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1974 Original owner southern California sunroof GTV For Sale

SOLD - thank you!!

This is an ORIGINAL OWNER 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000, born and raised in Southern California and cherished by it's discerning owner!

VIN: AR*3024732
Engine number: 01500*11400* (Original engine it came off the factory floor with)
Data plate: Model 115.01 (USA delivered fuel injected 2000 GT Veloce)
License plate: 860 NYQ (Original Blue and gold California plate!)

-- In single Southern California family ownership since new.
-- Fitted with numbers matching engine and drivetrain.
-- Offered with original bill of sale and loads of documentation and service paperwork.
-- Recent (expensive) sorting because the owner just wants to sell a very good car.

In general; the ultimate 2000 GTV Alfa Romeo arrived in 1971, with North America spec GTV's getting an all-new SPICA mechanical fuel injection system with 130 Bhp. Accompanying the performance boost were bigger brakes, a limited-slip differential as standard, and interior changes that eliminated some of the attractive timber veneer. I owned many of these (in The Netherlands) and proved to me that rust was endemic and killed many of these within a few years of being built. Those that survived in usable condition will frequently have undergone at least some restoration.

Enter serial number 3024732. It was sold new in Southern California and never had ANY rust of significance because of the perfect climate here. It was completed in July 1974 and delivered new late that year to Otto Zipper Alfa Romeo in Los Angeles. They installed the (expensive) Hollandia sunroof option and we now think that because of that uptick in price the car sat until Mr. Pingatore purchased it off a sub-dealer in Santa Monica. The original purchase document has been preserved, as are the service booklet and the unique Owner Service Card and his Alfa Romeo Owners Club card.

Color was noted as Azzuro Le Mans, with a purchase price of $7,307! The car was used as a daily driver and as main transportation between his salon and his house. There are many invoices that show how meticulously kept the car up, all service was done at official Alfa Romeo workshops. Invoices show he had recurring problems with the sunroof through the years and luck had it that it never rains in Southern California! 8-) Because he was Italian he hated the US DOT side markers so he had them removed and the paint color changed to jet black lacquer in 1982; a very good job at over $4000 then that merely needed some touch ups recently. He had it regularly serviced with official shops and farmed out a lot of (expensive) work just 5000 miles ago himself. I can forward those invoices to anyone interested. After daily use the GTV has been properly stored and from late 1980-ies on only sparingly used, again with professional maintenance and upkeep.

Mr. Pingatore's love affair with 3024732 would last over four decades and after his passing the car ended up in the hands of his daughter who could not imagine ever selling it even though she is not a car person; it was more the personal connection to her beloved dad. However, reality set in and in order to finance the remodeling of her house she is now ready to let the car go. She also sees that it is better for the car to be driven more and is in the hands of someone more knowledgeable who can truly appreciate this gem.

To prepare for this sale she had the car brought back to it's old glory so she knew she would hand over a car that wasn't hiding any problems for the new owner. For that, and the constant trouble with the factory sunroof she even felt compelled to install a new (glass) sunroof system which could be normally serviced and would close automatically when the car was turned off. She is not a sales person and only wants the new owner to honor her dad's legacy and hand over a car matching her high standards. So she had it checked out by the shop who already knew the car: Alfa Milano in Los Angeles. There she spent just over $20,000 in 2015, which was just about 2000 miles ago.

As of it's current condition: the jet black lacquer looks awesome and is laser straight, the black contrasts perfectly with the saddle color interior. The body appears very straight with a notably solid undercarriage and frame. The underside has not been especially detailed and presents as nice original. For show purposes it would need detailing; using it as a nice driver it does not. The sump guard was another dealer installed option, as noted on the invoice. Driveability is excellent, including tight handling, quick revving and the feel you would want and expect out of a vintage touring car that is ready for modern traffic. The factory original engine shows excellent behavior with great road manners both, no extravagant leaks but normal oil vapors buildup which would be normal for an engine that didn't have the "normal pre-sales pressure washer" deal. The transmission shifts well but I did feel the usual synchro-problem at times, where double-clutching got me over it. At the most I'd say a tune up and oil change would get you ready for a long time of driving fun.

I want to separately mention some of the work having been performed 2000 miles ago:

Color sanding and buffing the 35 year old lacquer paint job and touching up a scratch and some blemishes.
Both bumpers straightened and polished to a high shine.
New windshield and seals, front and back.
New polished aluminum glass moldings.
New style, electric glass sunroof with auto shut-off as replacement of the non-servicable Hollandia unit.
Stripped, tested and repainted wheels.
New tires.
New wheel centers.
Full dash restoration by "just Dashes" in Van Nuys.
Restoration of the console including new, factory veneer.
The seats were fully rebuilt to stock specs.
Complete interior sound/heat-proofed with Dynamat Xtreme.
New carpet.
New Alfa Romeo throw mats.
New headliner.
New seat belts.
New headlight switch.
New ignition switch.
New Hella headlights.
Countless other interior items renewed, refurbished.
Complete brake system overhaul, front and back including rotors, master and booster.
New wheel bearings and seals.
New suspension parts.
New steering parts.
New clutch master, slave and hoses.
Full service of cooling system.
Remove, clean and detail gas tank.
Replacement of all hoses, filters and fluids.
New fuel pump and full tune up of fuel system.
Replacement of any parts it needed to be a great and safe handling car.

Absolutely the strongest point of the car is that it has never seen any rust, the panels are super straight (black!) and rust free and the only sheet metal that has ever been replaced was a floor panel which got hit by road debris. That is still visible from underneath. The door seams and fender well edges are very nice and show this car never had the problems these have in wet climates. There are no bubbles or spiders under this lacquer paint - it only needed the color sanding to shine like this again. The engine did not leak every time I drove it, it does not smoke, rattle or have any strange internal noises. It revs easy, high and very sound. It even has an original Alfa Romeo exhaust system which sounds nice without any leaks. It is now registered and insured, there are no back fees and only needs a new owner.

I like to repeat that she wanted to make sure the new owner got a car she would feel good about selling, the reason why it was no issue to her to spend this much money on it. I am sure the new owner will get a car to be enjoyed for many years and one that will increase in value immensely in the coming years. Better than money in the bank! I'll be happy to answer any questions and will have you contact her personally if you feel you want to talk to her. Thank you.

Price: $47,500 negotiable
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