter the car it is an oase of very soft (handbag quality) leather and carpets. The soft top is off-course brand new. Again from the best possible material, in this case mohair. All the meters have been completely restored and are all in perfect working order. The wood is absolutely amazing. The dashboard as well as the parts on the door and the surrounding on the soft top is just amazing. The carpets are superb as well and on the carpet one can find an extra set to secure the underpart for damages. Currently the XK is fitted with period correct bucket seats which make the seat position much more comfortable but the original seats can come with the car but have to be re-trimmed. DRIVING EXPERIENCE Mechanically the Jaguar is in an amazing order. The car drove approximately 600 miles since the complete restoration so it needs a careful driver who let the engine run in properly. The transmission and clutch are superb. Better then most XK’s. They handle very smoothly and easy without any noises. Brakes are completely new and an upgrade has been installed on the front wheels as the front wheels are fitted with disc brakes. When we drove this XK for the first time we were extremely impressed by the handling. Most of the time a just restored car is feeling hard and is slightly difficult to drive but this is a very smooth and easy driver whereby the driver can feel that this car has been restored in every detail on a very high level. Disclaimer The information provided on this website has been compiled by The Houtkamp Collection with the utmost care. The information contained within this advert is provided ‘as-is’, without warranties as to its accuracy whether expressed or implied and is intended for informational purposes only. The Houtkamp Collection is not liable for any errors or mistakes.
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