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1983 Bmw E21 m52b25 For Sale

BMW E21 M52B25 Originally a 1.6 m10 Auto 318, I purchased this later model as it came with the power steering rack and I personally preferred the single headlight look over the 320s, I was always going to perform this swap so the engine didn't matter. Me and a couple friends then decided it was a good idea to do a 2600 mile road trip around Europe in 6 days. It wasn't, that old auto box was loud and the car was not what it is now. So I got home and set about the following over a 2 year period getting to the point I am today, Gutted to be writing this AD. Got a new job which has a bit more travel in it than i would like in this car, I've done the trip a few times already in the car but ultimately i don't feel this car is for commuting in. I don't want to run 2 cars which i have done in the past, taking out credit and getting a good second car seems excessive with this considering what i could be doing with that money. So March 2018 i think it was the car went to GM Tech in Milton Keynes, old chap who has been making racing cars his whole life and works to keep himself occupied. Unreal quality of work and wealth of knowledge. Engine was from a 325 e46 from 2002. Gear box is the one that came with the engine so its a 5 speed from the e46 also. New clutch fitted when this went in so this has only covered 5k miles. ECU purchased from digital tuning solutions Sump purchased from the e34 to convert to the front facing, I have also just fitted a new one, we will get to the reason shortly. Luckily a original manual pedal box was for sale at the time as I would have struggled without that. Custom engine brackets and gear box mount. All fitted with laser precision and perfectly inline with the diff etc. Most engine conversions are done on the m20 sub frame and this is only one of a couple i know done on the m10 sub frame so really was a challenge. So it was sat in with no room for anything, Q forums. I spent hours, days and months on the forums to get all the parts needed for this conversion. So it has a MK2 golf brake servo fitted as this was a 7 inch one it was the only one that would fit. Got this fitted again more custom work for this. Then it was turn of the exhaust. This was done by a Russian chap who was an infuriating perfectionist, It did yield the most wonderful 2 1/4 inch system but it took a month bless him. Headers all custom made to fit around the steering column and all lengths the same guaranteeing perfect flow. In to a X pipe in the middle, any racers will no the benefit of this, then the special bit, usually it would go in to 1 3 inch pipe underneath the prop etc, however there was a 10 inch hole containing the prop so he managed to continue with the 2 pipes from the X pipe all the way to the back and its tight to the underside of the car reducing concerns of catching it. Finished with Magnaflow silencers and Rolled tips on the rear to make it look as close to the 323is of the time. Wiring fun after that and installation of the fuel system, facet red top used as a pick up to a swirl pot, Genuine stamped Bosch 044 fuel pump then sends the fuel to the engine and back to the swirl pot with a return to the tank. All Housed in a carpeted soundproofed box in the boot. Braided hoses run for all lengths with AN6 high flow fixings. So it fired in to life first time, needed the alternator refurbishing which was done and a new air flow sensor but it was all good. As the old speedometer was taken from the gear box a new electric smiths gauge was fitted and calibrated, a matching rev counter fitted and fitted to the original cluster. Sounds easy, NOT. Photo taken with old carpet in a while ago so ignore the floor. This will be updated at the weekend. Capri radiator fitted with the immediate issue of no room what so ever for a fan. I managed to find a nice flatter electric fan which was mounted on the front of the car. The car came with Fully adjustable BC coil-overs already on the car, these were then properly set up. I sourced some 16 banded steel wheels as wanted it to look like a bit of a sleeper and more retro, 8j on the front and 8.5j on the rear. Think i achieved the look i wanted. Bit of testing done and a few adjustments made and it was away and pshycotic, remember original brakes still in place so it was short bursts of wheels spinning in to 3rd and waiting for the roundabout. (I lived in Milton Keynes at the time). So winter came around quickly and i sat the car up in my car port and set about over the last year or so finishing all the bits i wanted. I wanted to improve drive-ability and refinement of the car. So the following has very recently been done. New center bearing new prop donut New power steering pump refurbished power steering rack, previously leaked a little new sump fitted, previously leaked a little. No more leaks and squeaky clean underneath Interior New rear tail light lenses and original boot badge, new front indicator lenses and plastics all resprayed. found on a forum the twin bucket seats with the center arm rest fitted from a 70s 635is. Sorry 6 series owners I cut the backs out and fitted these so nice and snug looks so good, this is one of my fave parts of the car in all honesty they're great and so unique as you can only do this when someone breaks a 635is. All new charcoal grey automotive carpet fitted, E30 steering wheel fitted, I still have the original, new gear gaiter and front bucket seats. Now these are nothing special as I run out of money for the second recaro cross speed seat I wanted. Had one which I sold for the same price as 2 of these. Fitted to the original rails and the mounts have not been cut out so can go back to original. Tailored mats purchased to keep it all safe. The radio i have fitted is a retro looking one with bluetooth etc so you can take calls and play your music through that. So interior and underneath done. Brakes as stopping important, again this was a first after time on the forums. Wilwood dynapro 4 pot caliper with Green stuff pads, couldn't afford ds2000s at the time. With a new mini disc fitted giving a far bigger disc. found a blank 1cm thick dynapro mount and had it machined to fit. braided lines and was a significant improvement over the horrendous originals. Due to the servo size an emergency stop does need a bit of pressure. Improved new thicker proxxes fitted on the rear the CF2 means it sticks to the road so much better, did previously have a stretch. Ive done over 5000 miles since the conversion, never broken down or had any other concerns. Also has the OBD fitted in the fuse box so can be plugged in which is splendid. Just passed its MOT in July with NO advisories. No corrosion or rust etc its clean of all of that. I recently got new fenders and front lower valance fitted with new rear badge and lenses. When i got the car the paint was nothing special, originally a silver car. it is lovely black which comes up Purple when the sun hits it. No paint code though so had it matched to a Honda colour which i have to pass on. As the job wasn't that great i didn't have these professionally done. Scratches and what looks like bird poo marks here and there, only 2 spots of small bubbling on paint. All solid though. I really don't understand the desire for perfect paint on a 40 year old car, I wouldn't want to park it or leave it anywhere. When cleaned up this car still looks excellent and you can see the colour contrast really well. Most important bit for me was no serious body work or rust. Neither is needed so if the new owner wants perfection then it wont be a huge bill, although still big a paint is expensive. Car sounds outstanding and is available for me to take you out if you're serious about the purchase. Still got the original tool kit in the boot etc for those that look for these things. Got a folder with history The car is excellent so much work has gone in to the car, still a few bits that can be done if the new owner wishes but is good to go and those bits are more for cosmetics. Message me on if you have any questions. Not looking for a quick money here and now sale unless the price is right so no point low balling. When returning messages through the site keeps being returned as email doesn’t exist email me on without the spacing l d s h a r p 88 @ g m a i l . c o m
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