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1998 BMW 840CI SPORT INDIVIDUAL 4.4 840 Ci E31 For Sale

Here for sale is my beloved and cherished later model 1998 BMW 840CI (Individual). This is a rare opportunity to own the original and later model BMW 8-Series 840CI 4.4L V8 engine with the step-tronic gearbox and sport function.

This is an excellent opportunity to purchase an extremely well spec’d example in a very rare and sought after original “Individual” interior and exterior colour combination vehicle.

Vehicle Details


Model: 840 CI SPORT AUTO?

Year: 1998

First Registered: 02/01/1998

Number of Former Keepers: 5? (Previous Dr owned since 17/10/2002)

Cylinder Capacity: 4398 CC?

Colour: BMW Individual Special Order (317 - "Orientblau Metallic")

Mileage: 148,416 Miles - mileage will increase slightly as car is in use.

Service History: Full BMW Service History

MOT History: Full MOT History Print Out

Tax Expiry: Currently Taxed until June 2020

MOT Expiry: September 2017

Factory Ordered Options

P337A M Sports package
S353A Front and rear window green wedge
S401A Lift-up-and-slide-back sunroof, electric
S416A Roller sun vizor, rear lateral
S423A Floor mats, velours
S428A Warning triangle and first aid kit
S431A Interior mirror with automatic-dip
S459A Seat adjuster, electric, with memory
S481A Sports seat
S494A Seat heating driver/passenger
S500A Headlight wipe/wash/Intensive cleaning
S540A Cruise control
S669A Radio BMW Business RDS
S676A HiFi speaker system
S694A Provisions for BMW 6 CD changer
S704A M Sports suspension
S710A M leather steering wheel
S715A M Aerodynamics package
S775A Headlining anthracite
S782A Suspension system Nürburgring
L812A National version England / Ireland
S850A Dummy-SALAPA
S863A Retailer Directory Europe
S877A Delete cross-pattern operation
S880A On-board vehicle literature English
Standard Equipment
Tandard Equipment
S243A Airbag for front passenger
S806A Third stoplamp
S853A Language version English
This vehicle comes with the following additional extras ontop of the above

- Original BMW fitted rear parking sensors (early era)

- Rear electronic blind (factory optional extra)

- Telephone cradle and connectivity (Nokia style phone needed)

- Eiback suspension springs (Front & Rear) - BMW springs are prone to breaking therefore been upgraded to the BMW owners forum recommendation.

Additional Information

Background: I bought this car from an individual (Dr Peter Frodsham) who acquired the car on 17/10/02. The previous owner who was a Dr and only used the car in dry and sunny conditions to drive to and from work. This car was a car he was using socially and domestically only and there has been literally no expense spent on maintaining it. The miles covered on the vehicle are mainly all motorway miles and and is reflected in the excellent condition of the vehicle (see pics).

This car is literally my pride and joy and there has been no expense spared in maintaining it by all of its owners including myself.? As expected by a Dr owned car it comes fully documented service history with a wide array of service invoices which stack up to more then the value of the car. All of the work required has been done trusted individuals and garages only.

The car has been meticulously maintained and serviced at regular intervals by BMW themselves and by other trusted garages only.?This car has only ever been used for social and domestic purposes only and has only ever been driven in the dry.

Since purchasing the car it has spent much of its time sitting on my driveway and has only been used very occasionally on a dry and sunny days when I am not working! The car has been covered up using a fully protective, water resistant and breathable car cover. This has in turn preserved the Individual paintwork thus keeping it in excellent condition.

HPI: This car is HPI clear with absolutely no finance outstanding against it.

MOT History: Print out of the MOT history is available within the folder for the buyer to take a look at should they wish to do so.

Owners Manuals: All owner’s manuals, booklets, come within its original leather owners manual folder whilst all invoices and receipts any work ever carried out on the car are in a A4 folder. Just to put things into perspective ...

Petrol and Oil: This car has only had Shell V-Power fuel, Castrol Magnatec oil ever used (as per manufacturers guidelines) and runs extremely smoothly as expected from a very well maintained vehicle.

Geometry & Wheel Alignment: The car has had a full geometry set-up and full four-wheel alignment done which are set-up to manufacturers guidelines and parameters.

Reason For Sale: I will be honest with you in saying that I am only selling my pride and joy as I am putting money down for a house deposit and unfortunately this takes priority at present. I simply cannot afford to keep this car as well as my everyday vehicle.

