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1983 Land Rover SERIES III STAGE 1 V8 12 SEAT COUNTY SW For Sale


A 1983 Land Rover Series III V8 (STAGE 1) permanent four wheel drive 109 genuine 12 seat County Station Wagon (CSW).

Extremely original, unmolested and just 60,000 miles. Cherished by 1 private owner from new until 2015. Owed by his daughter/her partner following his death until this year.

Used sparingly by the first owner and garaged when not in use. Hardly used at all by his daughter. Covering just a 1,000 miles since 2005.

Unique in this condition and we would think amongst the best of the best original un-restored 1983 V8 CSW's available.

The vast majority of parts, including its chassis, are original and those fitted on the Land Rover assembly line Lode Lane, Solihull thirty six years ago.

Retaining all of its Sundym glass, original panels and vast majority of its original paint.

Considered by many to quite simply to be the best Series Land Rover ever made. Now, almost without question, the rarest and most desirable of any production Series III and, therefore, surely one of the greatest Land Rover investment opportunities to be had.

A very rare find indeed and one unlikely ever to be repeated - truly remarkable!

LNO 369Y

LNO 369Y is one of the last V8 C.S.W's built before production of the Series models ceased and prior to focus moving to the defender.

In 2005 the owner had to give up driving and LNO 369Y was laid up before ownership transferred following his death in 2015 to his daughter. However initially registered in her partners name for insurance purposes at the same address as her in Devon.

MOT'd in 2015 for the first time in 10 years. Some re-commissioning was required and new foot wells were professionally fitted for the MOT, invoices for this work are in the file.

LNO 369Y remained, pretty much, unused during the daughters ownership.

Today the Station Wagon is presented in incredible original and unmolested condition. This is not a restored Land Rover that has been rebuilt from various other vehicles made into one or with lots of none British reproduction parts added. The vast majority of the parts that make it up are those fitted on the Solihull production line in 1982. The mileage is now just 60,164

LNO 369Y is a genuine factory built V8 12 Seat Station wagon the chassis number and engine number match the V5 and that given in the original owners manual. The chassis number also matches the British Motor Heritage Trust Certified Copy Of A Factory record present in the history file. This certificate also confirms the vehicle as a Series III 109 Station Wagon with 3.5 litre V8 petrol engine.


When we acquired LNO 369Y with the exception of some small minor dings and scratches there was no damage on the vehicle.

The paint finish however had lost a little of its original lustre during its period of, latterly, not being garaged.

There was some paint flaking on the vent panel and a very small repair to the N/S was also required here.

The front foot wells which had been expertly replaced with correct fluted panels had been left in primer as had some repairs (again to a high standard) to the doors.

For the most part though the body and paint finish was excellent, original, and way above the average 37 year old Series III Land Rover.

We had our body shop attend to the above and a couple more odd 'blow ins' to smarten everything up. Most of the factory paint finish still remains and whereas the lustre is very much improved a couple more good polishes should get it near perfect.

All of the panels would seem original and as such still visible are their factory spot welds.

As we say much of the paint work is original, and therefore it being a Land rover of this age there are some blemishes, chips, surface scratches, minor scrapes and small dents present here and there. There is also a nice, but not tired, patina that many like to see on genuine old Land Rovers.

The wheels are finished in Limestone and are factory correct for a 1983 Land Rover in this colour. The spare has never been on and its Michelin tyre is that fitted at the factory.

The rivets on the rear panels and the roof uprights were never finished in body colour when they left the factory and most remain that way today.

The bulkhead is exceptionally solid since the foot wells were replaced and that small repair carried out.

Our investigations to the underside reveal that the chassis is original with the exception of the rear cross member that would seem to have been expertly replaced, (no tailgate hinge mounts) a few years ago.

There have been previous repairs to the front dumb irons which like the rest of the chassis are now very solid.

A few marks have been touched in with a touch up brush.

All the glass is original Sundym tinted, all the windows open and the rears have new channels fitted.

The Station wagon hardtop with safari roof is excellent and virtually unmarked with no scrapes and shallow dents so often found. All the roof vents operate as they should.

The doors in some of the images are held open with 'bungies' while we took the photos - because it was windy!


Exemplary - by far the best original Land Rover Series III 12 seat CSW interior we have seen - which because they were fully trimmed so often are very tatty especially in the rear area. Virtually unmarked on LNO 369Y though, clearly this is a 60,000 mile vehicle that has been cared for.

The CSW interior extras are all there - contoured seats, rake and height adjustable finished in their original black and grey Hounds tooth check tweed cloth. Acoustically damped floor covering to reduce interior noise, headrests, inertia reel seat belts, even an ashtray - useful!

The second row of seats, which fold up and down as they should, are all original and in excellent condition.

The inward facing rear seats are also excellent and original.

Remarkably none of the seats have any rips, tears or damage to speak of.
Door cards to the front doors, rear side doors and rear safari doors are original factory items and are complete although the lower section of the back doors cards has loose material. If you wanted to replace them they are available at little cost. There are no major tears or wear even the front padded arm rests, that are so often sagging, remain as they should be. The driver's side has been neatly repaired though.

Sun visors that are perfect.

Unmarked headlining, which is very rare.

Kick panels covered in Hardura and transmission tunnel and floor in Acoustic rubber. The floors below were painted while in our body shop.

Original rear second row ribbed mat.

Original brown suede hand brake gaiter.

