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2009 D16RR TEAM- One Off Rossi Replica & original parts For Sale

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  • £53,500 As stated
  • 2009
  • Dereham
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Price £53,500 As stated
Ad Type For Sale
Category Motorcycles
Make Ducati
Model Desmosedici
  Desmosedici RR
Year 2009
Mileage 7,800 miles
Country UK
Region Norfolk
Town Dereham
Telephone 07760 178040
Status Private
Date 08-Sep-2020
Ref C1248875
Having owned my Ducati Desmosedici for over 5 years, most of which- as the MOT history will shamefully attest- has been spent under the television in my front room rather than being ridden, I've finally decided to let it go. Who knows? Once it's gone, I may even get to the end of an episode of something on Netflix without getting distracted. I doubt it though. At this rate I may never find out how a man can end up being crowned King by a group of tigers.

Anyway, as hopefully you are about to see, the specification and duty of care that's been lavished on my Desmosedici is phenomenal, and- if I'm being honest-, that's what appealed to me about the bike when I purchased it, just as much as the prospect of riding/ owning it. I'm an absolute sucker for massively rare, ridiculously shiny things that are undertaken with an obviously obsessive fastidiousness, and the way this bike has been cared for and covered with huge buckets of money is as impressive as it is beautiful. Even after 5 years, I still love looking at it and have never tired of the immense noise it makes, or the way it makes me look like I know what's what, without having to go to the trouble of actually knowing what's what. Or, y'know, just spending ages polishing it and thinking 'F**k me- there's a f*cking Desmosedici in my house'.

This maybe goes some way to explaining why my Desmosedici has spent much more of my ownership in either my front room being drooled over, polished endlessly but rarely ridden, or on display in my friends fine art gallery behind a velvet rope not being touched by people who probably should know better than to try and touch things in fine art galleries (this isn't a joke by the way: both my D16RR and my 1098R have been on display there previously). I know this is still no excuse for not riding it, but- in my defence- I was going to go out, but it looked a bit cold or something. Yes, that's it. It's the weathers fault. Not mine. Definitely not mine.

Anyway, as the eagle-eyed amongst you will no doubt have noticed, this is no ordinary Desmosedici, not that any Desmosedici can really be described as ordinary. My bike (which is head-stock number 1164, so a nice late number bike without any of the early number worries/ issues) has been fully professionally painted in the Ducati MotoGP Rossi livery (using the OE Ducati Team panels, apart from the JHP carbon nose cone, which has no headlight cut-outs so as to look even more MotoGP-y). All of this work was done through Desmosedici specialists JHP Coventry, with all receipts for all work present.

However, in addition to the full Rossi paint scheme (and the paint is AMAZING- it's not stickers, it's art work), the sale also includes a full set of OE Ducati Team colour scheme fairings/ belly pan/ tail section including a brand new fuel tank, should the next owner wish to make the bike look totally stock, and much, much less awesome (or just keep it as it is, and sell the spares). I'm certain that you don't need me to tell you that the value of this full set of fairings and tank is well over 15k, but just in case you did, I just did. Which, if you have your carbon-fibre abacus to hand, you'll quickly calculate makes this bike very good value indeed. Plus, just look at it. Go on. It's ok, I'll wait here while you do. I may go and have another quick look myself, actually.

Now that we're both back, it's worth pointing out that whilst the bike often looks red in the pictures, it is in fact "Ducati Orange" which I’m sure you know is the official colour the GP team uses to make the bikes appear even redder on TV. The paint scheme is an EXACT copy of the GP bike, as the previous owner took millions of high-res images/ sound files whilst as a guest of Ducati at the MotoGP, so that he could have his bike made into an immaculate, perfect tribute to the Rossi bike. Apparently, he was a properly fussy so and so (as all the best people are), and it really, really shows as the attention to detail- right down to the very last tiny aspect- is unbelievable. The bike was also featured in an issue of a motorbike magazine which I have a copy of, and which is obviously included in the sale, too. After all, once it's your bike, looking at that magazine is only going to upset me.

The bike also includes a bespoke inconel exhaust engineered especially for it by Racefit, which was designed and created as a one-off commission for the original owner, and was harmonically tuned and re-tuned to sound as close to the GP bike as possible (you can hear one of the early incarnations of it by going on to YT and searching for 'Desmosedici Dreams' (please note: it’s not my video) and pictures of the bike with it fitted are still on the Racefit website). However, I'm a teensy bit embarrassed to admit that despite LOVING the noise it makes, during my 5 years of ownership I have also had a sleeved, removable baffle engineered, so as to lessen the chances of having dog shit flung at me by my poor long suffering neighbours whenever I go out for a ride on it. As a result, now they only fling cat shit, which if you knew them, you’d know is practically a compliment.