Condition: This car has been kept in exceptional condition throughout and has always been maintained to literally the highest of standards totally regardless of cost. I have hand washed the car on a weekly basis regardless of weather it has had any use. The car has been fully HD (High Definition) waxed, this in turn has preserved the paintwork to the highest standards. As you are able to see by the pictures that I have provided it should enable you to determine how accurate my description is.

Interior: The interior of the car e.g. door cards, foot well carpet, seats are all in excellent condition. As expected with the age of the vehicle the drivers seat bolster is more worn and has wear marks. I am a non-smoker therefore the interior has been kept in immaculate condition.

Seats: All of the seats remain in immaculate condition with no blemishes, rips or tears whatsoever. The drivers side has slight bolster wear to the edge of the seat which is expected for a car of this age.

Doorcards: Remain in immaculate condition with no blemishes, rips or tears whatsoever

Velour Floor Mats: Remain in excellent condition with no blemishes, rips or tears whatsoever

Exterior: The exterior of the car has also been kept in immaculate condition having been covered up using a professional fully breathable and waterproof cover. The paintwork and bodywork is in excellent / immaculate with only minimal scratches as you would expect from its age. The vehicle remains dent free condition. This car is the far more desirable and optional Individual “Orientblau Metallic" colour. I have cleaned, washed and fully waxed the car at literally every opportunity; this in turn preserved the paintwork to the highest standards (see pictures).

Alloy Wheels: These are the standard genuine 8 series specific staggered set of 18” Diamond cut Parallel alloys that only come as factory on the BMW 840 CI Sport Models only. The alloy wheels themselves are in suburb condition as you are able to see from the pictures.

Brakes: The brake disks and brake pads have always been replaced immediately when indicated by the cars on board computer. The brake disks and pads were replaced not so long ago.

Gearbox: The gearbox functions extremely smoothly and transitions through every gear without any fuss. The Sport function works as it should. I have always maintained and renewed the gearbox oil at every service interval in order to keep the gearbox running at its very best all of the time.

Rear Differential: I have always maintained and renewed the Rear Differential oil at every service interval in order to keep the vehicle running extremely smoothly and at its very best all of the time.

Engine: The engine has been serviced regularly, Castrol Magnatec oil and Shell V-Power fuel ever used in this vehicle. The engine remains extremely smooth and seriously does not reflect the mileage on this car!! These 4.0l V8 engines are notorious for going on and on literally like a train for lots and lots of miles. The engines are bulletproof and can go on and on provided that they are well maintained.

Potential Problems / Faults: There is no part of the car that is not functioning, as it should. Everything is functioning exactly as it should include all electrical, mechanical and engine components.

Minor Issues

- Driver’s leather seat has wear to the right hand side of the seat bolster caused by overall wear and tear over the years.

- Boot mounted CD changer is not currently operational (common with this unit)?

- Rear Parking Sensor Is Temperamental occassionally constantly bleeping whilst reversing (slightly annoying at most)

- Drivers mirror has laquer peel

- Rear bumper by the parking sensor has a scratch / scuff

- Slight rust on rear arches and slight blistering on the sunroof area (common with these cars)

All of these are common issues with these BMW 840's but I would class it as being in very good overall condition considering its age.

Service History

The car has full comprehensive BMW service history. It hasn’t just been serviced at BMW Milton Keynes on 17/17/19.. This car has been regularly serviced within the manufacturers specified guidelines. Service book stamps and proof paperwork included.

The service intervals are as follows:?

(06/12/97), 4 Miles, BMW GB Distribution Centre (Pre-Delivery Inspection)

(15/12/98), 5155 Miles, BMW Cheyne Motors LTD

(22/04/99), 15,863 Miles, BMW Cheyne Motors LTD

(28/03/00), 35,079 Miles, ?BMW Lind Ltd

(06/06/01), 54,194 Miles, BMW Sythner Sheffield

(14/02/02), 62,899 Miles, BMW Sythner Sheffield

(22/04/03), 72,088 Miles, Newhall Performance Service

(23/03/04), 81,010 Miles, Newhall Performance Service

(07/12/04), 89,198 Miles, Newhall Performance Service

(21/19/05), 99,016 Miles, Roger & David Lightfoot

(08/09/06), 108,414 Miles, Roger & David Lightfoot

(02/07/06), 116,000 Miles, Lightfoots Garage LTD

(23/09/08), 126,596 Miles, Lightfoots Garage LTD

(18/02/10), 134,974 Miles, Lightfoots Garage LTD

(28/09/11), 141,520 Miles, Lightfoots Garage LTD

(27/11/12), 143,671 Miles, Lightfoots Garage LTD

(05/10/13), 146,593 Miles, Lightfoots Garage LTD

(14/10/14), 147,430 Miles Lightfoots Garage LTD

17/7/18 148,500 Sytner BMW Milton Keynes

All of the above service intervals are exactly as stated and recorded within the service booklet. The car has only ever been to trusted garages for any work that has been carried out.