The dash is unmarked with no cracks or damage or cut outs. A clock, an oil pressure gauge (reads good pressure) was standard and an Ammeter was fitted from new (not tested).

Original jack handle, and starting handle fixed in their correct place under the inward facing rear seats.

Under the passenger seat the compartment contains the original jack, wooden handle for the jack, and new standard Land Rover foot pump never used and still in its cardboard protection.

The load area is exceptionally clean with unmarked floor mat.


One of the best original engine bays we have seen on a Series 3, Extremely clean with original stickers still in place.


Just listen to that V8".

Our mechanic reports an amazing drive with no issues. Everything, he says, is as it should be the gears work as they should, having done a full service including all new oils and setting up the carbs and timing the car fires into life. It pulls well and has a top speed that is of 70mph plus - unheard of on any other Series Land Rover.

Even though the suspension is little changed from previous Series it just feels so much more sure footed with the permanent four wheel drive.

Lee has also fitted new plugs, points, condenser, as part of the service along with a new battery and rear exhaust.

It is apparent that this is a vehicle that has been maintained and covered low mileage it runs as quiet and smooth. A joy to drive and such fun.

The steering is as it should be.


1. V5. Showing 2 previous owners. First owner his daughter and her partner at the same address.
2. Some old MOT's
3. MOT which expires in March 2020 with no advisory notes
4. A couple of old tax discs
5. some old invoices for repairs
6. old SORN paperwork
7. Series III hand book and supplement for V8, original hardback V8 owner's manual with first owner and supplying dealer details all in their original wallet and all in immaculate condition. The hardback hand book is very, very rare, sought after and valuable.
8. Heritage certificate
9. Letter stating that the mileage is confirmed by the owners daughter as correct at 60,000 and that her father was meticulous about the vehicle and that she believes that detailed history paperwork exists and it will be forwarded when/if she finds it.

LNO 369Y is an unmolested and original 12 seat Series III County Station Wagon, which in its self is so, so rare.

The number on the chassis plate and engine number matches the V5, heritage certificate and original handbooks, also rare.

Very rare indeed though is that it is a Stage 1 V8 - hardly any original condition factory S3 V8's remain of any model - let alone with all of the above plus factors!

Rarity with LNO 369Y does not stop there however. Only a few RHD stage 1 County station Wagons were made and it is most likely that the number remaining 37 years after production ceased is in single figures. Original condition un-restored examples with low owners and mileage are ultra rare - which is why many consider them the rarest and most sought after of any production Series III Land Rover.

In fact we would wager that there are only 2 or 3 such examples that survive and that LNO 369Y must surely be one of the lowest mileage best original, unmolested examples of a 1983 Stage 1 V8 C.S.W left anywhere.

This Land Rover has so obviously been cared for and cherished by its, effectively, only owner. That said it is getting on for 40 years old and has been used, albeit sparingly, for most of that time and of course there are signs of that use.

If you are an investor you will already known the growing importance of original un-messed with condition for classic cars. You will also know that Land Rover never used galvanised chassis for production of Series vehicles - so one that's been fitted with one cannot by any stretch claim to be original and un-messed with.

This Land Rover has many possibilities.

Here is an excellent investment opportunity. If you are able to keep it in the same way that it has been kept in the past we would wager that any Stage 1 Series Land Rover, in original condition, will rapidly rise in value and your return should be considerable. This top of the range rarest model more so.

It also is in fact a very daily useable 12 seat Land Rover to, if that is your requirement.

Or what better vehicle to take the whole family out for picnics, down to the coast with the dogs or even on holidays - maybe towing your boat or classic caravan. Use it, enjoy it (especially that V8) - whilst maintaining its value!

It is an effectively 1 owner, exceptionally low mileage vehicle that has led a charmed life with just light use in its early years and been stored unused since 2005.


For the past two months or so we have been hunting in earnest for a Stage 1 Land Rovers for sale to make price comparisons with.

Unsurprisingly we have struggled, there really just are none!

We have found a pickup in Austria restored on sale at £55,000. Another hard top not original or anywhere nearly as sought after for £20,000

We found a, now sold, onetime Station Wagon that has been converted to a van (of all things) and not with its Land Rover engine that had a colour change and all sorts of other changes including its interior. Sold by leading Land Rover specialist earlier this year for £23,000.

Just come onto the market with the same specialist Land Rover dealer a 1981 onetime standard Pickup converted to 6 wheel drive for towing a cement mixer! on offer at £5 short of £40,000.

We have not been able to find a stage 1 Station wagon, let alone County Station Wagon, for sale or sold anywhere going back for a couple of years.

Low mileage, history, condition, and originality will contribute greatly to the value of any classic. Prices of series Land Rovers have risen dramatically of late and, as with all classics, it's the un-restored Original condition examples that command the highest prices from the true enthusiast and investor.

LNO 369Y tops all these categories and as such will be of great interest to investors, collectors and enthusiasts. However, it will also appeal to those you just want to use it and cherish it – in the same way its first owner did or keep it stored and watch the value rise - in the same way its last owner did.

With a sale price below £20,000 this is a very desirable and highly collectable Stage 1 V8 CSW for really not a lot of money. Especially when you compare it to every other Stage 1 on the market at present and you find that it is, pretty much, the lowest priced of all of them.

We will, of course, be happy for serious buyers to view and inspect the car by appointment with reasonable notice. However, we are a business and although will always try to accommodate viewing days and times even outside of normal business hours it may not always be possible.

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