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2014 RoadRunner Racing SR2 6.0V8. 400bhp/400lb-ft For Sale

2014 / 14 registration, RoadRunner Racing SR2 kit car. RoadRunner Racing have built many SR2 cars, but this is one of only 3 of these to have been built with the V8 engine option, to my knowledge. Fitted from new with a used GM LS2 6.0 V8 engine, and Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual gearbox. Engine and gearbox typically fitted to a C6 generation Corvette, a Pontiac GTO, or the Vauxhall VXR8 more recently. Engine is standard - except an uprated Melling oil pump, running standard GM engine management, so makes the same 400bhp and 400lb-ft torque that it does in a Corvette. Car only weighs 806kg full of fluids and fuel, so with 400lb-ft and 400bhp, as you can imagine - it is monumentally fast. It will spin the 265mm/10.5 wide inch rear wheels in the dry in the first three gears, though of course it can be docile and easy-going when using lower throttle openings and all that V8 torque. Before I get onto the detail, there are some points to consider that you need to consider if you have never experienced a kit-car before. - The suspension is all solidly mounted with rose joints. There is no sound insulation between engine and cabin. The car is mechanically noisy compared to a well insulated road car. - There are a number of marks/stone chips/paint rubs on the car. Things rub, stones chip the rear wheel arches, the paint is not as high quality as an OEM paint finish. - The cabin is small, as it is on all 7 type cars. You will find it a squeeze if you are over 5ft 10-ish. - The pedal box area is *very* small, again as is typical. You will need slim shoes/race boots if your feet are much over size 9. - The seats do not slide forward at all, they are on sliding mechanisms but the tight cabin restricts movement. Some simple interior panelling modifications would be needed to achieve adjustable seats. - The odometer does not update, due to a software bug in the prototype dash. The previous owner and I have both tracked mileage manually on each journey, then update manually - 20 seconds effort each time. - The car is monumentally powerful, and will catch out the ham-fisted. I am *very* likely to insist that I drive on any test drive. The car has been built very well, with expensive, high quality components used throughout. It was a bucket list build for the original commissioning owner, and the best components and materials were used at the time. Many beautiful, and lightweight carbon pieces on the car including all four wheelarches, the dashboard, and the transmission tunnel. I have owned the car for two and a half years, but have only done 1,600 miles in that time. I rarely find the opportunity to drive it, needing the weather, family commitments and spare time to all align. Hence I am selling. Like many of us with a passion for these things, I have much spent much time and money improving rather than driving the car. This includes a full engine rebuild in early 2018, as it was burning some oil. I am going to go back to motorbikes, so it is time for someone else to enjoy the car. I am open to motorbikes as part of a deal, within eBay's rules. In summary, this is unique, epically fast, makes a wonderful bellowing V8 noise, goes sideways whenever and wherever your right foot desires, makes you feel 10 years old again, and is astounding on track. However, it is absolutely useless as a car for normal journeys, and there are probably 20 people on the planet in total who would think it is a good idea to own this - with luck, some of those 20 are finding this listing. I have made a short walkaround video showing some detail of the car, and how it drives. I am not allowed to link to it directly, but search YouTube for 'RoadRunner SR2 V8'. Martin. Some more details: - Registered 1st July 2014. Full year's MOT to 24th August 2020. - Insurance for me (47 year old) - fully comp (agreed value of £20,000) is £320 with A-Plan insurance. Tax for the year is £255. - The website for the manufacturer is . - Car has only done 2,400 miles - likely to increase a little in the nice weather. - GM LS2 6.0 V8 engine, standard bar uprated oil pump. Running GM standard engine management, so reliable and runs well. - Tremec TR6060 manual gearbox with original equipment hydraulic clutch. As fitted to the most powerful Corvettes etc. and handles twice the torque of this engine. - Inboard push-rod front suspension, shocks/springs are enclosed within the engine bay rather than in the airflow. - Custom 2" coated exhaust headers, works of art. Currently fitted with two Mercedes SL500 catalysts. - Full FIA roll cage. - HM Dash datalogging main dash, with Stack auxiliary gauges. The car was originally commissioned by the owner of the HM Dash software company, and is fitted with a prototype version of one of their motorcycle dashboards. - Image split-rim wheels, 10.5"/265mm wide rear tyres. Rear tyres due for replacement soon. - Strengthened Mazda MX5 limited slip differential. - Custom fuel system, including 26l alloy tank, high power pump, swirl pot and fuel lines. - Custom Pro-alloy cooling system, works beautifully and coolant temperature remains consistent. - Hi-spec billet front brake calipers. - Tilton adjustable pedal box, with remote dash mounted bias adjuster - Carbon fibre Tillett seats, both on sliding rails (however cabin carpeting restricts movement), with Sabelt 4-point harnesses - Carbon front and rear arches (rear arches stone chipped in the lacquer) - Carbon dash, transmission tunnel (lacquer has been faded by sunlight) and boot/tank cover - New Lithium-Ion high power battery. Very light, and easily starts the monster engine - hot or cold. - Quick release OMP steering wheel, and standard GM immobiliser for extra security. - All four wheels are fitted with wheel speed/ABS sensors, but neither traction control nor ABS yet enabled. - LED front and rear lights, soft touch switches throughout. - EFI Live datalogging/tuning software (cost £600) included. Allows you to monitor/datalog the engine performance, and make fueling tweaks as desired. I bought the software, and spent many 100s of hours, perfecting the fuel mapping to take into account the differences between the original General Motors installation and this car.

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