There are many many receipts and invoices for this vehicle which are all in a large A4 folder. The total value of all work carried out over the numerous years of ownership equates to a whopping total of: 16,825.00 which has been spent on the car with all receipts and all invoices present! I will continue to list the main things that have been done on the vehicle and it is as follows:

2x lower arms

- 2x rear shock absorbers

- 2x rear strut mounts

- Heater hoses

- Brake pads and disks

- Steering idle bush

- Washer pump

- Water pump

- Air flow sensor

- Rubber mounts

- Rocker cover gaskets

- 2x Bosch S3 batteries

- ECU repair carried out

- Brake calipers repaced

- 4x rear coil springs replaced

- AC Compressor

- Belts

- Belt tensioner

- 4x Wheel refurbishment (2012)

- Multi-Function switch (gearbox) replaced (785.00)

- Complete transmission Overhaul (gearbox) - (1437.50)

- Front & rear brake pads

- Track rod end & bushes (424.71)

- Eiback front and rear suspension springs (487.00)

Original Sales Invoice

Dr Peter Frosham paid 19,995 for the car when it had covered 66,000 miles on it from Newhall Prestige & Performance Specialists to which present is the original sales reciept. The car has since had 16,825.74 spent on it with receipts and invoices present for that amount.

As you are able to see by the detailed photos that I have provided the car looks fantastic and drives incredibly smoothly. Every journey feels effortless and is a pleasure to drive or to be a passenger in this car. The car drives absolutely faultlessly with no known mechanical issues whatsoever. It goes without saying that this car is something special especially as its (a) an Individual Car and (b) because its the original factory M-Sport Vehicle. The car does not unnecessarily drink oil and water although I check this regularly before driving out of habit!

Priced for a quick sale however I am prepared to wait for the right buyer. If it doesn’t sell then I plan to keep this car and continue to use it at my leisure when possible.

Viewings: I am more than happy to show the car to anybody wanting to come to take a look at the car. I would be happy to show prospective buyers the car in great detail in order to fully appreciate it. I would suggest this to be strongly advisable if you are serious about bidding for this car.

These BMW's are fast becoming classic cars and the value is likely to increase over the years especially with the later model sport ones like this. These cars are highly desirable and Im sure that it will fetch a good price on auction. This is a no reserve auction and the car will be sold to the highest bidder.

Many thanks and good luck in bidding for this beauty!

Please Note: The car is advertised elsewhere therefore I reserve the right to end the auction at any point I wish to do so. Many thanks and good luck bidding!

Just to add:

Some people have been asking about the level of rust on the vehicle. The rust remains very minimal on this car's bodywork. Has very light rusting on rear arches and again on the front arches. I do not mean that the entire arch is rusted because by all means its not! Rust is only present on small areas of mostly the front arches. Very slight rust blistering on sunroof. Laquer peel on the drivers side mirror. Scrape by the rear sensor on bumper (see pics) and scratch to front lower section of the bumper (obviously scraped a curb at some point) probably due to the vehicle being so low.

Please Note: The car does not currently have a valid MOT however I am prepared to take one out for the winning bidder. I am confident that the vehicle will pass first time and it will be some satisfaction for the winning bidder.

Some people have been asking about the level of rust on the vehicle:

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being excellent with no rust and 10 being the most) I would rate this car at a 3. The car has been lucky enough to not have suffered majorly from rust damage whatsoever. Its probably because it has never been driven in the winter! As you are able to see by the pictures the only rust damage that is present is in common places as expected: Rust on the arches, laquer peel on the mirror, slight ramp / curb scrape (x1) and slight blistering on the edge of the sunroof.

Just to confirm this is a factory later model MSport vehicle as paperwork and all checks show. The car is factory fitted with all of the M-Sport seating, M-Sport mirrors, M-Sport rear valance etc..

Just to clarify the car has never ever been involved in any accident whatsoever. The checks will clarify this. There is no evidence of any damage ever being sustained to the vehicle. Trust me I checked the car over thoroughly before it was purchased and having previously owned an E31 myself I know what to look for!

Price reduced for quick sale. Cheapest individual 840 ci sport
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