To accept the central exit exhaust a bespoke upper/ lower tail section was also made, and a rear view camera integrated into the bespoke carbon tail tidy. I like this little camera and head-stock-mounted screen very much, as not only do I prefer the look of the bike with it's no headlights/ mirrors nosecone fitted, I greatly enjoy directing little films in my head as I wobble around the roads of Norfolk. 'Was that Rossi?' I imagine the people appearing on my little screen are saying, 'Gosh, he's MUCH fatter in real life than I thought he'd be. Bloody slow, too."

The no-lights nose cone is why the MOT history occasionally shows 'no headlights fitted' by the way: they're still fitted obviously, they're just behind the nose cone. This no-lights nose cone can be replaced by the OE one in under 2 minutes should you wish to have lights showing (as I have often done during my ownership), and the sale also includes matching carbon fibre headlight blanks that can be fitted that make the headlight nose-cone look like a no headlight nose-cone, should you wish. And if you thought that sentence was hard to follow, just imagine trying to type it on a website that seems to want to make selling things as impossible as possible.

In total, doing all of this- let's be honest- gloriously needless stuff cost the original owner well over 25k, and the OE fairing set and tank cost me a further 15K. Although that sounds insanely expensive, when you consider a bottle of hand-sanitiser nowadays is about £80,000 it actually makes this huge pile of happy, noisy, joy seem pretty reasonable.

In addition to all this awesome stuff, I obviously have all standard parts, both exhausts, stretchy cover thing, OE mirrors, OE tail tidy, OE indicators, OE stand, all paperwork, books, keys, V5 etc etc. I also have a spare brand new (late date) rear tyre, should the next owner want to actually ride the bike rather than stare at it. Either approaches are of course acceptable, though I do acknowledge that one is much manlier than the other.

Despite looking like Rossis bike, my bike has never been on track, and has obviously spent way more time indoors than on the road. And, whilst I do recognise that 7882 miles for one of these is a little bit higher than typical for a D16RR (though obviously still nothing for any moving vehicle), I personally would much rather have a fairly priced bike that I could could actually use and enjoy, than I would a high-priced zero- mile bike that you can't enjoy for fear of ruining its value/ having it explode from a lack of use.

The bike has 5 previous owners, but I am two of those owners as the bike was put into the name of the gallery for insurance purposes whilst it was there. I have the current V5 showing the bike in my name, but I also have the previous V5 where you can see the bike was in my name before going to be on display in the gallery.

My bike also has a full Ducati Main dealer service history- all either JHP or Moto Rapido- (including being serviced many times when the mileage didn't necessitate it at all), and also just had a full major service at by Cornerspeed Ducati (done in late June 2020, and I am sure that Neil at Cornerspeed would be willing to discuss the bike with you should you wish another opinion). It was also MOT'd a couple of weeks ago, which it passed without issue. Since then, the bike has done 1.8 miles, just to remind myself how brilliant it and noisy it is. And it really, really is both of those things, for those of you taking notes.

So, in summary, my massively embarrassing ratio of staring at it to riding it aside, the bike is amazing, needs for nothing, is totally ready to be enjoyed and is immaculate. Not just immaculate for ebay, but immaculate immaculate. Even the paperwork is immaculate, with every receipt for every single penny spent, all in order in a file. And a LOT of pennies have been spent, all of which I'd argue were VERY well spent.

Ok, I'll stop going on now, though in fairness, a bike as nice as this deserves to be gone on about. If you buy it and don't find yourself going on and on about it too, I'm afraid it's just possible you're dead inside. Sorry to break that to you.

If you'd like to chat to me about the bike, or would like additional details or photos, please don't hesitate to contact me on the details below.

However, please be aware that whilst I am selling this bike during the tail-end of a global pandemic, I am not selling it because of a global pandemic, and therefore am not desperate, broke or stupid, so please don't waste your time by sending me ridiculous offers. Especially ones via text without saying hello or what your name is or just 'how much 4 bike m8'. Even with all the extra time we've got on our hands right now, I've still not got time for time wasters or rudeness. Sorry about that.

Likewise, I've zero interest in a part-exchange, regardless of how lovely the thing is you'd like to sell, so please don't ask, as I can only offer sarcasm in return. So, sell your lovely thing, then call me and offer me money instead. Money is what I want. And let's be honest, I've priced it really, really fairly- especially with all the bits, so it's not even like I want all of your money. Just some of it. You can spend the rest on polish or a lovely gift for me if you absolutely must. If it helps, I quite like books with speedboats on the cover.

Thanks for reading all this. You did well to make it to the end. As a reward, please feel free to buy my bike now.

PS Try as I might, I cannot seem to get C&C to allow a drop box link to more pictures, because why would they want to help you sell something?- but if you want the link, please just mail me. I obviously have about 800 miliion pictures of the bike, some of which are even taken outdoors.

PPS I'm working from home at the moment, so obviously viewings are not an issue, and will be done under social distancing guidelines.
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