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1974 Toyota Celica Liftback 2TG TA27 JDM RA25 TA22 For Sale

1974 - TA27 - 2TG - Toyota Celica ST - Liftback Genuine 17,000 Km - 10500 miles. This car was bought through auction in Japan during February 2019. Buying through auction in Japan is the only way to buy these cars as they are ultra rare being JDM only models. Classic car dealers in Japan won’t even sell TA27 models to buyers from outside of Japan anymore as being so rare they are desperate to keep them in Japan, I know as i tried myself to buy through classic car dealers in Japan. For the purchase at auction I used UK based GT Torque who have a great reputation and 20 years experience of importing cars from Japan. Five months of checking auctions dally only bought up two of these cars one of which needed full restoration and the other was this example. The auction sheet rated the car at 3.5 out of 5 which for a 45 year old car is really as good as it gets. The rating is only a guide so i had the car inspected in japan prior to auction and also had 30 photos of the car including on the ramp underneath. The personal inspection confirmed the condition was as good as it looked in the photos so the decision was made to bid on the car. The next morning i got the call we had secured the car, because the car was in such good condition the decision was made to pay the extra shipping and have it shipped its own sealed container. Once the car arrived it was registered in the UK with the DVLA in the historic car class, MOT and Tax Exempt with UK registration VMR 813M. One of the first things we did once the car was in the UK was to search for rot as unfortunately rust is always going to be lurking on a car of this age. The clock states 17000 km but we were assuming the car had probably been around the clocks and the actual mileage would be 117000 km (72700 miles) so the inspections began and the longer we looked we still could not find any signs of age related repairs or rust anywhere at all, the rear arches are all original un rolled with no repair sections. The original factory spot welds all still on the arch lips, this would be impossible on a car that had been around the clock, We have taken up the carpets and there are no repairs at all, its totally original throughout with no rust. We then Inspected the arches and underneath of the car on the ramps which were also spotless with no repairs to the floors or sills and all original condition! So it's a true time warp car. This TA27 is a ST model so would have been fitted with a 2tb engine. This has been replaced in the last couple of years in Japan with a rebuilt tuned twin carb 2TG engine with hotter cams from the range topping GT model. The engine has been pressure tested at a really healthy 230psi and tuned by the “engine tuner” in the UK on a rolling road, achieving a documented 144bhp with a brand new set of twin weber 40’s fitted. The 2TG engine is fitted to the factory 5 speed gearbox and drives without fault. This car being an ST model one below the GT probably meant it was owned by an older person and didn’t get much use in its early years and for whatever reason spent many years in storage, its quite likely that during this storage the engine might have seized and the battery leaked as the battery tray is the only repair on the vehicle. This TA27 was then recommissioned in Japan with the range topping engine fitted and the car painted in a metallic version of the original green colour. Since owning the car i have used American based techno toy tuning T3 suspension parts to lower the car, these are renowned as the highest quality aftermarket suspension parts for these cars and not cheap parts at all. I would never do anything to a car of this vintage that couldn’t be easily reversed so all the original suspension components are with the car and everything has been carefully fitted to ensure the wheel arches have not been touched or rubbed by the current set up. I have boxes of rare original spare parts that will be included in the sale worth 1000’s including a set of Watanabe Japanese alloys wheels and tyres, Mikuni carburettors. Since arriving in the UK the car has lived in a free standing temperature and humidity controlled air chamber in the garage, (this could also be included in the sale) To sum up this is a totally usable but ultra cool classic car that is genuinely rust free without welds and repairs that drives without fault. The only repair on the car is the battery tray. The cars mileage is only 10,500 miles (17000km) any inspection is welcome and encouraged to verify how amazing this car is. Trying and find another TA27 in this condition would be near on impossible. Its probably worth more than the asking price seeing the prices are even higher in Japan and the rarity of these cars in the UK/Europe. I only know of one other TA27 on the road in the UK and the owner told me he wouldn't even consider selling for less than 40k and that was well over a year ago. It's the most stunning looking car Toyota ever made bar the 2000GT a few years earlier. The TA27 & RA25 celica were only built between 1973 -1975 and sold only into the Japanese market they are the original lift back model. It had many design differences to the worldwide market lift back released in 1976. The TA27/RA25 JDM models are so much rarer and sort after than the later worldwide and UK market cars like the RA28's, If you're seriously interested I have more photos that i can send and can answer any questions on the phone. The car is located in the South west of the UK in Cornwall. Genuine reason for sale to help fund the start of a self build.
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